Product Review: Fleur’t Wild Child Collection

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For several months now, I have been mentioning on our Facebook page as well as in our email newsletter that the store was finally branching out into sleepwear.  One of my primary goals over the last two years has been to transition from being known strictly as a “bra shop” into a boutique customers visit again for their lingerie, sleep, shapewear, and swimsuit needs.  When I went to Curves NYC—an uber exciting industry trade show—last February, I visited with several brands to see product samples, discuss prices, and view upcoming collections.  Unfortunately, much of the sleepwear I saw had two-piece sets retailing upwards of $100, and while the fabrics and quality were truly decadent in the best possible way, I knew the price point was too high for our current location and inventory mix.  However, when I visited the table for Fleur’t which, like the other options, tends to have higher end pieces, I also noticed a lower cost line called “Fleur’t with Me” similar to the original in price, quality, and design aesthetic.  So stricken was I by their products, I ordered the entire Wild Child Collection in Heather Grey/Black for this summer.  Naturally, I had to test drive them myself first.

3/4 Sleeve Crop Top: S-XL, $38 Cropped Pant: S-XL, $38
Racerback Tank: S-XL, $38 Boxer Short: S-XL, $29

Made from a dreamy, lightweight Rayon/Spandex blend which hugs the curves and caresses the skin, the Wild Child sleepwear collection features five interchangeable pieces:  a tank dress, a crochet racerback tank shirt, boxer shorts, a 3/4 sleeve top, and a pair of crop pants.  Until now, I usually purchase cotton sleep and lounge pieces, but the hand of the fabric Fleur’t with Me uses is exceptionally soft to the touch.

Crochet Racerback Tank Dress: S-XL, $58
It even camouflages tummy rolls while seated!

Shortly after opening the shop, I realized I suffer from multiple sleepwear personality syndrome—MSPS for those in the technical field.  One personality craves the silken gowns with delicate lace detailing, the sheer lengthy dressing gowns perhaps with a few feathers, the babydolls with cascading ruffles—all worn effortlessly with a martini in hand.  The real me, on the other hand, has three Jack Russell Terrorists plus Hades the Indoor Cat and Mordecai the Outdoor Cat, and all of us live in the country with bugs and dirt and Jack Daniels.  I was also a tomboy in my youth, so my penchant most nights veers either toward yoga pants or cotton shorts with an oversized (stained and/or holy) t-shirt or, if I am feeling really snazzy, menswear-inspired pajama sets.  Fleurt_Pants_Halftop_03

And that is perfectly okay!  There is no reason why I should have to wear anything other than my Star-Athon ’92 t-shirt and polka dot pants (my current outfit while I type this blog post), but I do long for something between high maintenance glamour and low maintenance shabby-leave-out-the-chic.  Ladies and Gents:  Fleur’t with Me is IT!


Since we have five pieces to cover, let’s begin with the tank dress.  Ordinarily, I would buy the Medium or Large in this for sleeping, but I used an X-Large in the pictures because the booty and boobs jacked up the hemline a little high for my comfort in the smaller sizes.  Featuring a crochet racerback made from non-abrasive, stretch lace, the tank dress offers a flattering peek-a-boo effect while the smooth grey fabric drapes along the lines of the body for a comfortable, flattering, and even sexy fit.  The shape also works well paired with the boxer shorts or crop pants if you prefer more coverage on the bottom.

Worn with Anna Pardal FiFi Bra

For those preferring a shorter variation, Fleur’t with Me also designed a tank with the same crochet racerback as the dress, but in the tank, the back is open, allowing the fabric underneath to overlap or slyly expose the skin of the lower back.  I love the coy way of adding interest to the piece by keeping the front plain and flared while the back has added appeal.  You’ll notice both the tank and the similar dress sport a straighter cut, meaning it does fall down from the apex of the bust.  As a result, the pieces are not as fitted as t-shirts or camisoles, but I enjoy the gentle way it falls instead of being so body-conscious.  Most of my work clothes fit tighter through the torso, and in my leisure time, I appreciate something looser.  Furthermore, I am also, as my mother affectionately called me, a “rock and roll” sleeper.  Anything tight ends up cutting in uncomfortably at some point during the night.  A size medium fit me well here again.

Worn with Anna Pardal FiFi Bra

In most of the promotional shots of the tank, it is paired with the incredibly cute boxer shorts.  They have an elastic waist with a large black drawstring, a faux button-front, and a lace pocket on the back.  With a shorter length, the shorts end in the upper high region and have an open, roomy fit.  These are comparable to my summer sleep and lounge shorts, but the fabric is significantly nicer and softer.  The medium fit my size 10/12 butt/hip region perfectly fine too.

Fleurt_Tank_02 Fleurt_Tank_03

For those preferring a bottom piece with more coverage, the chic crop pants are perfect.  Like the boxer shorts, the pants feature a faux button-front and a drawstring elastic waist, but these taper through the leg, ending around mid-calf or so.  The thigh and hip region boasts a relaxed fit, and I find the rise works best for me if worn at my natural waist.

