1. Besides the fact that I am sized out ATM, I don’t know that I would want to try this if I was able to. There’s just too many conflicting reviews. I love the idea, and it doesn’t look terrible on….but I guess I’m just not a huge fan of the actual wearability of curvy kate bras….the only CK bra I get along with is the Emily, and even that is a love hate relationship sometimes.

    • Erica

      I have read a few conflicting reviews myself which makes me wonder if there wasn’t an issue with quality control during their production; however, as a fitter, I have seen that molded cup bras can be all over the place with how they fit. Breast shape plays a more important role with them which can account for why they are so challenging. Personally, I adore everything about the Freya Deco . . . except the fact that I need a 30H which they do not make. It really “gets” my body. I do have a question for you though because we’ve often tried some of the same styles: Do you find the Curvy Kate Emily extends further back on your sides than say the Panache Jasmine? I knew from the way the Smoothie felt that the underwires were too wide, but the side-by-side comparison really hit home the difference.

      • I haven’t gotten the chance to try the Jasmine yet. And, I would say that my CK Emily wires come to a mid point on my side (and Elomi bras come back farther – I need resized in those!!).

        • Erica

          Elomi’s wires are a little wider. You know what might work for you? The Fantasie Salsa! I have one for myself on order, but my sales rep said it supposed to bridge the gap for the woman that wants a little more support/side coverage than the typical Fantasie bra but not as much as what Elomi gives. That could be perfect for you. It’s a tentative recommendation though since I haven’t tried it yet. :D

  2. Cassandra

    Thank you! I think I will skip this one because I’m likely to struggle with the same fit issues: I struggle with wide underwires and need space towards the centre (where I’m fleshy and full). I think you just saved me from a bad purchase and costly return!

    • Erica

      I’m glad I could help, Cassandra! The Smoothie (and most Curvy Kates) definitely has wider wires with less space toward the middle. I was sad that it didn’t fit, but after my past experiences, I knew that it was possible this style wouldn’t work either.

  3. coccus

    This one looks really too big. The underwires are almost on your back and there is empty space in the bra under your breasts…

    • Erica

      Hi Coccus! I’m not sure whether this was a new or old Smoothie (since they did redesign work), but I found the underwires to be incredibly wide while the band was rather small. Because of this, part of the cup started to function as the band which is why it wraps so far around the back. One of the downsides with this kind of design is women with closer set breasts, like myself, often have quadboob issues in the front on account of the wide gore and shallower cups but then have a lot of extra space on the side. I see the problem frequently with Curvy Kate and women shaped similarly to me, but I hear they are working on making less wide/shallow designs and opening up to a narrower/deeper frame.

  4. Sarah

    Would this bra work for a petite person? I see that the center gore is a bit high, but does that change in terms of size? For instance, would a 30HH be more of a full cup than a 30 F? Or are they all the same height, but the depth changes? Also, could you post specific measurements of the bra, like gore height and stuff like that? Is the raspberry color as bright as it seems, and is it like a muted hot pink or what? The pictures on Curvy Kate’s site make it seem like a flamingo. Would it be appropriate for a young teen?

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