Product Review: Panache Evie

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After my last strapless bra attempt with the Fantasie 4530, I decided to switch up from a traditional molded cup and try the Panache Evie, which uses a padded cup instead:

Sizing:  Since so many strapless bras have a more rigid and less stretchy band, I opted for the 32GG instead of my normal 30H.  Sadly, the band on the 32 did not feel tight enough on the loosest hooks, thus forcing me to use the tightest setting for the review.  Moreover, the GG cup was a touch small with some overflow near the top; however, I am finding that my Panache size is more a 30HH.  With this in mind, I believe the bra runs true-to-size.

Fit:  Compared to the 4530, the fit of the Evie is a massive improvement for me.  The padded and seamed cups contour much better to my shape, and I feel like the coverage of the bra is perfect.  The center gore and height of the cups are lower and seem more versatile than the 4530.  Not to mention, because the bra utilizes padding, the cups are more flexible and less stiff than the molded foam.  In the 30 band size, I imagine the fit would be spot-on since the tightest setting on the 32 gives me great hold.  Also, while the center gore is neither too high or too low, it doesn’t sit firmly against my torso.

There’s a considerable space between where the underwire at the bottom of the center gore meets my ribcage that lessens the anchorage and support of the bra.

Materials:  Without question, I adore the padded and seamed cup over the molded cup styles, and I feel like the materials used on the interior of the cup are soft and comfortable.  Temperatures are supposed to surpass 105F today, so summer has definitely arrived in the south!  Comfort becomes paramount, and I feel like the interior fabric is almost cotton-like and breathable.  Furthermore, I love how they used three hook-and-eye closures as well as side stays to keep the bra anchored to the body, and the straps ensure you can wear the bra in five different ways (regular, criss-cross, halter, one shoulder, and strapless) for maximum versatility.  My only caveat with the materials is that I feel like the two lines of silicone gel on the wings don’t have as much hold as other strapless models, such as the Freya Deco Strapless or the 4530.  I’d like to see them have a higher tack so the bra will stay put better.

Design:  Aesthetically, this is a no frills strapless design, but that’s okay since I would need something basic anyway.  From a support perspective, I think the bra does an admirable job of lifting and holding despite not having the straps.  If 80% of the support comes from the band, then I’d say I feel like my boobs are 20% lower than usual in this bra.  However, when I look at the pics, it doesn’t appear that I am sitting noticeably lower.  I may not be used to the look of a strapless bra on me!

Other Comments:  Overall, I like the Evie.  I think I would rather try the 30H to see if some of the fit issues were corrected by sizing down in the band though.  In particular, the fit on the cups is much better than the molded cup options I have tried in the past.  Additionally, the Evie is also available in a bridal version as well as a bridal basque if you’re in the market for something with frill!

Overall Grade:  B+

Product Review: Panache Evie
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