Product Review: Fantasie 4530 . . . The Re-Do

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Since I am now helping out from time to time at the shop, I knew the sale announcement was coming, and I had my eye on a strapless bra.  Spring officially started (despite what the weather says), and I am a sucker for sundresses, especially if they are strapless or have a halter necklines.  However, since I somehow misplaced my Panache Porcelain Strapless bra, I was just letting my 30F/32E boobage go free.  *ducks*  Obviously, this is not an ideal situation, so I was looking to get something that was more secure.  Enter the Fantasie 4530 Strapless Bra!

4530Sizing & Fit:  For starters, I bumped up to the 32 band because the 30 was too tight and binding to be comfortable.  My standard E cup worked okay, but I was immediately plagued with fit issues.  I couldn’t seem to fill out the bottom of the cup even though it fit everywhere else fine.  I thought about trying it in the DD, but I didn’t feel like I would have enough space toward the top of the cup.  Also, the underwire sits a lot higher than what I am used to, and I felt like it was pressing hard into my chest.  Erica ran into similar issues with the amount of coverage when she reviewed the bra too.  The width of the underwire was good though, and I did feel very secure in the 32 band.  Jumping and dancing were not a problem, and the bra definitely stays put when you move!


Materials:  Like most strapless bras, the 4530 uses gel strips on the interior of the wing to basically stick to the skin and keep the bra in place as you move.  The gel also makes the bras harder to get on and adjusted, which is part of the reason why I felt like 32 was better for me.  Once the bra is situated, it does not move at all which is exactly what you want in a strapless bra.  There are also a few ways the straps can be worn for this style, and I like the versatility it provides.  However, the foam is more rigid and seems at odds with my breast shape.  It’s not necessarily uncomfortable, but it feels awkward having so much space in the bottom.


Design:  Okay, so this isn’t exactly the cutest strapless bra ever, but since this is supposed to be a utility bra which works under a variety of neck and shoulder lines, I don’t expect it to be a marvel of cuteness . . . not that I’d complain if it came in colors or had a discreet print.


Overall Grade/Thoughts:  This style just didn’t win me over the way the Porcelain Strapless has in the past in part because the fit was wonky but also because there was just too much coverage for me.  It’s not a bad bra, but I don’t think it’s right for me either.

Product Review: Fantasie 4530 . . . The Re-Do
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