1. Michele F

    Great review!! I’m in need of a new sports bra and I’ve been debating getting this one for a while but was not sure if I wanted to go to an under-wire (you really notice fit issues with an under-wire when you’re active). Currently I’m wearing the Freya Active soft cup – not the best fit, but it works for me (and I actually like the non-rounded shape). I have a feeling though that the molding will be a problem for me as my breast tissue is soft and bottom heavy and I often have a problem filling upper cups (the reason my Freya bra doesn’t quite fit).

    I always learn so much when I visit your blog. Thanks!

    • Erica

      Thanks, Michele! Maybe it would be worth trying the wireless version of the Panache Sport releasing later this year? However, it will still be molded, and I know that it can create issues for women with your breast type. Depending on your size, there are some other wireless bras out there like the Goddess Comfort Zone, Royce, or Shock Absorber too.

What are your thoughts?