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Hope everyone had a great 4th of July holiday!  The extra time off allowed me to try the (semi) new Fantasie Rebecca spacer bra, which Erica has been lusting after but is unable to wear herself, so she asked me to be the guinea pig:

Sizing & Fit:  A few months ago, I bought the Fantasie Vivienne in size 32F, which is the size I tend to be consistently in most UK brands, so when I had the chance to try the Rebecca, I knew I wanted to stick with my usual.  The fit is beautiful, meaning the style runs true-to-size.   While the band was pretty firm, I didn’t feel it was tight enough to justify sizing up, and the cup didn’t gape near the top, a common problem for me with molded cups.  Overall, I felt like the spacer fabric really “got” my shape and fit my body perfectly.

Materials:  Since the main draw here is the spacer fabric, I want to comment on that first.  It’s dreamy!  Seriously, when I compare this to some of the molded cup bras I’ve tried in the past, the spacer fabric wins hands down.  It’s softer, more comfortable, and it fits better.  The wings are a bit sturdier too and aren’t made from a mesh.  Plus, I really like the embroidery on the bra too since it’s not hard or stiff.  However, as you ladies (and possibly gents) know by now, I’m a sucker for fully-adjustable straps, so I was a bit sad to not see them on this style.

Design:  I like how the coverage of the Rebecca isn’t too high.  It feels “just right” to me as it gives me good separation without taking over my chest.  I even get the little hint of cleavage, which is always a bonus in my book.  The diamond pattern on the band and on the straps is unique and modern.  Usually, you see lots of floral or traditional lace designs on lingerie, and this one feels like a cooler, hipper style with its diamond pattern.  For some reason I see it and think “Art Deco!”  Now, even though Erica isn’t a big fan of white bras, I really like them.  My skin is fairly dark and getting darker by the day, and I feel like the white really pops.  Plus, it’s so sweet and fun too.  Whether I can keep it clean in the long run is another story entirely though . . .

Other Comments:  This is actually the second spacer bra I tried.  The first was the Fayreform Profile Perfect, and I wanted to give a brief comparison between the two.  As you may recall, I really liked the Profile Perfect, but I actually like the Fantasie better.  There’s less coverage in the center with the Rebecca as well as softer and better quality materials too.  To me, the Rebecca could work as a “pretty bra” or as a basic whereas the Profile Perfect seems to be purely functional.  The Rebecca is also available in a wider size range (30-40 bands and up to a GG cup) than the Profile Perfect; however, the Rebecca is also $72 compared to $55.

Overall Grade:  A+

Product Review: Fantasie Rebecca
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One thought on “Product Review: Fantasie Rebecca

  • Erica
    July 6, 2012 at 3:44 pm

    So jealous you can fit this bra! It’s coming out in a dark purple later this year, which will be beautiful.


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