1. ColorfulVoid

    Hello ! Thank you for this review, I just got this bra but I purchased the wrong size (32E instead of 32F) and I got a HUGE quadboob with it. You say that you had to go up a size, do you think I should give the 32FF a go ? I tend to think that because my boobs really bulge outside the cups, I feel I could fill the FF cups but i’m not sure as it is my first “real” bra after years of buying 36F !! I should mention that I never tried Panache or Cleo bras before…

    • Erica

      I’m glad you enjoyed the review! I recommend checking out the updated post I did on this particular style:


      From what I have been hearing/seeing, the sizing on the Lucy is unfortunately rather inconsistent. If there was serious quadboob, however, it is definitely worth going up the extra cup size. Is there any way you could order both and return the one that does not fit?

      • Hello again ;) I will check it out for sure, thank you. It’s a shame that the quality is not consistent, it’s such a cute design !
        Yes I could in theory order both but I’m on a tight budget :/ But I will order it with Amazon so with quick deliver and free shipping/returns I can begin with only one size ! I like that site for that haha

          • Hello again ! I received my new Cleo Lucy in 32FF today and it fits perfectly ! Really nice and round lift, pretty and fresh color (I got it in purple), I haven’t wasted my money ! I thought I would share my enthusiasm with you ;)

          • Erica

            That’s wonderful! The purple color is lovely, and I contemplated snagging one myself. But, I needed white, and I couldn’t be happier with the fit and style. Thanks for reporting back here!

  2. Aimee


    Thank you for your review! I recently was sized as a 34DDD/G, and have begun my quest to find bras that fit! I’ve been wearing 36DD’s for a while and they definitely don’t fit. I found the neon Lucy for $36 at Nordstrom.com, so I had to try it! I ordered it in a 34F because of the US/UK conversion and didn’t see the recommendation to go up a cup size until I’d already ordered it. Anyhoo, the 34F seemed to fit perfectly in the cup, but was tight in the band. (I’m not sure if it’s really tight, or if I’m just not used to a properly fitting band.) I exchanged it for a 34FF, which I’m currently wearing (while sitting at my computer) to see how it fits. The cups are loose at the top and the underwires come far out far under my arms, but the center gore lies flat. I think the band’s too tight and I may be more comfortable in a 36 band. Should I order it in a 36F? I think the 34F fit better in the cup than the 34FF.

    Thank you again for your blog! You’ve definitely been influential in my new bra adventure! =]

    • Erica

      Hi Aimee! If the 34F fit fine everywhere but felt too tight in the band, then I’d recommend trying the 36E instead. If you’re used to wearing 36 bands, the 34 could feel tight to start. And just to be sure: Are you wearing the bra on the loosest set of hooks? If the answer is yes and the bra still feels too tight to wear comfortably, bump up to the 36E instead. Hope this helps, and if you have other questions, please feel free to email me! :)

      • Aimee

        Hi, Erica! Thank you for your swift response! =] I think I may try the 36 for a more comfortable fit. So I should go down a cup size since I went up in band size, yes? Because a 36E is essentially the same size as a 34F, ya? Thank you so much for taking the time to respond and to share you knowledge with the rest of us. =]
        Have a wonderful afternoon!

        • Erica

          Hi Aimee! You are exactly right. Whenever you go up a band size, you need to go down in the cup if you want to have the same amount of volume. So, a 36E is cup size equivalent to a 34F. You’re most welcome, and I hope it fits perfectly! :)

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