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Curvy Kate and I have engaged in a passionate, sometimes lust-filled love/hate relationship ever since I received the first email announcing they would be attending Curves in the US.  I love their designs—the playful use of colors, the co-mingling of traditional lingerie elements with something modern and fun, the thoughtful finishing touches and flourishes.  Nevertheless, for all the love I carry in my heart for their designs, they do not love me back.  Perhaps I should label our relationship unrequited love instead?

Recently, my Freya Pollyanna bra no longer provides the same support or comfort, and I need another white or beige bra to wear under my lighter color tops.  After hearing positive feedback on the Daily Boost, I rekindled the romance as a last ditch “Let’s try to get along” attempt to find a Curvy Kate bra (outside the sadly discontinued Tease Me) which works for my shape.


Sizing & Fit:  In Curvy Kate, I typically need a 30HH or J, and for the Daily Boost, I opted to test the HH cup.  The 30 band is impressive with how firmly it anchors to the body to provide snug, comfortable support.  Women concerned with the stretchiness of Curvy Kate bands have nothing to fear from the Daily Boost!  Unfortunately, the fit goes awry when we examine the cups.  Toward the center gore, I have some overflow where the cup is too small, and the gore itself does not want to fully tack.


On the sides, the underwires extend further than I prefer but not so much as to be bothersome.  In fact, this is the first Curvy Kate bra I have tried in quite some time that did not rub the underside of my arm painfully.  Fit problems aside, the bra does feel comfortable and supportive, but in addition to the issue with the overflow and center gore, I have unfilled space at the bottom of the cup.  Whenever I pull the top of the cup upward, the material slides down again to create the emptiness.  Moreover, the light padding of the cup is buckling under the weight of my breasts since they are not positioned properly.


Why am I experiencing these fit problems?  Simply put:  My breasts and the design of the bra are incompatible.  My breast tissue is set closer together and more toward the front of my torso.  While I do have some breast tissue toward the side of the body, the majority is front-facing and fuller.  The Daily Boost, in contrast, has wider underwires and shallower cups at the center which do not give my breast tissue adequate space.  Since the tissue has to go somewhere, it ends up overflowing the top of the cup and pushing the center gore away from the body.  Similarly, the bottom of the cup is also too shallow which is why my fuller breast tissue relocates upward where it has more space.  The wider center gore and shallower cups also splay my more naturally close set breasts outward instead of keeping them forward.


Materials & Design:  The first time I put on the Daily Boost, I only had a minute or two before needing to change back, and my impressions were rather positive, mostly on account of the materials.  The bra just feels good, and as I mentioned, even with the fit problems, I can’t say that this is an uncomfortable bra to wear.  The interior of the cup feels incredibly soft against the skin, and even the exterior has a nice texture.  Fully-adjustable straps allow for maximum customization to fit your shape, and the powernet wings hold firmly and comfortably to the body.  Not to mention, I rather like the aesthetics of the Daily Boost.  It emits a fresh, almost sporty vibe and distinguishes itself among the sea of pattern, embroidery, and lace dominating my current lingerie wardrobe (and the lingerie market as a whole).  The contrast trim at the top is a thoughtful touch too.  Furthermore, the Mocha fashion color debuting later this year is a step in the right direction for offering a better range of flesh-tone alternatives, and I hope more companies follow Curvy Kate’s design team on this.


Final Thoughts:  Instead of grading a bra from a line that I can never seem to fit, I would rather offer advice about who should consider trying the Daily Boost.  If Curvy Kate works for you, then definitely try this style because I found it fits similarly to the other designs in their arsenal.  If you’ve never tried Curvy Kate, the Daily Boost is best for women with average to wider set breasts who benefit from wider underwires on the side.  Women with shallower breast tissue will find something to enjoy here as well.


For more information, check out our video below!


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Product Review: Daily Boost
Erica is a lover all things lingerie and is passionate about helping people find the bra which fits and flatters. Side passions include reading, writing, hiking, dairy-free food, walking her Jack Russell terrorists, and dying her hair everything from black to red.
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7 thoughts on “Product Review: Daily Boost

  • April 18, 2013 at 1:12 pm

    I am growing increasingly disappointed with any kind of padded bra. I have tried a bunch, and some seem to work at first, but if I wear it for a bit longer, I start spilling out and there is empty space at the bottom of the cup. On top of that, they make my boobs look bulkier than I like. I really liked daily boost in the pictures and thought it would be a great skin tones bra for me, and I like the slightly darker piping at the top, but the fit looks exactly like other padded bras I tried.

    • Erica
      April 18, 2013 at 1:25 pm

      Naira, I think it’s hard to balance the support, fit, and shape of the padding. The only padded bra I have found which I outright loved was the Masquerade Rhea because it was deep enough at the bottom, and it really gave the boost. Of course, the cup size was too small, but I didn’t get any of other problems I usually get with a padded bra. Although, in all fairness, the Tease Me was pretty darn good. It wasn’t perfect, and I did get a little bit of the space at the bottom. But, overall, the rest of the fit, the comfort, and the design was enough to persuade me. 🙂

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  • September 25, 2014 at 11:47 pm

    you should try a 32h and see if the daily boost fits better. I noticed you said the band was snug and the cup was large on the sides. I have been reading a lot of reviews of girls going bigger in the cup and being stubborn about changing the band size, I understand waning the right fit of band for support but can help but wonder if some bras need a different band size just like we sometimes have to go up a cup size.
    Hope you get a chance to try this out!

    • Erica
      September 26, 2014 at 12:11 pm

      Hi Tasha! That’s a great point about band size changing the way a bra fits. For me, the design itself is very wide and shallow, which is the opposite of my breast type. Even sizing up won’t change the overall shape although it may mitigate it somewhat. For me, I need bras that have very narrow underwires but a lot of cup depth, and that just isn’t Curvy Kate. However, I haven’t reviewed it formally yet, but I did just buy a Dare set that I really like. It’s got a shape more compatible with mine, and it’s so dang cute too!

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