Product Review: Fit Fully Yours Oksana

Let’s just begin this review with a little PSA: People have nipples. Unless there was some kind of beaver-related accident, if you are reading this article, you have nipples. Hell my male cat meowing at me has nipples. As do my dogs. At what point can we agree to stop making such a big effing deal about human females and their nipples? Look, I get it. If you’re female, you’ve probably had people comment on them, perhaps inappropriately. Why? Because we decided a body part designed to feed children was also a sexual object, that’s why. People stare and comment, although let’s be honest: It’s usually men who do so and make women feel terribly uncomfortable, especially in situation where there may not be a recourse. It sucks, and sadly, there are always going to be people who have to make you feel bad about your body. One way to cope is by only wearing padded cup bras, and depending on the prevalence of your nipples, that padding could be thin and flexible or it could be seriously molded (no shame either way). The problem with this scenario is that padded cup bras, especially molded ones, can be pretty hard to fit for certain shapes and also top out in cup and band, leaving many with literally no options. I’m a big advocate of reusable nipple covers if you are self-conscious because it accomplishes discretion without compromising fit, but some people only want padded cups.

As a result, I began investigating options both for larger cups and for plus-size bands, focusing on brands with a reputation for excellent support and quality products. Enter the Fit Fully Yours Oksana, a padded cup bra up to a US L (UK HH) in select bands. Since my past experiences with the brand have been overwhelmingly positive, I decided to order one for myself and see if Oksana could be one solution to the ongoing nipple conundrum plaguing the American woman.

From past experience, I knew Fit Fully Yours bras run firm in the band, and I opted for a US 36J (UK 36GG) instead of my standard US 34K (UK 34H). The band is comfortably snug on the loosest hooks, and the cups are nearly perfect for size. While I do not experience gaping, I do have the faintest hint of overflow near the top. Upon closer examination, I believe the overflow derives from the shape of the upper cup which is more closed in than my tissue needs, resulting in the cup pressing into the breast more.

Sporting a three-section cup design with lightly padded lining, the Oksana expertly lifts and shapes tissue, but that firmer upper cup does create a more pointed effect on my shape because it forces the top portion of my breast downward. With a t-shirt, the profile appears more natural, and I do not think the shape would be problematic for people with tissue more bottom heavy or softer than mine. In fact, one of the bigger fit problems for padded and molded cup bras is how they often leave extra space near the top of the cup and let softer tissue fall toward the bottom of the center. The fact that Fit Fully Yours choose to close in the upper cup seems like a deliberate decision to address a gap in the market.

Furthermore, the padding, while quite sturdy, is not without flexibility, thus allowing it to better contour than other similar styles. As the photos illustrate, the Oksana is a super full coverage fit. Usually, I prefer moderate to low coverage, but I also recognize my preferences are hardly universal. The advantage of a full coverage fit is the bra also provides maximum containment and impressive hold, regardless of tissue type. Again, if you find you jiggle too much in other styles, especially padded bras, Oksana should have the shape to keep you lifted and in place no matter how you move.

Because of the taller center gore, I experience good tacking at the sternum in the middle and bottom with it becoming slightly less at the top. The cups and gore width are not quite right for my center heavy tissue, and consequently, my breasts and the underwire are vying for dominance (and my boobs are winning). Furthermore, the tall cups are also high on the side for me, and when I move my arms, they cut into the sensitive tissue there. While Fit Fully Yours did use stretch elastic to improve movement, it’s either not enough or just too tall (or possibly both) to work for my shape.

Nevertheless, the underwires have a good U-shape to them, making them more akin to a Panache style bra. Elomi and Goddess sometimes angle too far back on the side, and Oksana expertly side steps this problem. Combining the narrower wire shape with an interior two-ply mesh sling means you get excellent side support for better projection. This decision is particularly important because of the size range offered. Going up to a US 46J in padded cups is a pretty impressive range, to say nothing of the US L cups in 34-40 bands. Most other styles with a comparable range are either made from spacer fabric or are plunge styles with less overall coverage.

Per usual, the quality of the materials is incredible. Oksana is priced at $70 which, quite frankly, is a steal. The Elomi Amelia is $78 as is the Panache Sasha, and neither has as many available sizes as Oksana. As I mentioned, the padding is plush enough to contour but stiff enough to support, and the mesh interior panel is soft against the skin. Sturdy but slick wings anchor perfectly to the body while also promoting smoothing. My only gripe is Fit Fully Yours opted for a partially-adjustable restricted stretch strap, and y’all know by now that I think full-bust bras should have fully adjustable straps. For me, it’s usually not a problem, but in this case, I am near the end of the strap length. Our petite or short-waisted customers will not be able to wear this style, which is too often a side effect of eschewing fully-adjustable straps. It’s a shame because many a fabulous bra is cast into the discard pile for an easily avoidable design feature.

Aesthetically, beige is probably my least favorite color, but I like Fit Fully Yours used something a little more on the taupe spectrum. The cream crosshatch pattern has enough contrast to add visual interest without being visible under clothes, and I adore the ribbon detail on the center gore with matching bows on the straps. Thoughtful touches are often overlooked with basic bras, and I love how Fit Fully Yours created something different and unique. Overall, Oksana is a solid if not perfect entry from the Canadian brand.


P.S. I now can only think of Oksana as the glamorous Villanelle from Killing Eve. If you haven’t seen it, check it out!

Product Review: Fit Fully Yours Oksana
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