Product Review: The Cleo Jude

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I’m a big fan of cute bras, and the Cleo Jude caught my attention because I love the contrast of the hot pink accents with the black bra.  This is also a style that is usually available in new fashion colors and prints, so there’s room to buy multiples.  But, how does it fit?

Sizing and Fit:  My go-to size for most UK manufacturers is a 32F, but with the Cleo Jude bra, I ended up feeling the most comfortable in the 34F.  The band on this style feels more snug than I am used to wearing, and because the wings cover less on the side, I felt like the 32 was giving me unflattering side and back fat.  The cup was also a bit small since I would normally buy a DDD/E in a 34 band.  However, once I figured out the best size for me, the fit of the bra followed suit.  The cups are perfect, and I feel like the 34 band is a more comfortable option.

Materials:  The wings of the bra are made from a heftier, sturdier material that feels soft against the skin (once you get the right size), and I like the foam they used for the cup because it gives protection in case the highbeams get activated.  Appearance-wise, the exterior fabric for the cup is sleek and smooth while the interior is really cottony and comfortable.  Also, love that they used used fully-adjustable straps!

Design:  The Jude is your basic plunge tee shirt bra, so it’s not going to win any awards for a breath-taking design.  It has a deeper-V neck with a teeny tiny center gore, but unlike other plunges (I’m looking at you, Freya Deco) it doesn’t give a whole lot of cleavage.  I found it to be a nice compromise for when you want to wear a v-neck top without lots of boobage busting out of the neckline.  I’m also in love with the black contrasting against the hot pink lace on the cups and the matching straps.  I think this bra would be a great option for women who need that tee shirt bra for versatility but who want something extra going on with the design so that the bra doesn’t seem blah.

Other Comments:  At only $48, this is a totally affordable option for women on a budget like moi!

Overall Grade:  A

Product Review: The Cleo Jude
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