1. I had heard from someone that only some of their longlines would be coming out in 28s (I heard Flourish and Piper would not be coming out in 28s, for instance). So I’ve gotta ask, are they really coming out in 28s?! :D Because if so, I’m back to being excited about Freya.

    Over all I’m pretty impressed with the designs, and don’t mind the darker tone the collection has taken. I’m largely impressed with Freya’s creative attitude toward prints. Fans and spirals? While I don’t plan on buying Fan-Tastic or Let’s Twist Again, I hope other companies take note of the creativity and start releasing prints outside of the “floral” box.

    I personally have my eye on the black Deco Longline, the Gem Half Cup, Flourish Longline, and maybe Marvel because I’m so curious about the shape.

    • Erica

      Windie, according to both my line sheets and the catalogs, those are the correct sizes. HOWEVER, in my spring catalogs and sheets, the Elomi Roxy was listed up to a JJ cup when in fact it stops at an H. I would ask my sales rep about this, but she retired on me. *cries* I guess I could always place an order for one and see if customer service calls to tell me they don’t make it. :D

      Also, I do agree Freya is creative in the print department, definitely more than most brands out there, and I like the concept behind many of them. I guess I have a bit of the “sour grapes” attitude because the things I see and really like aren’t usually available in my size.

        • Erica

          Windie, you should write to them and tell them that you love the Fantasie bras but really need a 28 band. The more they hear from customers and retailer, the more likely they are to change—albeit rather slowly!

        • I second Erica’s recommendation that you let Fantasie know. Awhile back a Fantasie rep commented on my blog, on a post where women were commenting about their wish for smaller bands. So they ARE paying attention and if we ask enough, maybe they will give it to us!

  2. Daisy

    I actually love this, and although it might be true that Freya is not expanding too much into the larger end of the spectrum, they seem to be doing it for the smaller side.

    As someone who usually wears a 28G I am very excited. It looks like they are offering a lot more half-cup and long-line styles for women in my size range than they were before (but I might be wrong, I’m relatively new to the world of Freya).

    The denim longline bra actually looks pretty good to me, but I’m a little denim obsessed.

    I also like what they’re doing with the deco shape, although it looks like the slip is a little narrow in size range; Fan-tastic and Marvel look interesting; and the Deco Charm looks like a must have.

    • Erica

      Daisy, the Deco Shape collection is fantastic! It’s refreshing to see a longer line item which keeps the midsection profile smooth. Most use boning/stays or lace which is not always discreet, especially if your dress is body-hugging. I’m excited to see if they’re going to expand that range in the future too.

  3. Juliet

    As a 28J (or maybe even JJ?), I can’t help but be disappointed with Freya. The styles I think are the cutest all stop at GG or H. And no Deco size expansion in sight, boo hiss!
    Freya bras helped me break out of the bra matrix, but as I move up the cup alphabet I feel left out.
    Erica, your criticism really hit the mark.

    • Erica

      Juliet, I feel the same way as you in that so many of the designs I really loved stopped short of my Freya size or give me no leeway if the band runs lose.

    • Erica

      I have high hopes that the success of the Elomi Roxy Longline will push Freya to expand the cup sizes for their version so that the GG+ ladies can get in on the action. :D

  4. I’m excited about the expanded size range in the half-cup models. You’re right about the unimpressively limited GG+ options, but on the other hand, it’s also encouraging to see more 28Gs and GGs. Perhaps this is the first step toward a wider overall size range? We can hope. I also hope Freya sorts out their enormous bands this season — I always have to go at least -2 in Freya bras, sometimes -4 or even -6.

    For me, the standout item in this collection has got to be the Totally Tartan longline. I *need* it!

    • Erica

      Lia, that is a fair point that they are starting to expand more into the 28 category which can only help increase size diversity. Hopefully, they’ll continue innovating and expanding with future seasons. :)

  5. Amazing designs.. My favourites are Deco Honey and Shape, Ooh La La and Gem. In my opinion there are pretty much everything for everyone in this collection so they nailed it this time!

  6. Ashley

    Eh, the things I liked I am sized out of so I am not that impressed really. I mean a lot of them are very pretty, just not for me.

