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During the infrequent downtime I had from my regularly scheduled appointments at the Curves Expo, I perused other vendors and spotted the beautiful Tia Lyn lingerie collection.  Last year, a sales rep mentioned the line to me, but our budget was limited.  Traditional lingerie pieces needed to take a backseat to expanding our inventory of bra styles and sizes; however, seeing the designs at Curves was wonderful.  Tia Lyn greeted me warmly and explained the various collections to me.

We were both in the process of talking when this picture was taken.  I wish I had a better one!
We were both in the process of talking when this picture was taken. I wish I had a better one!

Designed specifically for women wanting sophisticated pieces which balance a vintage influence with modern support, the Tia Lyn collection sports high quality materials ranging from satin to lace to silk.  Most designs feel timeless and effortlessly glamorous, and all of the items are available from size S to 3XL, making the collection perfect for plus-size women too.  Furthermore, Tia Lyn created several pieces which flatter and support up to an H cup without compromising fit.  Most of the models at the show were quite busty, and the pieces were still flattering.  Since there are no underwires or bra sizes, don’t expect a piece which is going to lift and shape like an Elomi babydoll or a Parfait camisole, but I think these designs would be more comfortable for sleeping or lounging.

Core Collection

The Core Collection focuses on combining the luxuriousness of satin with the elegance of lace for a darkly romantic ambiance.  All of the pieces mix well together, thus allowing women to customize their purchase to suit their body and preferences.  (Note:  Some pictures tread lightly into the NSFW category.)

9801 Thong Teddy, Sizes S-3XL, $79
9100 Bralette, Sizes S-3XL, $42
9603 Garter Thong, Sizes S-3XL, $42


9401 Chemise, Sizes S-3XL, $92
9400 Chemise, Sizes S-3XL, $90


9302 Camisole, Sizes S-3XL, $79


9301 Camisole, Sizes S-3XL, $74
9300 Camisole, Sizes S-3XL, $69
9602 Boyshort, Sizes S-3XL, $29

In addition to the boy short and garter thong, the Core Collection also features a regular short and thong, priced at $28 each.  Furthermore, the above pictures are of the Magnet colorway, but there is also a fashion version called Capri which strikingly mixes teal and chocolate.

capriEssential Collection

While the Core Collection wows with sheen and texture, the Essential Collection reinvents the slip and camisole for a new generation.  As a girl, I remember my grandmother and mom purchasing slips to wear underneath skirts and dresses, but I, along with most of my generation, never bothered with the idea. Nevertheless, as my lingerie addiction blossoms, I think wearing a slip or camisole is quietly sexy and demure, and the Essential collection succeeds in balancing the practicality of a slip piece with a vintage-inspired aesthetic.

9606 Full Slip, Sizes S-3XL, $65
9606 Full Slip, Sizes S-3XL, $65

Tia explained her half-slips are designed to be worn in three different ways:  above the bust, below the bust, and at the waist.  When she began working with slip design, she took her grandmother’s slip and through the design process, created something uniquely hers.  The end results are beautiful, and while all of the pictures are of the beige, the slips also come in black.

9606 Full Slip
9606 Full Slip
9607 Full Slip, Sizes S-3XL, $70
Also 9607 with Straps Removed
9605 Slip Worn at Waist, Sizes S-3XL, $46
9605 Worn Under Bust
9605 Worn Above Bust
9605 at Waist
9605 Under Bust
9605 Above Bust
9604 Worn at Waist, Sizes S-3XL, $40
9604 At Waist
9604 Under Bust
9604 Above Bust
9304 Camisole Worn with 9605, Sizes S-3XL, $52
9304 Worn With 9604
9303 Camisole Worn With 9605, Sizes S-3XL, $60

Vintage Collection

A smaller collection than both the Core and the Essential, the Vintage feels right at home with the other designs with its mix of ornate lace and sheer black mesh.

9608 Slip, Sizes S-3XL, $69
9305 Camisole, Sizes S-3XL, $57
9500 Vintage Gown, Sizes S-3XL, $88
9500 Vintage Gown, Sizes S-3XL, $88

Tie Dye Collection

Tie Dye has never knocked off my proverbial socks, but I think the subdued ombre quality of these pieces is something I could try.  Not to mention, these pieces are oriented more toward lounge wear and are made of high quality jersey fabrics for a comfortable, soft finish.

9312 Jersey Chemise in Tie Dye Coral, Sizes S-3XL, $65
9312 in Ombre Aqua
9311 Jersey Chemise in Coral Tie Dye, Sizes S-3XL, $60
9502 Lounge Pants in Coral Ombre, Sizes S-3XL, $70
9309 Tunic Night Shirt in Coral Tie Dye, Sizes S-3XL, $92
9309 in Coral Ombre
9306 Tie Die Silk Camisole, Sizes S-3XL, $84

There is also a silk chemise like the 9306, a shorter capri legging, and a poncho inspired top.  Moreover, all of the pieces are available in Coral Ombre, Aqua Ombre, and Coral Tie Dye with some also produced in slate and plain coral.  Prices on the collection are higher, but many are silk or other high quality fabrics, making these perfect for a splurge or gift.

As of now, I have two Core Collection items on order to review, but I loved what I saw at Curves.  It will be interesting to watch the collection grow and develop, and we will be able to special order items shortly.


Curves Expo: Tia Lyn
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5 thoughts on “Curves Expo: Tia Lyn

  • March 21, 2014 at 2:56 pm

    So many lovely colors and styles. The black and maroon were especially appealing.

    • Erica
      March 22, 2014 at 10:48 am

      I like those as well, but I wish I had some pictures of the Capri. It’s really stunning!

  • March 22, 2014 at 8:30 pm

    The slip 9605 is so lovely. How refreshing that lacy slips might make a comeback. The slimming shape wear stuff is what I wear to work most of the time, but some days I just want to be able to breathe.

    • Erica
      March 27, 2014 at 4:19 pm

      Amanda, I like that they are reviving slips as well. Shapewear can be very practical, of course, but there’s something feminine and sensual about these pieces.

  • March 30, 2014 at 7:06 pm

    We are so excited to carry this line in our boutique, Darlene’s [bath+body] Boutique in Merrimack, NH!


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