Product Review: Curvy Kate Daily Dream

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Since we opened in 2011, my relationship with Curvy Kate has always been a mix of admiration and frustration. My love of their colorful aesthetic and willingness to include more options for higher cup sizes was dampened by professional problems with distribution, pricing, and marketing. Ultimately, despite being one of the first stateside retailers to stock the brand, I dropped the line a few years ago with no intentions of revisiting them. Within the last year, however, I heard Curvy Kate addressed both retailer and consumer concerns by improving fit and streamlining wholesale relationships. A few fellow store owners enjoyed great success with the line and encouraged me to reconsider my stance. Since Curvy Kate recently had a massive online sale to purge older fashion stock, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to reevaluate. To kick off my Curvy Kate reviews, I give you the Daily Dream—a soft, comfortable t-shirt alternative for fuller cups.

After much wavering and frantic Bratabase searches, I decided to order my usual UK 34H (US 34K) in the Daily Dream. In the past, Curvy Kate often ran small in the cup, but my research indicated the new system was more true-to-size. Since the pounds are slowly moving in the right direction again (take that you stupid thyroid!), I figured even if the H was too small now, I may fit it soon enough. It was a smart decision because the 34H is perfect. The band closes comfortably on the loosest set of hooks, and the cups do not have any overflow, wrinkling, or gaping. The center gore sits flat against my sternum with a soft tack toward the top which does not compromise lift, support, or separation.

Curvy Kate Daily Dream, 28DD-JJ, 30-40D-K, 42-44D-G (UK sizes), $65

If you are a long time fan of Curvy Kate, the Daily Dream is exceptionally reminiscent of the older Daily Boost—a colossal failure for me fit-wise. Like many older Curvy Kate styles, the combination of a wide underwire and a shallow cup pulled the fabric into my underarm sharply while also creating excess space between my tissue and the wire. Daily Dream neatly side steps these pitfalls, and my first thoughts upon clasping the bra was: Damn, this is a comfy bra! Like Boost, the Daily Dream features a three-section lightly padded cup. The lower two-sections sport a seam under the nipple for vertical lift while the upper section is more open at the top and deeper. The added space at the top works better for my balanced breast type, allowing the tissue to sit up naturally rather than be forced downward into the cup. Of course, full on bottom and/or softer tissue types may find the breasts settle into the cup, causing gaping near the top, due to the openness of the shape.

Daily Dream’s underwires are not quite U-shaped and have a more average placement, angling slightly at the top once on the body. On me, the bottom of the wire hits perfectly at the end of my breast tissue and then gradually moves further away toward the top. This shape can impact the comfort and fit by pulling the cup fabric into the arm which I previously experienced, but the Daily Dream exploits a lower wire and side to maintain exceptional comfort. Because of the improved fit and deeper cups, Curvy Kate offers a better shape than expected with excellent vertical lift and forward projection. Nevertheless, the straps are rather wide set, and I angled mine inwards to prevent shoulder slippage. Less broad shouldered types may have more problems keeping the straps in place.

In the US, the Daily Dream retails for $65, putting the style on par with Freya and Panache’s Superbra line with mostly comparable quality. The lightly padded cups are plush but supportive, and the fabrics on both the interior and exterior are extremely soft. Three hook-and-eye closures in the back provided added security, and the sturdy but not aggressive underwires separate and lift. However, the fully-adjustable straps are a bit stretchy and sometimes sink into my shoulder depending on how I move, and I also experience minor flipping of the band in the back. I’m a realist. I know I have back fat and a roll, and I sometimes experience this issue with cheaper bands. Washing and wearing does not improve it but it certainly doesn’t make it worse either. In my case, there is no discomfort or pain, and I only noticed it because of the photos.

Unlike its competitors, the Daily Dream boasts a superior size range with UK K cups (US O) available from 30 to 40 bands and UK G cups (US I) for 42 and 44 bands. Frankly, the range is unheard of in the UK full bust market, especially in padded cups. And the price? $65 for a bra that spans such a huge range is almost unbelievable, particularly given the quality for the bra is still quite good. Personally, I think in my size a $55 price point would have been better because I find it comparable more to the inexpensive Cleo line rather than the Superbra, but I understand offering such a broad range does factor into the final price.

Aesthetically, Daily Dream is a lovely minimalist style closely resembling the American t-shirt bra. Discreet seaming helps the bra blend under knits, and the light padding mitigates nipple concerns. I snagged  a fun turquoise but the bra is also available in basics too. Just as with the Daily Boost, I like the use of a contrast upper lip on the cups and cute bows to keep the style from appearing too basic. Furthermore, the use of solid, crowd-pleasing colors and a basic style reminds me of brands like Natori or Wacoal, and I can see many American consumers appreciating what Curvy Kate offers here.

Overall, I fully expected not to keep any of my Curvy Kate purchases, but I am exceptionally happy to be proved wrong by the brand. Daily Dream exceeded my expectations and has been in regular rotation for several weeks already. The fabrics and fit have held up well to washing and wear, and I’m excited to try more styles from Curvy Kate in the future.


Product Review: Curvy Kate Daily Dream
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