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Hello Ladies,

June of the fabulous blog Braless in Brasil has recommended Biu Biu in the comments section of our blog before because they specialize in designing clothes for curves.  Until now, I’ve never had a chance (or in some cases, I just forgot) to check out what they had to offer.  Today, after reading her “Bust Friendly News” blog, I fell in lust with this gorgeous maxi dress:

When I saw that it was from Biu Biu, I immediately headed to their website to start browsing, and I was impressed with the selection this small Polish company has to offer.  Ordinarily, I’m a bit hesitant to order internationally, but this dress has me wavering:

The feedback I’ve read about the company is overwhelmingly positive, and the prices are fantastic.  Not to mention, the shipping costs seem pretty fair too.  Those of you who have ordered from Biu Biu (specifically stateside ladies), how fast was their shipping?  Orders I’ve placed from UK stores typically take about two weeks, and I was hoping shipping from Poland would be comparable.

Happy Shopping!



Erica is a lover all things lingerie and is passionate about helping people find the bra which fits and flatters. Side passions include reading, writing, hiking, dairy-free food, walking her Jack Russell terrorists, and dying her hair everything from black to red.

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3 comments on “Saturday Spotlight: Biu Biu
  1. Anna says:

    My Polish orders (from both Biubiu and Ewa Michalak) usually take 2-3 weeks, about a week longer than orders coming to me from the U.K. But even with the longer wait, Poland definitely wins out, because of the exchange rate between the zloty and the US dollar. I was walking around Target yesterday, just marveling at the fact that for the same amount I would spend on a generic, shapeless shirt from Target, I could go home and buy a well-made, well-fitting shirt from Biubiu.

  2. June says:

    Yay! Go for it, they’re definitely worth it. You can always email Kinga if you have questions too, she’s really helpful. I`ve had my eye on the Liverpool Honey too and the maxi. I think for the US it takes between 2-4 weeks but my guess is since you’re on the East cost it’ll be closer to 2. 😉

  3. Erica Erica says:

    Thanks for the info, Anna and June! I’m totally going to give them a shot because tops/dresses are my biggest “hard to fit” problem. When everything arrives, I’ll report back!

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