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Santa was a busy boy this year, and when he stopped by our tree, he deposited a little something special to help me with my new year’s resolutions:  the Panache Sports Bra!  *jumps for joy*


Sizing:  Because Panache usually has firmer bands, I teeter between wanting a 32 and 30, but for the sports bra, my secret Santa (okay okay, it was Erica, obviously!) snagged me the higher band size.  She knows her stuff because the band was pretty firm, and I would never have been comfortable in the 30.  If I size up to a 32 band, then I usually need an E/DDD cup which worked perfectly for the sports bra.  As a result, I’d say it runs pretty true to size, but women between band sizes may want to bump up.

Fit:  It is too amazing for words, but I’ll do my best!  Prior to this amazing gift, my sports bra consisted of an elasticized piece of cotton from Champion that I snagged at Walmart for $5.  Don’t judge me!  🙂  It wasn’t so bad for yoga, but even walking gave me a little too much bounce to the ounce, if you know what I mean.  Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway), this is a drastic improvement.  What I love about this bra is how it uses underwire, so it doesn’t just mash my boobs together and back.  I have full separation and control which is fantastic.  The underwire width is perfect and does not come up too high on the sides, and I like how the cups are more full-coverage.  In fact, when the underwire stops, there is actually a piece of fabric above it in case you need a little more protection.  Now I was a bit concerned because this is a molded cup which can be a tricky fit, but I didn’t have any issues with overflow or gaping.


Materials:  I’m not ashamed to say that when I work out, I sweat, and while I realize it’s a natural occurrence, it doesn’t make me feel any less icky.  But, the fabric on this sports bra is moisture-wicking so it does pull some of the sweat away from the body to keep me dryer and cooler.  The foam cups are pretty firm too which helps with any bounce, and I love the padded comfort straps.  However, my favorite part of the design is the little J-Hook in the back which lets you convert the design to a racer-back.  Love!  It gives me more control at the top, especially if I’m doing something that is particularly aerobic.  Yeah, I don’t do this often, but maybe in 2013?  Anyway, even if I don’t make full-use of the impact level of the bra, I still like the way the bra feels on my shoulders with the J-Hook attached.  Great feature, Panache!


Design:  I have the bra in white, but they also offer it in fashion colors, black, and a clever tri-color basic.  This is definitely one of those sports bras that covers enough to allow you to wear it without a top (if you’re daring enough), and in the gray, it almost looks like a sporty crop top.  Another thing I like about the design is how it doesn’t look bad under clothes.  In fact, I don’t see why you couldn’t use this as an everyday bra, especially if you work in a job where you’re really active.  It’s super comfortable and supportive while still giving a pretty nice silhouette under tops.  As for the primary reason to buy a sports bra?  Let me just say that it definitely delivers on the control and bounce elimination.  I do not have any wibbly or woobly boobs in this baby, but to be fair, I’m on the average side of the cup size range.  I think Erica mentioned in her review that there was a little more bounce for her but still better than anything else on the market.


Final Grade:  A++++++++++++++++++


Addendum from Erica:

There are a lot of great reviews of this bra out there if you want more information:


Product Review: Panache Sports Bra
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