1. I enjoyed reading your honest thoughts! I struggle with Curvy Kate also, and have now tried three styles. Pretty bras but not quite there yet, for the small band, larger cup. (I am fitting the 30J Romance and Entice)

    • Erica

      Darci, I have two Curvy Kate bras on order that I am tentatively optimistic about: the Daisy Chain and the Dreamcatcher. Curvy Kate has apparently been working on narrowing the width of their wires and deepening the cups, so I am excited to see if these changes allow me to wear the brand. The designs are so lovely, but I can never seem to find the right fit.

  2. Oh, that’s too bad. I’ve not tried CK in ages—the first one I bought (granted, from the Showgirl range) just fit horribly and actually hurt to wear. I think I’m going to wait until there’s more info about the new sizing before buying again, and will be leery even then!

  3. Wow, that wave in the cup! I really hope that’s not intentional on CK’s part, and that they address that because I can’t really think of what purpose such a design would serve… I need to get my hands on one of Curvy Kate’s non-padded bras. I want to like the brand, but I’ve had issues with both of the bras that I’ve tried.

    • Erica

      The wave was extremely strange to me, and my only explanation is that the the shallowness of the cup and the thin and flexible foam do not create enough shape and hold for heavier breast tissue. I’m highly interested to hear how this bra works for women under a G cup though!

  4. Having seen the problem on other blogs, I almost wonder if they’re trying to cause quad-boob? I don’t know anybody that would fit properly with that shape.

    And honestly, if you look at the phote of Laura in it, the top of it is extremely washed out. so I wonder if the issue is there too and hidden by lighting/photoshop.

    Although Petite & Plentiful gives it a positive review in a 28E! She also notices the flare but says it’s not noticeable for her under clothes.

    • Erica

      I need to get the link for Petite & Plentiful’s review since I suspected the bra may work better for smaller cup sizes. I hate providing an overly negative review, but the fit and shape here are really terrible. I’d love to see candid shots of the CK models in this bra as well to determine if they are using creative lighting and photoshop to sell the style.

  5. Naira

    To be fair, we don’t really know how this bra looks on the model. She is kinda squishing her breast together with her arms and slightly lifting her shoulders, for all we know – that is done to remedy the fit issues of the bra. And we don’t see it from other angles either.

  6. Kim

    I’ve found the Curvy Kate bras to be way too wide for me. The straps hit me right in an area where my trapezius muscles cause the bands to roll over. I prefer to wear bra straps on my traps, b/c of this issue. I found my band sizes to be a bit on the large side, while the underwires hit me up near my arm pit. I found my breasts just moved around a lot and tried to pop out of them or get squished together, which I hate. I find lifted and separated to be a more comfortable fit. I love to see your reviews, Erica. I’ve had more misses than hits lately in the bra department. I need to come see you for a bra-tervention.

    • Erica

      I love bra-terventions! :) Right now, I’m excited to try the other styles to see if some of those fit problems are fixed. Like you, I prefer lifted and separated because I feel like the support and shape are better. For the most part, most of my bra purchases of late have been Cleo but I need to replenish my basics . . . and Cleo sucks for that!

  7. Deboarah Pressimone

    I like that you gave your honest opinion on this bra. Though it is very pretty however, pretty does not make it comfortable nor fit properly. I have ran into several problems with CK and regardless of the size etc., Ck just does not fit right.

    • Erica

      Since my goal is provide women with the information they need to plan bra purchases, I feel like I wouldn’t be doing any good by mincing words. I’d feel terrible if someone bought a bra I raved about which fits poorly or has terrible quality.

  8. Naira

    It just occurred to me – I own just one CK bra, the Smoothie, and it also flares up a bit at the edges. It looks like the fabric that the foam is wrapped in is a bit smaller than the foam, so the foam does not comfortably fit into the fabric and curls upwards. It is noticeable in clothes, unless I wear something loose or made of stiffer fabric. it is not as bad as what we are seeing in the pictures above, but it does seem to be a similar problem.

    • Erica

      That’s interesting about the Smoothie! Maybe there are some quality control issues at work here instead of fit problems. I know in the case of the Desire that there is an abundance of the latter!

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