N-Line by Natori News

Hello Ladies,

I have some good news and bad news today regarding the N line by Natori.  As you may recall, the N line is Natori’s first foray into larger cup size styles—an exciting development for the women who wear cup sizes too large to fit into the regular Natori line.  We were expecting the N line to be in the store this month, but (bad news alert!) I learned today that the line has been postponed.  Natori received the first production batch and felt the N line did not meet the quality standards they know their customers have come to expect from the Natori brand.  Rather than compromise on their superior commitment to quality, Natori sent the merchandise back to production for improvement.  The N line is still slated to arrive in the store but has been delayed to late February.

While we’re disappointed not to have the line available this month, we are extremely pleased with and proud of Natori for not sacrificing their quality standards and shipping out an inferior product.  This shows a great commitment not only to their product but also to their customers.

Take your time, Natori!  We’ll still be anxiously awaiting the line!

Erica and Debbie

N-Line by Natori News
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