Product Review: The Freya Deco

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You know it!  You wear it!  You love it!  Yep, I’m talking about the Freya Deco!  Okay, that was a lot of exclamation points for one line of text, plus I’m not sure how true those first three sentences were.  So, let’s backtrack and put *may* before the verbs and get on with the review, shall we?

Sizing & Fit:  Since the band of the bra felt rather stretchy to me, I immediately tried the UK 32F instead of my usual 34DDD/E, and the fit was fantastic.  The band managed to give me nice support without cutting into my sides or feeling too tight while the cups created the right amount of cleavage with no overflow at the top.  With a rounded and youthful profile, the Deco ensures the girls are up there and looking proud, but my favorite part of the bra’s fit is the lower wing and center gore.  Sometimes the wings on bras sit too high under my arms so that my armpits get rubbed raw by all the moving I do but not with the Deco.  I’m also a big fan of low coverage in the front, which this bra definitely delivers!

Materials & Design:  The smooth, seamless design on the cups means this bra works under tee shirts, especially the v-neck ones we see during late spring and summer.  Plus, I love that the straps are fully adjustable since they do feel like they will stretch with wear.  The charcoal color is a beautiful alternative to your basic black, and the little bows on the straps and button details in the center add a dose of fun to an otherwise basic bra.  Overall, the materials are in line with what I’ve come to expect from Freya, and I can see why so many women love the Deco.  My only complaint is that the molded foam cup is a bit thick and rigid, which could cause fit issues for some women.  Personally, I find that the top of the cup shows through some of my thinner tops almost as if it needed to be tapered more or something.

Other Comments:  I have the Curvy Kate Elegance, which is a padded cup plunge, and of the two, I love the Elegance more.  The fit, lift, and shaping is better for me, and I’ve found I can wear it everyday comfortably.  Of course, the Elegance has seams and embroidery, so it’s not perfect under knits.  The Deco is also a best-selling style for Freya, so they are always doing something new with the colors or styles.  If it works for you, you can buy multiples without having the bras be identical.

Overall Grade:  B+/A-

Product Review: The Freya Deco
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