1. Naira

    Finally!! Even though I have already seen the styles on other websites, I was still looking forward to your overview because you also publish release dates, available sizes and prices. Marcie worked out super well for me, so I will probably not be able to withstand the pink one, even though I don’t really like the color and already own a pink bra. Babydoll… If it wasn’t completely split in the back, I’d want it, but with the split, I am not sure, just not my cup of tea. I wonder if the babydoll material can be cut off to obtain a Marcie in black? :D I also love the color scheme of Millie, and love the detail and color on the Lori. Perhaps will get a Lucy in blue. Neon appeals to me, but I don’t like dealing with the upkeep of white bras, and this one is not even going to work as a “white” bra because of the contrast trim. I think I will pass, just too impractical for me though very appealing visually. I am also growing curious of the Nieve. Normally this style of bra does not work for me, but I really do need tshirt bras in continuity colors, so I might try one just to see how it fits.

    • Erica

      Naira, I agree the upkeep on the Lucy in Neon may be tough. I like pure white bras because you can bleach them if necessary, but with the neon, you wouldn’t have that option. Have you ever tried the Jude? The Neve is supposed to be slightly modified version of this earlier style.

      • Naira

        I haven’t tried Jude, no. I might actually go for the Maddie instead, because I feel like it will offer my soft bust a bit more security, as I am fairly full in the middle and tend to bulge out of plunges. I am just a bit in love with the coral color of Neive… :)

        • Erica

          Naira, if you’re more full toward the middle, I definitely recommend avoiding the Jude. It’s pretty shallow there, so I worry you’d really have issues with spillage on that one . . . unless of course they do some redesign work on the Neve.

  2. I’m VERY excited for Maddie in basic colours. Seems boring, but I’ve been having a difficult time finding basic bras that fit properly. I was hoping the beige colour would be lighter to match my skin better, but you can’t win ‘em all! I’m also pretty intrigued by Lily, since it reminds me so much of my bird print Meg that no longer fits.

    • Erica

      Windie, it’s been a longtime in the pipe to get the Maddie available in basics, but I’m glad they finally were able to offer it this season. Jude is the only molded cup option from the brand, and considering Cleo is one of the few offering 28 backs, I think it’s nice to see some variety.

  3. Maddie in continuity! Yay! I’ve always felt it was a nice happy ‘natural’-looking t-shirt bra that was kind to ladies full on the bottom…
    How is the Neve different from Jude? With Jude I could never fill out the apex of the cup without bulging elsewhere…

    • Erica

      I haven’t seen the Neve in person yet, but as I understand it, they are supposed to have changed up the design a little. From the way it looks on the model, I’m not entirely sure it’s going to be all that different. The gaping issue at the top and spillage at the center may still be present for you. :(

      • Well, now that we have Maddie I won’t mourn Cleo’s lack of a t-shirt bra that fits! At least I hope the subtle striping won’t show through…

  4. Allegra

    Will the Darcy shown above still be released this season? I saw it on Figleaves a little while ago but now it has totally disappeared! It’s not on Panache’s site either :(

    • Erica

      Allegra, as far as I know, they have not cancelled any of the styles. Having said that, they do seem to be running a behind the release dates posted. Perhaps the UK companies are getting theirs close to the 16th, but over in the states, I’ve found there to be about a delay anywhere from two to four weeks. Maybe the full debut hasn’t arrived yet?

      • Allegra

        I hope so. How do I pre-order items from your store? I’d love to visit in person, but I’m a bit farther away in North Carolina :)

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