Product Review: The Fantasie 4530

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With warm, sunny days on the horizon (plus prom and wedding season!), I decided this was the year for me to buy a strapless bra!  After hearing glowing reviews of the Fantasie 4530 Convertible bra, I knew I wanted to give it a whirl:

Sizing:  Most strapless bras are cut smaller in the band, so I sized up to the 32G (the largest cup size available in this style).  The band was comfortably snug, but there was no way I could have worn my usual 30 band.  As I expected the G cup was a little small, and I had some fluffing on the top where my cup runneth over.

Fit:  The wings of the bra offered superb side-support and a secure fit while the silicone gel strips adhered to my skin to keep the bra from moving when I raised my arms, twisted my torso, and touched my toes.  However, the rest of the bra was, to quote my friend Jazzy, “not good at all.”  The center gore on this style is very high, and it was offering way too much separation for comfort.  My breasts felt like they were being winged to the side, and the rigid foam cup did not contour as well as I would have liked.  Not to mention, the cups themselves covered so much of my chest that I’m not sure the style would be practical for most necklines.

Materials:  Aside from the crinkly foam cups, the materials of the bra are all top notch.  The silicone gel grippers do not chafe or rub, and as I mentioned, they keep the bra in place no matter how you move.  Moreover, the straps can be worn in five different ways (regular, criss-cross, halter, one shoulder, and strapless) for maximum versatility.

Design:  Overall, I think the design of this bra is solid, especially since I’ve had many happy customers leave with this style.  The support offered is phenomenal, and the bra doesn’t slide down the torso with wear.  I could see the Fantasie 4530 being perfect for the woman who wants daylong support without needing to tug the bra into place constantly.  However, the cups on this bra are more “east west” shaped, which does not work for my body or size, and I feel like the bra is a little too full coverage for me.  In smaller cup sizes, this problem is not as evident, but for me, I just don’t feel like I would be comfortable wearing this style.

Other Comments:  This bra is a highly reviewed by many women as being one of the first strapless bras they could find that fit them comfortably; however, I just don’t feel like the shape is right for me.  Sometimes this happens with certain styles, and I think I will get Dezi to re-review it soon for a second opinion.

Final Grade:  C+

Product Review: The Fantasie 4530
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