Product Review: The Panache Sports Bra

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With the new year right around the corner, many of us often resolve to eat better and exercise more, which means finding a supportive, comfortable sports bra can be pivotal to achieving your goals.  Recently, Panache launched their own sports bra designed to reduce bounce by as much as 83%, and I decided to put it through the test and see how well it “held” up!

Sizing:  From personal experience, I’ve found that sports bras tend to have a stiffer band that doesn’t give as much, which usually means you need to step up a band size.  However, I decided to try my trusty 30H, and I’m glad I did.  The 30 band fits slightly snug, but since it’s a sports bra, I’d rather have it be a little too tight than a little too lose.  The cup feels a bit small to me as well, but again, since it’s a sports bra, I’m willing to err on the side of smaller.

Fit:  In a word:  Excellent!  I was a little hesitant about how the sports bra would fit because a) it has underwire (something I’m not used to in a sports bra) and b) it’s from Panache.  Panache and my body don’t always get along, and I sometimes find the center gore never seems to tack properly.  But, my fears were assuaged as soon as I put the bra on because it’s probably the best fitting sports bra I’ve ever owned.  The underwire separates the breasts completely, and the fuller cups ensure the tissue remains firmly controlled by the bra.

Materials:  The fabric feels very comfortable against the skin, and I like how it is designed to wick moisture away from the body.  Not to mention, the foam cups are a nice touch since many women prefer to have extra coverage in case the gym air is chilly.

Design:  One of my favorite aspects of Panache’s sports bra is that it doesn’t give you that standard uniboob/sports bra look under clothes.  In fact, the silhouette is quite similar to some of the other foam cup options we sell.  Additionally, between the thicker band and the very full coverage cups, the braver women could easily wear this as a stand alone without needing another layer on top.

The Test:  Okay, so looks and design aside, the ultimate question is:  Does it prevent bounce?  And the answer:  Yes!  I was jumping, dancing, running, and generally doing everything I could think of to create some bounce, and the sports bra stayed put.  But, more importantly, it kept my girls in place so that I felt comfortable moving.  I was skeptical about the underwire because I worried that it would chafe or that breast tissue would get caught underneath the wires as I exercised, but that wasn’t a problem.  Occasionally, I would get a little movement, but it wasn’t enough to be painful or cause a problem.  Ladies wearing the smaller cup sizes would probably get perfect control while women on the opposite end may feel some movement while wearing the bra.

Final Grade:  A

Product Review: The Panache Sports Bra
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