      • Ashley

        Oh I am sure! I liked a couple of Elomi ones and I am eagerly anticipating Panache’s offerings since they make my beloved Jasmine and I seem to get the best fit from them.
        There was at least one Fantasie one I liked but I want to see how the Susanna I ordered does before I drool over those too much. (Said like a woman with a ll the money in the world, lol)

        • Erica

          I’ve heard great things about the Susanna, and I did like the shape of the cups on the basque I tried. Fantasie is a great lingerie company, so I’m excited to hear how everything works!

  7. Fan-tastic is fantastic! I’ll pre-order that one for sure! Now they finally have a size that may fit me in padded half-cups (Freya tends to run stretchy)!
    I love the green Deco Honey, but I need to find my size in the Honey variation: 30GG in standard Deco makes the cups buckle at the bottom, and 32G I can close the band straight away.

    The Ooh La La is lovely, but the other designs I haven’t mentioned feel very much like retreads. I’ll keep my eyes on what else is up for this season in other brands, too…

    • Erica

      Faustineli, I’ve heard some people say the Honey has a firmer band than the standard Deco so maybe the 32 would work in this case. The color is definitely worth the experimentation!

      • I tasted Patsy some weeks ago, but the wires are too short under armpits for me. Nevertheless I want to taste it again. I detected that same bras in different colors different fits. So I hope that ballett pink Patsy may fit me better. I totally agree that Patsy is upcoming to a new basic. In spring collection they are coral and turquise color and looking beautiful too.

        • Erica

          Did you try the padded half-cup or the regular style? I’ve heard the balcony style (unpadded) has some fit issues, and I wonder if they will correct it for the pink. Hopefully, you can snag one which works perfectly for you. :)

          • I did try the padded half-cup. Wires of Freya’s balcony bras are too narrow. Otherwise some half-cups wires wide enough. I’ll try the turquoise one and when available the pink one and reply on my blog. Thanks for wishes.

          • Erica

            I’ll be interested to read your findings! I love being able to read the different perspectives from other bloggers, especially on popular styles like this.

  8. sarah

    I heard on another Blog that Freya would be extending there sizes in all there Padded Half Cup bras to GG and H. It doesn’t appear that this is so :( Have you heard any news of this? I wear a 30gg in the deco and a 30H in some Cleo bras. I have tried the padded half cups in a 30G and I love the shape but the cup is wee bit too small. I really LOVE these bras and hope they do the size extension. By the way I love your Blog and when I go to NC to visit my Mom I will definitely come visit the store. Your Blog was the first step for me in proper bra fitting :) thanks a bunch!

  9. sarah

    Oops! You did say they would be doing a size extension. I am so happy! I really like the pink Patsy but I wish they were extending the Totally Tarten in Denim (I love it) I do not care for the Fan-Tastic! We want color!

    • Erica

      Sarah, I was just about to let you know about the extensions! I agree that I would have wanted at least one of the options to be more colorful. I don’t mind the Fantastic or the Patsy, but neither one is really “me.” Something colorful would be great, but I am still happy they expanded the size range at all.

  10. Naira

    Flourish balcony would be my favourite of this collection, I love this mix of color. Decos are very pretty but i am not sure I want this style for myself… Erica, when will you post Panache and Cleo?

    • Erica

      Naira, I am patiently (okay, not so patiently) awaiting Panache to update their retailer image pool so I can download them. If I don’t have them by the end of next week though, I’ll just scan from the catalog and update that post when they become available. I can say that the Superbra line went with a more muted aesthetic (think pale greens and pinks, spicy reds, and lots of creams) while Cleo kept true to their roots with more saturated colors and fun prints.

  11. AE

    Nothing in this collection makes me strongly desire it, which is good, because Freya doesn’t suit my shape (wires are just too weak to support larger cups). After the gorgeous Ivy and Just Flew In longlines which I hated to pass up, I don’t feel the slightest tinge of jealousy when viewing this collection.

  12. Yeah, nothing thrills me with this collection. Disappointed that the longlines all stop at G-cups! Plus all the Deco pieces are lovely, but I can’t fit in any of them.

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