Product Review: The Curvy Kate Elegance

Hello Ladies,

As soon as the Curvy Kate Elegance arrived in the store, I fell in a passionate state of lust.  The plunging neckline, the sexy embroidery, the sleek fabric!  *swoon*  So today, I’ve finally taken the time to test the bra and report my findings.

Sizing:  The Elegance fits true-to-size in the band but incredibly small in the cup.  My usual 30H had a perfectly snug and supportive band, but the H cup was indecently small (as in I couldn’t even bring  myself to take a picture wearing it).  In all honesty, I’m not even sure that sizing up to the 30J would give me a proper fit—a fact I find disappointing since I’ve had my eye on this style for weeks.  For the pictures, I used a 36G, which was still small in the cup and required me to tuck tissue to the side and down to keep from spilling over the top.  To give you some perspective on this issue, a 36G in the Freya Deco bra swallows my chest whereas I would need a 36GG just to get adequate coverage in the Elegance.

Fit:  Small cup sizing aside, I found the fit of the bra to be very comfortable.  I loved the cleavage, but I also liked how it created a rounded silhouette too.  Additionally, the side support provided by the powernet wings was superb without needing to hit too high under the arm.

Materials:  Curvy Kate does not skimp on the quality of materials used to construct their bras, and the Elegance remains true to form.  The shiny black fabric on the exterior of the cup is smooth and silky to the touch while the interior lining reminds me of worn-in cotton, like they used your favorite super soft tee to make the bra.

Design:  The Elegance promises “to die for” cleavage, and it delivers!  This is definitely a bra that fans of other plunging styles like the Deco or Cleo’s Jude will love, and while the cleavage takes center stage, there’s still some nice elements to this style, including the ornate embroidery and the slick, satiny fabric on the cup.  However, I have to say that I am of two minds about the straps.  On the one hand, this bra is designed to put the girls on display without a lot of competition, which I can appreciate, but on the other hand, I feel like they could have done something (even if it was simple) with the straps.  For example, the Princess bra carried the embroidery from the top of the cups onto the straps, a design element that could have worked here too.

Other Comments:  I really wanted to love this bra, especially because I adored the feel of the fabric and the sexy cleavage, but the sizing is a problem.  When you’re a D-K line, it’s important to keep the sizing consistent among your products and with your competitors, or you risk “sizing out” women in the higher cup size range.  There is no reason why I should need a 30J (or higher) in a bra, which means women who legitimately need that J cup have one less option available to them. 

Final Grade:  B


Erica is a lover all things lingerie and is passionate about helping people find the bra which fits and flatters. Side passions include reading, writing, hiking, dairy-free food, walking her Jack Russell terrorists, and dying her hair everything from black to red.

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6 comments on “Product Review: The Curvy Kate Elegance
  1. Vampie says:

    I wonder how it is that some people wear this bra in their usual size and it seems to lay perfectly, and many others feel they need a bigger cup. Could it be that this bra simply has a huge gap between cups and for some people it’s too much? Or maybe it’s a bra for widely set breasts?

    Also I wonder how it is with Curvy Kate bands… I haven’t worn any CK bra but I would get one, however whenever I try any their bands seem to be huge. I’m very confused. :(

    • Erica Erica says:

      Hi Vampie, I think part of the reason many women need to size up is that the opening between the cups is rather large. For most women, they don’t receive enough coverage in the center to keep their breasts in the cup; however, I also think the cups of the bra are not as rounded through the middle, which pushes the tissue up and to the side too much. My problem was that I kept getting overflow on the ridge of the cup closer to the middle. I simply had too much tissue to sit inside the middle of the cup, and it was being pushed to the side where there wasn’t enough space over.

      The band of the CK bras seem to be different for everyone. I’ve read some people (like myself) who find it runs true-to-size, but others have sized down one or even two band sizes. I wish I had answer for why this is! :(

  2. CheryleB says:

    I had to pick up a bra or two since I’ve gained weight and my 30Fs were too snug in both the band and cup. I ended up buying the elegance in a 32G and the Fantasie Rebecca in a 32F. I think the Rebecca is a touch roomier than the Elegance. I also tried on the Wild but in a 32GG and it was a bit roomy in the cup. I wore the Elegance for the first time today and it actually stayed in place quite nicely. I find bras have a tendency to slip down to an inch below where they should be no matter how snug the fit but this one didn’t. I tried on another bra that was a very similar shape in a satin fabric but haven’t been able to find the name online and didn’t check in the shop.

    Its a shame it didn’t work for you Erica. It really is a nice bra.

    • Erica Erica says:

      Hi Cheryle! On average, I’ve seen that women need to bump up one or two cup sizes in the Elegance compared to their Fantasie size. Dezi was taking a 32F in Freya when she bought the Elegance in size 32G, and she wore it to pieces. It’s a fabulous bra, and the look/feel is so lovely. I keep contemplating trying it in the 30J, but given my string of bad luck with Curvy Kate lately, I’m reticent! Was it the Tempt Me you had tried? That’s Curvy Kate’s other plunge style, and right now, it’s in a midnight blue/black combo that is stunning. If you ever get a chance to try the Tease Me, I recommend that one too. I may pick up another one in spring because they’re offering it in a purple combo.

  3. CheryleB says:

    I found the one I was searching for and it was the Masquerade Deity and only comes in ivory. I appreciate the advice on sizing very much. Thanks again for all your help.

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