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A Retailer’s Perspective: A Guide to Bra Buying Part I

TweetHello Everyone, With the Curves Expo, aka one of the biggest lingerie trade shows in the US, officially completed, many retailers have returned home to plan their purchases for the next several months, and I thought this would be the

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Product Review: Comexim Cherry

TweetHello Everyone, I know what you’re thinking right now:  “Another Comexim review?  We get it.  You like the brand!”  Yes, my wonderful readers, I do love the brand, but the timing on this has more to do with me clearing

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The Beige Bra Battles: Comexim Basic vs. Anna Pardal Milk & Honey

TweetHello Everyone, The weather predictions were spot on yesterday when they said our area would have at least 8″ of snow accumulation, and I am presently gazing through the window at the newly minted wonderland of my backyard while I

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Why I am not marketing Valetine’s Day

TweetHello Everyone, Even though, as a retailer, I should be trying to sell you lingerie and all manner of items pink and red for the imminent deeply polarizing holiday tomorrow, I decided not to engage in Valentine’s Day marketing this

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Product Review: Curvy Kate Dare

TweetHello Everyone, I won’t rehash my unrequited love affair for Curvy Kate again for this review (although if you’re just finding my blog and are keen to read a tale of woe and misery, click on the “Erica’s Reviews” tab),

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Anxiety, Poor Health, and Recovery

TweetHello Everyone, (Warning:  This post doesn’t have anything to do with lingerie and is more a personal post explaining my consistency issues with the blog.  Feel free to skip . . . or not, if you’re into this kind of

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Strap Saver Winners!

TweetHello Everyone, A few weeks ago, I not only reviewed Strap Savers, a new lingerie accessory on the marketplace for easily shortening straps, but I also hosted a giveaway for five $15 gift certificates.  Because the first of the month

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Guest Post: Designing Bras for KK+ Cup Part III

TweetHello Everyone, I was so pleased to check my email this morning and see this gem of a blog post with fantastic pictures awaiting me.  Jillian from our KK+ bras series is back with some astute observations on developing her

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Product Review: Glamory Stockings

TweetHello Everyone, After my review of the fabulous Kix’ies holdups, I was contacted by a distributor for Glamory hosiery about testing some of their products as well.  My expectations were high since I was so pleased with the Kix’ies, and

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Product Review + Giveaway: The Strap Saver

TweetHello Everyone, Petite and short-waisted women often suffer from an inability to tighten bra straps as much as needed, particularly if the straps are not fully-adjustable, but even women who purchase a well-fitting bra initially can find that time wreaks

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