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Weight Loss & Bra Buying

TweetHello Everyone, As little as a five pound weight loss or gain can completely change your bra size, and I am often asked by women in transitional weights how to navigate bra buying.  Because bras are expensive, no woman wants

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Large Cup Size Dilemma: A Plea

TweetHello Ladies, Today, I have a reader question that I want to answer: Hi Erica!  I feel like I have disproportionately large breasts for my frame because I wear a 34LL.  In the past, I tried the Bravissimo Alana bra

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Saturday Spotlight: Resources for Altering a Bra

TweetHello Ladies, Depending on your size and breast shape, finding bras that meet specific needs, such as those that blend well under special occasion wear, can be challenging.  Then, there’s always those occasions where we fall in love with a

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Reader Questions Answered: Video Blog

TweetHello Ladies, For this week’s video blog, we wanted to address a few of the questions we’ve received from blog readers, newsletter recipients, and customers in the store.  Topics include which hooks to use when you buy a bra, tips

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