1. Diana

    You do know that Curvy Kate is “Brastop”, right? They use brastop to sell bras for less than you pay wholesale for them for. I’d be willing to bet your wholesale cost is higher to cover their ability to deeply discount their own bras on their own online store. Are you like the other “un-bias” bloggers? The ones who are given freebies to review? Or maybe their hired blogger staff that pretends to be regular bloggers?

    • Addressing Diana’s slightly irrelevant comment: Brastop sell the Curvy Kate styles from the previous season, not current items. As they are items that are the previous seasons stock I think they are entitled to sell them at discounted prices. Very few stores continue to sell old stock at full price, they tend to put it on sale. If you look at Lovebras.com they have the current seasons stock at full price.

      Most lingerie bloggers I know don’t get a lot of freebies and when they do they still give them honest reviews. It’s called being: ‘unbiased’.

      As to the review of the CK elegance – Excellent.

      • Diana

        That’s not true at all. It might have been true a few months ago, but a quick check of their site shows that they carry current basics in most size ranges. Those basics cost me almost 40.00 US to bring in to my store and have a MSRP of 68-70.00. I can buy the basic off their online store for a few dollars more, pay less shipping and get them way faster.

      • Erica

        Glad you liked the Review, Mellisa! I completely agree with BraStop’s right to sell some of the older inventory at a reduced price. After all, I know some of their super discounted styles are several years old now, but as Diana mentioned, they have branched out to some of the newer fashion styles and core basics too (like the Elegance and Portia). LoveBras, which I hadn’t heard of yet, is another problem. When they’re selling a core style for $45 that we’re supposed to sell for $70, it’s tough to move the inventory. We’ll have people come in to find their Curvy Kate size and not buy anything because they know they can get the bra for at least $20 cheaper.

        I think part of the problem with the Curvy Kate price difference is that Curvy Kate is basically a “fashion brand.” They don’t really do basic styles (aside from the new Daily Boost), so the fact that a style came out in Spring 2011 doesn’t matter to a consumer. If they like the way it looks, then who cares if it’s not “this season,” right?

        Having said all this, I adore my Curvy Kate bras, and I love the brand. I just hope that they can work more on their relationship with retailers in the US so we can competitively sell their products.

  2. Erica

    Hi Dianna! You raise some interesting points in your comment that I would like to address properly, so I will post the response in blog today.

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