Product Review: Wacoal Awareness

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Since it’s been a while since I reviewed one of the Wacoal products, I decided to pick up the Awareness and see how that stacked up against some of my favorites!
Sizing & Fit:  I find that Wacoal, in general, cuts tight in the band, so I always need to size up to the 34DDD from my usual 32F and even then the band is pretty darn snug!  The Awareness is no exception, and I found my usual Wacoal size was spot-on again.  Compared to the Alluring, the Awareness has a lot more coverage on the front and sides, making me feel very secure and supported in this bra.  The center sits higher on my breastplate, and the cups completely cover my boobs, so if you’re looking for a bra that gives lots of coverage and support, this bra is for you!

Materials & Design:  Okay, so the fabric on the cups is so soft and blends in perfectly under knitwear!  It really feels comfortable against the skin, and I like how it’s a little thicker so that you get some nipple protection despite the lack of a foam cup.  The wings are also comfortable but firm, which translates to excellent side support.  Additionally, I love the comfort straps (even if they aren’t fully adjustable) because they disperse the weight evenly.  Design-wise, the pattern isn’t too bad, but I can’t say I’m crazy about the amount of coverage.  I’m more into the low balcony or plunge style bras, and the Awareness is kind of the opposite of those designs.  However, like I said, the fit and control of this bra is out of this world, and I can see it working well for a lot of different breast shapes.

Other Comments:  The Awareness bra gets its name from its support of Breast Cancer Awareness, and each bra comes with a tag that explains how to do self-examinations!

Overall Grade:   B+

Product Review: Wacoal Awareness
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  • June 1, 2012 at 1:47 am

    I think us big busted after finding a good balcony or plunge( still in my search) will rarely look at this kind of bra, jaja. Love reading your reviews!


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