Product Review: Freya Sweet Dreams & Tia Lyn Bliss

Welcome to the Sophisticated Pair Pajammy Jam! As with the Comexim Moulin Rouge review, the images for today’s post were taken back in December because, in a perfect world, my intention was to get everyone psyched up about some cool pajamas in time for the holiday season. It was part personal odyssey, part shameless marketing, but now it’s all about catching up from a long hiatus and clearing a backlog. Despite being in my early thirties, my pajama drawer mostly consisted (okay, consists) of my brother’s old tee shirts, my dad’s old sweats, and my mom’s old nightgowns. I did have some lounge options I personally bought which were horribly stained, filled with holes, and oh, about 15 years old. A couple years ago, a wonderful blog reader sent me two pairs of spring pajama sets which I love and cherish, but stupid thyroid weight gain has rendered them too small. When you gain weight, it’s easy to rationalize not buying anything new for yourself, especially if you are on a tight budget, and pajamas were never a priority. Then I saw the new pajama collections from our vendors and wanted wanted to feel like that cool adult on Instagram who sits around in real lounge clothes with her well behaved, photogenic dog and a boss babe book in her lap. Bring on adulthood!

How I envision new adult me with my portly sausage dog.

I orchestrated a partial purge (another of which is coming shortly), and with more space available, I identified what I wanted in my new grown-up lounge drawer. Since we were entering the winter season at the time, I wanted long sleeve tops and pants in a soft fabric like cotton or modal. To save on my electric bill, I only turn on the heat when the temperature hits 58 in the house, making layers vital. However, I also live in North Carolina where it’s really only winter two months of the year, and I wanted fabric light enough to transition into spring and fall. Enter Freya and Tia Lyn, both of whom had been trial tested by customers with positive feedback.

How we really are . . .

When we first opened, Freya had a more significant lounge collection than they boast now, and I have always been bummed by how they continue to curtail their offerings. Unlike other pajama companies, Freya at least tries to make some concessions to your bust size by including two different types of shelf bras based on whether you wear a UK B-E or a UK E-G. More recently, they’ve delved into the standard XS-XL chemise variety, seemingly unaware the market is already saturated with options. Last year, one of my brother’s coworkers purchased the Freya Sweet Dreams lounge set to wear after she had surgery, and when I saw it in person, I coveted the soft fabric and chic design.

For my UK 34H bust (US 34K) and American size 14 bottom, I ordered the Large E-G top and the Large pant, both of which fit perfectly. The fabric on this piece is marvelously supple with a beautiful weight. Modal can occasionally be thin or even transparent, but the Freya Sweet Dreams features a higher quality composition which not only maintains opacity in sunlight but also has the right drape on the body. The top features a scoop neckline and built-in shelf bra with extra depth for fuller-cups, and I see no reason why it could not accommodate up to UK J cups well. Obviously the support is not as hefty as a regular bra even one lacking underwires, but for those days or evenings when you want to lounge around sans bra but not sans support, the Sweet Dreams is perfect.

The long sleeves, neckline, and torso bottom sport contrast cream against the slate gray backdrop for a classic, minimalist design. On my longer torso and 5’6” frame, the bottom of the top hits at low hip which may be too long for petites or those with a shorter waist. Similarly, the pants are also quite long, and even with them resting at my naval, the hem still clips the ground. A drawstring waist lets you customize the fit to your shape, and a wide-leg design falls straight down, preventing any issues with fit through the thighs or riding up while seated. Even though I know it is wishful thinking, I would love Freya to offer petite, regular, and tall versions of this design. However, if you’re mostly looking for a lounge top which does not require a bra underneath, Sweet Dreams neutral palette pairs well with other pajama bottoms too and can save you money.

Both the top and bottom retail around $68 each, making the full set a whopping $136 splurge. I know, I know. The first time I saw the price in my catalog I went all wide eyed and sucked in my breath sharply. To be fair, that is a lot to spend on pajamas, which is why I also snagged the Tia Lyn Bliss set. Because of the price tag, I expected to be hypercritical of the product and was fully prepared to nitpick. However, the quality, fit, and comfort on these pajamas has been outstanding, and I can honestly say I have yet to find a pair which surpasses them. The Freya Sweet Dreams is the set I constantly reach for and wash religiously to be able to wear them again. I have cleaned my home in them, worked in them (also at home, obviously!), and even been bedridden in them. Every time I wear them, they still manage to be the best, most comfortable pieces I own.

Furthermore, they have held up well from all the washing and wear. The drawback of fibers like cotton and modal is, depending on quality, they can pill over time, especially if you dry them in a machine occasionally. If possible, I hang everything up in my laundry room because the heat of the dryer breaks down elastic—a component of most clothing articles nowadays. There are some weeks where it takes everything I have to even do laundry, and well, hanging up pajamas just ain’t worth the time. In those instances, I put them in the dryer on low heat without any ill effect. After wearing them about seven mon

ths now, I still do not have any pilling on the fabric, and the fit is as perfect as they day they arrived.

As I mentioned, I also purchased the Tia Lyn Bliss pajama set, another lovely modal based fabric, around the same time as the Freya Sweet Dreams. Unlike Freya, the Tia Lyn set offers no additional bust support, and in the photos, I am wearing my Comexim Moulin Rouge. Available in black, iris, and poppy, I opted for black not only because I adore it but also because black conceals a multitude of stains, particularly those created by dropping food on my boobs. Of course, the flip side to black pajamas in a house with three white dogs is the exceptionally visible deposits of their wiry hair. But, hey, I’m at home, so who cares?

Having tried some other Tia Lyn pieces and found them true-to-size, I ordered the large in the Bliss set, which fits well. Even without the bust support, the top is still cute, and I like the v-shaped neckline with lace edging. It’s a simple touch that changes the aesthetic of the style. Tapered long sleeves fit my arms a little better than Freya, and the overall length of the top is shorter, making it more wearable for some people. The pants feature a classic elasticized waist and straight leg design with a length friendlier for petites. If you are tall, consider another style.

In contrast to Freya’s $130+ retail price, Tia Lyn averages $68 to $76 depending on the retailer, making it roughly half the cost but still of nice quality. The modal, as you can see in the photos, is thinner, clingier, and more transparent in bright light, but it feels sumptuous and exceptionally light and breathable. Despite the thinner weight, the Bliss pajamas fit and drape well as well as remain comfortable over time. Understandably, my Bliss set has pilled more than the Freya but is still in good condition.

In fact, the reason I decided to write one jumbo review is largely because I wanted to demonstrate both how price influences quality even in pajamas but also how the more affordable piece can still be an excellent budget-friendly option. Both pieces are absolutely worth the price attached to them. With Tia Lyn, you have a cute modal pajama set at a wallet-friendly price with the quality to match, and with Freya, you have more concessions for a fuller-bust, a better quality of fabric and fit, and the added cost for all those features.

On a personal note, I do prefer the Freya pajamas simply because I’ve already established I am rubbish at replacing lounge clothes regularly and it’s clear these are built. I also enjoy the way the fabric feels against my skin, the better opacity in sunlight given how often I sit on my porch, and the ability to go braless while still receiving support. The Tia Lyn Bliss is lovely, and I do wear them weekly too. I just have a slight preference for Freya.


P.S. My dog poses for cameras like I do and we both make some awful faces.

Product Review: Freya Sweet Dreams & Tia Lyn Bliss
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