1. […] Strap-Slippage:  Women with narrow or sloped shoulders sometimes struggle with the straps not staying put even if the bra is the correct size.  To fix this, you can pick up an inexpensive converter that transforms any bra into a racerback.  The converter also works beautifully for certain tops that expose a lot of the shoulder.  Fore more information on bras and narrow shoulders, check out earlier blog post! […]

    • Erica

      Hi Jeanette! Have you ever tried the Little Bra Company? They have a lot of great styles, many designed to take into account a narrower frame. Also, check out Natori. They have the Feathers as well as some front-closures that may work for you too. Sadly, 30B is not a size as many companies produce, but the market has been expanding more and more each season.

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