Product Review: Tia Lyn Cami and Chemise

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Bust-friendly lingerie is not exactly easy to find.  Whether it’s showy adult costumes or upscale designer pieces, the emphasis trends toward the Small-Medium-Large trinity which leaves those of us with fuller busts or curvy lower halves feeling ostracized.  Tia Lyn hopes to change this with her gorgeous, vintage-inspired slips, chemises, and camisoles.  At the Curves Expo, I had the pleasure of meeting Tia myself, and she is a delightful, friendly person who emanates passion for her work.

We were both in the process of talking when this picture was taken.  I wish I had a better one!
We were both in the process of talking when this picture was taken. I wish I had a better one!

Recently, fuller-bust brands like Curvy Kate and Elomi have been expanding to include babydolls, camisoles, and bustiers as part of their collections, most of which are available in bra sizes and contain what is essentially a built-in underwired bra.  While I am not opposed to owning an underwire lingerie piece, I love the idea of something wireless, particularly because it’s more comfortable for lounging or sleeping.  Enter the Tia Lyn collections.  Most of the pieces are rated up to a UK G cup with some of the models at the show boasting an H cup.  Naturally, the higher the cup size, the less support provided, but I could not help myself from trying the line, especially when I saw the teal and chocolate 9401 Chemise and 9301 Camisole from her Core collection.


In for a penny in for a pound, right?  I had to add these adorable 9601 Hipster panties to the mix:

Tia_Lyn_Panty_1 Tia_Lyn_Panty_2

Since reviewing three items can easily lead to confusion, I am going to address each piece individually rather than utilize my typical format; however, I do want to note that I ordered all of these items in size “Medium.”  Let’s begin with my favorite piece:  the Chemise!  First, I adore the word “chemise.”  Just saying it makes me feel sophisticated, but wearing one is even better.  The Tia Lyn Chemise uses a single hook-and-eye closure in the back as well as some added structure in the front to provide support for fuller busts.  Ornate chocolate lace with the hint of copper adorns the upper portion with strategic cut-outs and sheer panels adding an understated dose of sexy.  The inlaid teal and chocolate roses contrast perfectly for a traditional vintage vibe.  On the lower half, a dreamy satin fabric in vivid teal pops against the brown accents to create a luxurious color palette.


As much as I love bright colors and high contrast, I also enjoy darkly romantic lingerie pieces which make me feel, well, like a grown-up.  When I put on this chemise, I feel like a woman.  I feel sexy and confident, like I could glamorously sashay across the screen and pose seductively in the doorway a la Elizabeth Taylor.  That may not be the sensation everyone experiences, but for me, it’s pure decadence.  The soft fabrics, the slinky nature of the bottom, and the hip high slits on each side only enhance the rich appeal.  Meanwhile, the back is quite daring with a lot of exposure, but the sheer lace panels aid in accentuating the natural contours of the body.


Considering I am a HH cup and thus technically outside what Tia recommends for the garment, I am receiving some pretty impressive support.  Is it the high, rounded profile of my Comexim bras?  No, of course not.  Nevertheless, I do not feel like I am sagging or lacking in support either.  My only complaint is that as much as I like the lacy straps, I’d love to see something more adjustable, particularly for petites.  I think it would be interesting to see lingerie designers build a wireless bra frame into the lingerie piece and conceal some of the front and strap pieces with the lace or opaque fabrics.


Price is another consideration with most retailers placing the piece between $79 and $90, making this a more expensive investment.  With this in mind, the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship of the chemise completely justify the higher retail price.  I honestly feel like this is superior to Freya’s chemises which are in the same cost ballpark.


With the bar set high because of the Chemise, I was expecting to love the camisole.  Sadly, I hate to admit I did not love it, but I always strive to be candid in my reviews.  Utilizing high quality fabrics like the chemise, the aesthetic of the camisole is gorgeous.  With the added coverage of the opaque design, I can envision this with a bra under a blazer for evening cocktails.  However, on my body, I feel like the design created extra bulk around the curves, and it was hard for me to get photographs I liked—unlike with the chemise where I had to painstakingly eliminate images.  The horizontal nature of the rose and leaf prints thickened my waist whereas the chemise used angled design features, cut-outs, and color-blocking to craft  a truly stunning and slimming piece.  Maybe these problems would be fixed with a smaller size as the issue only became more apparent when I was taking side shots, but I worry there would not be enough space in the small for my breasts.


Nevertheless, I have seen this piece on models at Tia Lyn’s fashion shows as well as at Curves, and it looked fantastic.  I think the camisole is perfect for ladies with a straighter figure where it can contour tighter.  Furthermore, if you carry extra weight in the tummy region, the thicker materials conceal lumps or bumps exceptionally well.  Like the Chemise, the support for a fuller bust was better than expected, but I felt like the chemise was more of a showstopper for me.

The model is wearing the purple colorway of the camisole.

Finally, the hipster panties were phenomenal.  They are designed not to leave panty lines which means they are practical for everyday wear too.  One of my personal pet peeves with matching underwear is when it feels more like an afterthought than a conscious design decision, and Tia Lyn must feel the same way because her panty options all receive the same attention as the lingerie.  The teal color continues with the chocolate accents, but the backside of the underwear is a finer mesh that is folded over on itself with no stitching on the rear, hence why they do not create VPLs.  Not only are they comfortable to wear, but they do not create any issue with muffin top either.  I hate when the elastic bands at the top of underwear dig into the softer tissue of my hips, and these do not do this.  There is also a cheeky keyhole cut-out in the back that mimics the daring dips of the chemise.  Retail price for the panties is between $29 and $40 depending on the retailer, and I truly feel like they live up to the price tag, unlike many other matching panties from fuller-bust brands.

While not technically part of the review, I also want to give Tia Lyn a nod for her work to embrace plus-size women with her designs.  Not only are they incredibly flattering across sizes, but they still remain supportive.  Below are a few pictures from the fashion shows.  These women look absolutely gorgeous!

Product Review: Tia Lyn Cami and Chemise
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2 thoughts on “Product Review: Tia Lyn Cami and Chemise

  • August 1, 2014 at 1:32 pm

    Thanks for always being honest in your reviews–I know it is hard to do, but it really gives me so much more trust in your positive assessments and way more likely to buy the items you’ve reviewed when they do work. I hope you will continue to be candid.

    I never look at night/loungewear in lingerie styles for the same reason as you, I don’t feel cute in it if it has no support, but I also am not interested in sleeping in an underwired piece so the UK brand babydolls don’t appeal. I’m really excited this designer offers a third way in a size range that may actually work for me. Her stuff is definitely going on my wish list!

    • Erica
      August 1, 2014 at 3:19 pm

      Thanks, Wendy! I feel like honesty is the best policy, especially because I want people to believe me when I talk about how great something is. Even with the camisole, it’s certainly by no means a bad piece, but it didn’t have that “Must Have” quality that the chemise had for me. Of course, the model is rocking it, so sometimes it’s more a body type/personal preference thing. Definitely give Tia Lyn a try in the future if you’re looking for a compromise point on support vs. comfort. They have some lounge wear pieces as well in their Tye Dye collection, but I’m a huge fan of the vintage slips and chemises.


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