Fleurt_Pants_Halftop_04 Fleurt_Pant_07

With the all of other pieces in the collection, I found sizing to be flexible, and I tried each piece in multiple sizes to figure out which worked best.  However, the rejected sizes never looked terrible, but for the crop pants, size makes a difference.  After a recent shopping trip which found me going from my normal size 8/10 to more of a 12 (generous 10) in pants, I immediately grabbed the large for my pictures, mistakenly believing the medium would be too tight and unflattering.   Multiple otherwise amazing but now permanently deleted pictures later, I realized the extra fabric pooled in the lower tummy/crotch region to make it look like I had extra bits down there.  For wearing around the house, the larger size wouldn’t have mattered, but for anything else?  Um, no.  So medium was the clear winner here.  I think the spandex mixed with the generally draping cut of the collection means it is worth sizing down if you are between sizes to achieve a more fitted look.

Fleurt_Pant_04 Fleurt_Pant_03

Finally, Wild Child also offers a 3/4 sleeve top with a banded section on the bottom and triangular cutout with black lace on the front.  Right from the start, I was pretty convinced I wasn’t going to like this top because I thought it was going to poof out along my midsection and obscure my waist, but honestly, this was my favorite piece (with those insanely comfortable crop pants coming next).  The racerback tank, while adorable, doesn’t compare to the amazing fit of this piece for me.  Coupled with the crop pant, I think the 3/4 sleeve top will be ideal for wearing when there’s the chance other people will see you in your sleep or lounge attire.  It is flattering to the figure and incredibly comfortable but still offers some coverage.

Credit to my dad Jason for coming up with the idea to take an iCollection satin robe sash and tie it around this top!

As I mentioned earlier, every piece in the Wild Child collection is interchangeable, making the set ideal for travel.  The pieces also double as outwear clothes too.  To give credit where credit is due, my amazing rep Sarah told me they often market these pieces as casual day wear, and she herself uses them as such.  After trying them, I can easily see why!  I have purchased tops from major retailers (*cough* Banana Republic, Gap, Anna Taylor, and Loft *cough*) whose prices are similar to Fleur’t with Me but the quality isn’t anywhere near this.  Not to mention, the idea of having something that you can wake up wearing Saturday morning and transform into something cute and comfy for a grocery run is very appealing to me.  All of them are easily combined with pieces from your existing wardrobe (except perhaps the shorts which are too short for me to wear regularly) and can be worn either casually or dressed up with accessories.  These may just become the most versatile pieces in your entire wardrobe.  Just sayin’.

Fleurt_Pant_01 Fleurt_HalfTop_02 Fleurt_Pant_05

Imagination is key here because it was HOT to wear that many layers . . . and it was a wee bit too short without heavy tights or leggings. Thinner or petite figures may not have this issue though.
Imagination is key here because it was too HOT to wear that many layers . . . and it was a wee bit too short without heavy tights or leggings. Thinner or petite figures may not have this issue though.

I also want to note that all opinions expressed here are my own.  I am not about to promote something just because we carry it in the shop.  In fact, the blog typically works in reverse.  I only buy things for the store that I would consider a worthwhile product for our customers to have, but I also know that since we have a reputation as being a “bra place,” it’s hard to remember we carry other amazing products too.  Also, a big thanks to Sarah for encouraging me to try the brand and for her outstanding recommendations!


Fleurt_Pant_06 Fleurt_Pant_02 Fleurt_Tank_01

Product Review: Fleur’t Wild Child Collection
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4 thoughts on “Product Review: Fleur’t Wild Child Collection

  • July 9, 2015 at 2:23 pm

    I managed to get some Fleur’t sleepwear, plain black pajamas, on sale a while ago at a local store. It ran super huge to the point that I gave the pants to my partner who is half a foot taller, and it still pools around his feet.
    I’m mystified as to why the brand’s regular offerings seem expensive for simple designs and synthetic fabrics, while the Fleur’t With Me line is something I’d be willing to buy full price. Is the difference in fabric, or something else?

    • Erica
      July 9, 2015 at 3:28 pm

      Hi Lee! That is very interesting! From what I saw at the show, the fabric on Fleur’t was a bit softer, and the laces were more ornate/better quality. However, Fleur’t with Me was really what stole my attention because I felt like the price was much more in line with what our consumers would pay, and the quality of materials certainly met/exceeded the retail price. At the show, I didn’t get to see any of this modeled on someone, so I wouldn’t have picked up on a fit issue like that. Now, in all fairness, these are the only pieces I have personally tried yet, but I do want to experiment. We got some of their basic panties in too which I am liking. They are like a cotton hipster that has the stretch lace/mesh band stuck on top to make them a little higher waist. I am really liking them so far!

      • July 12, 2015 at 2:22 am

        I actually tried on the Wild Child set (long sleeves and pants) in Medium today and found it true to size unlike the earlier long pants of longness. It does feel lovely, but the cuffs on the ankles were uncomfortable even if the rest of the material was forgiving. The store didn’t have the set in Large, which may have fit better.

        • Erica
          July 18, 2015 at 11:12 am

          Hi Lee! Interesting about the leg cuffs. I imagine that could be an issue for some women, but I’m glad to hear it compares better than the original Fleur’t. I really like the lower priced line. Did the store have any of their traditional pajama sets? I’d be curious to know if they fit okay in the length. I really like the short sets with the menswear inspired tops.


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