Bras & Bling with Sabika Jewelry

Hello Ladies,

Because we treat our customers like family, I often have the privilege of getting to know more about them than what bra styles they prefer.  During one such conversation, I learned that Bridget Miller was a representative for the jaw-dropping Sabika Jewelry, and we quickly began discussing a collaboration.  Jewelry and lingerie fit together quite organically, so we decided to host a “Bras & Bling Party” at the shop.  The party is significant to me for several reasons, chief among which is that it will be an unofficial “store warming” party.  As of January 28th, A Sophisticated Pair will now be occupying the space formerly held by Elegant Bridal, and the party will be the first event we host in the new space.  Furthermore, the collaboration will be a great opportunity for customers to shop for both gorgeous jewelry and properly fitting bras.  If you’re in the area, we’d love to see you attend!

  • What:  Bras & Bling Party
  • When: Friday, February 7th from 5p.m. to 8p.m.
  • Light refreshments provided

Guests can order jewelry from the Classic, Spring, or Winter collections with select styles on sale for up to 50% off the retail value.  For our part in the celebration, we will be having a store-wide 15% off sale on purchases made during the party.  Update:  There will be a special at the part where you can buy one item at full price from the Classic, Fall/Winter, or Spring/Summer collections and receive 50% off all additional Fall/Winter items.

If you have not previously heard of Sabika, you are in for a real treat!  Sabika is a family-owned and operated company which showcases beautiful jewelry hand-made in Germany and Austria by female artisans working from their homes.  All jewelry is nickel-free and comes from an eco-friendly manufacturing process.  Two seasonal collections complement classic staples and layer effortlessly for personalized customization.  In fact, Sabika carefully crafts a mix-and-match aesthetic which works well with other Sabika pieces as well as items already in your personal collection.

To better expose my customers to the Sabika product, Bridget loaned me several pieces to model at the store during the upcoming weeks.  Aside from my piercings, I tend toward a minimalistic jewelry palette.  I wear the same watch everyday and usually add a single necklace or ring into the mix; as a result, my initial concern was that I would feel too fussy in the collection.  My jewelry layering is quite limited too, but when Bridget opened up the cases, I knew instantly that these were pieces I could wear and love.


The first collection she loaned me is the “Wine & Dine,” which includes the choker necklace, daisy pendant, and opal golf necklace.  Featuring silver, gold, pearl, and turquoise, the Wine & Dine items pushed the edge of my comfort zone since I am normally not drawn to mixes of amber, gold, and pearl, but the contrasting turquoise pulls the entire piece together.  With the mix of cool and warm tones, I think the pieces would be flattering across skin tones.  Not to mention, the daisy pendant clips onto the necklace easily, meaning you can enjoy the style as a choker or as more of a statement piece.  The clip for the pendant is not limited to Sabika items either which allows you to upgrade items in your existing collection too.


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