Moving Update: Take Two!

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If you follow the blog, you may recall a certain heartfelt post I wrote about how depressed I was and how people, some of whom I never met, came together to lift my spirits and restore my faith in the world around me.  It was poignant for me to write, and I loved every word of it.  And then, freakin’ Lunar Pages upgraded my server without telling me or doing a proper back-up and lost TWO WEEKS worth of comments and posts, including the aforementioned one.  So, those gratitude filled words now reside in the ether of the universe but not on the blog.  Since I’m not in the same place emotionally as when I wrote them, I am not going to recreate the post.  Instead, we’ll do the TL;DR thing and say:  I was sad. You guys made me happy.  Thank you!

Moving on:  Over my long weekend, I transitioned into the new place and am feeling optimistic and excited, if a bit sore and tired.  Our moving process was ultimately split across two weekends because I needed to leave a few days ahead of schedule.  Last Tuesday was a particularly brutal day consisting of twenty-two straight hours of packing, boxing, moving, lifting, cursing, and a little crying.  We narrowly avoided Hurricane Matthew’s barrage of rain, and began unpacking the moving van Sunday in the light of a beautiful day without a single cloud in the radiant blue sky.  It was a fulfilling moment to be starting fresh and made me feel a bittersweet contentment at leaving the old place—one with more than its fair share of bad memories—to begin a new chapter here.  Not to be contrite, but a gorgeous day after a tumultuous storm was an appropriate metaphor for the last year of my life, perhaps the last several years, and I can’t recall feeling as hopeful as I do right now in such a long time.


The house itself is partially set-up now, and I am working on unpacking more of my books this evening, a task not unlike reconnecting with old friends, as well as hanging a few pictures.  Taking off Tuesday and Wednesday for unpacking gave me the time I needed to leisurely settle in without feeling pressured or rushed, and I appreciate the patience from everyone.  Fortunately, we resumed normal store hours today, made all the easier because I live less than five minutes from the store.  This will enable me to be more flexible with appointment scheduling as my previous commute was closer to twenty minutes and highly subjective to not only red lights but also farm equipment and detours.  During slow periods, I may pop over to my house to unload a box or two, but I’ll leave my number attached to the door for any visitors that drop by in my absence.

My goal is to get the bulk of everything finished by this weekend, but we’ll see!  I have some wonderful reviews upcoming, including Wild Pidgeon Clothing, Bolero, Panache, Shadowline, and Tia Lyn, and I need a somewhat put-together home as a background for the pictures.  Also on the blogging agenda:  finishing the statistical series, discussing gynecomastia fit advice, and holiday gift ideas you can purchase from us.  Speaking of shopping, we are offering free shipping throughout the rest of the month on our online store.


Finally, I have a ton of boxes now from unpacking, and since mine were largely donated, I would like to pay it forward.  If anyone needs/wants boxes for moving or packing, please feel free to email or call, and I’ll bring some to the store for you.  Thanks again for being so supportive and patient, and I am looking forward to carving out some time to give the blog a proper update!


Moving Update: Take Two!
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