Product Reviews: Playful Promises Tallulah & Smoking Set with Bonus Reviews!

Excuse me while I geek out on this lingerie review. Indie brand Playful Promises boasts a range of products including lingerie, lounge wear, bras, and accessories and has made a splash season after season because of its unique design aesthetic and ongoing commitment to promoting diversity in advertising. For over a year, I have been purchasing miscellaneous pieces for myself and loving all of them. My love affair began when I first discovered Playful Promises sells wholesale, and I realized they would be an eye-catching and exciting addition to our assortment. Between their fun collaborations, expansive size range, fresh designs, and I-don’t-give-an-eff attitude, Playful Promises could offer our customers something not found in safer or more traditional collections. This was a brand for people wanting something daring and wholly different from what they already had. Naturally, the line had to be tested, and who better to judge the quality and fit than me? I queued up my justification protocol and clicked purchase. As a result, today’s blog comprises several mini-reviews of all the items I have been loving and wearing from the brand.

The Peek & Beau Tallulah Set

What better way to dive into the waters of a new lingerie line than with a mermaid bra? Green is my favorite color albeit one underutilized in lingerie, and then Playful Promises added those marvelous sequins. Shut up and take my money right now. Unfortunately, I am technically sized out for most Playful Promises bras, but given the low level of practicality, I opted for the UK 36G instead of my normal UK 34H since I knew this bra would be for special occasions only. The band fits snug on the loosest set of hooks, most likely because of the added boning and restricted stretch components, but the cups are a size small as expected.

Playful Promises Tallulah in Green. Purchase here.

When I write bra reviews, the styles which often fair the best are those with incredible shape, superb projection, and as near a textbook fit as I can get. Let’s be honest: The Tallulah is not a great fit on me. The side profile reads more pointed than round, and the center gore comes nowhere close to tacking. Do I care? Hell no. Tallulah brings something else to the table: the fabulous factor. The Tallulah set is so damn sexy and unabashedly over-the-top that you just can’t help but love it. I’ve worn it as a daring crop top with a high waist pencil skirt and black jacket and received a lot of compliments.

For a fashion bra, Tallulah is also comfortable. The boning on the front of the long line is flexible enough to anchor without digging, and the underwire sits in a nice spot on the ribs. When my family and I went to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at Cat’s Cradle earlier this year, it was over ninety degrees and we were packed in like sweaty little sardines, but the Tallulah remained comfortable for the duration of the night. Cleaning it the next day made me question my choice.

The bra originally retailed around $45, making it an inexpensive foray into something less practical and more stylish. At that price, I was honestly expecting it to fall to pieces, particularly given the sequin cups, but the Tallulah still looks new. (Note: I only gently, oh-so-gently, hand wash it.) Because the matching bottom was offered in a high waist brief, I picked it up too in a size X-Large. I wear a size 14/16 pant, and the XL was perfect. The waist band anchors and keeps it from rolling, and the sheer rear is very flattering.

Peek & Beau Tallulah Brief. Image from Playful Promises. Purchase here.

The Smoking Suit Pyjama Set

When I was a little girl, my mom had pajamas almost exactly like this except the trim was red, and it wasn’t long before I appropriated the top for myself. I was not into traditionally “feminine” clothes, and something about a menswear inspired sleep set called to me. Since I have been slowly refining my sleep and loungewear game, I thought the Smoking Set was the perfect combination of fate and nostalgia.

Playful Promises Smoking Pyjama set. Purchase here.

To accommodate my chest and bum, I ordered the X-Large, and the sizing is perfect. If I wear a real bra, the top button rebels at closing, but I usually wear them with a sleep bra, like the Curvy Couture Luxe, which compresses tissue and eases the issue.

When I wear the smoking set, I feel as though I have my life together. I almost want to apply liquid liner and lounge on a chaise with a dirty martini in hand. The look is just so effortlessly cool and comfortable. As the proud mama of three Jack Russell terrorists, one of my initial concerns was durability. Not to mention, Einstein has some kind of genetically engineered super hair which weaves its way into most fibers and refuses to vacate. The soft satin of this set mostly prevents this, making it easier to keep it looking clean and new. I also do not dry the set and prefer to hang dry.

Satin does not breathe as well as cotton, and as such, I wear it more in the fall, winter, and early spring. It oozes a kind of bygone sophistication, and the touch of androgyny suits my personality and aesthetic. An elastic waist and wide leg keep the pants comfortable, and the breezy relaxed fit of the top gives room to move. Satin also lacks much stretch, and if you starfish while you sleep (I do sometimes), it may limit movement. I use the set more as a lounge piece rather than sleeping and change into something cooler/less restrictive for sleep.

Peek & Beau Wanda Brief

Peek & Beau Wanda Brief. Image from Playful Promises. Purchase here.

Thyroid-based weight gain caused my stomach to round more in the last few years, and my traditional hipster briefs constantly rolled down, especially at the shop where I am more active. As a result, I knew it was time to raise the waist line, but I refused to buy plain, ugly underwear. If I had to wear a high waist underwear, then damn it, they were going to be sexy or glamorous or playful. After a positive experience with Tallulah, I purchased the Wanda, also in size X-Large, along with another style whose name I can’t recall. Sadly, the second style was too tight, but the Wanda fits well but looks even better. Comfortable stretch fabric accommodates my curves while the design accentuates my natural waist without creating unnecessary lumps or rolls.

Bettie Page French Knickers

Bettie Page French Knickers. Image from Playful Promises. Purchase here.

I had never owned any underwear even remotely like French knickers in my entire life, but when I saw them as part of the stunning Violet Chahki’s campaign, it reminded me of the divine Miss Phryne Fisher. While I can’t afford real silk underwear at the moment, I thought satin would be a great test drive for such a unique style. I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort and appearance of these, so much so I originally bought black and then added red later. I purchased the X-Large, and again the size was perfect. The upper section buttons on the side for a secure fit, and the leg openings are like a wide leg short. Given the volume of the bottoms, French knickers are not the most practical panty, especially if you wear fitted clothing on the bottom. The satin at the waist has limited stretch, and if you are between sizes, consider going up one. For bathroom visits, I only need to unbutton the top three most days, but it can still be more time-consuming, especially if you need to use public facilities. I wear mine to work with skirts or dresses which aren’t form fitting, like my Bolero circle skirt dresses. Because of the design, I worried they would ride up with wear or cut in sensitive places, but I find them to be pleasantly comfortable, like wearing loose shorts rather than restrictive underwear. Plus, they look adorable. The fitted upper half shows off my waist and hourglass silhouette, while the looser fabric accommodates hips and my chubbier upper thighs.

Gabi Fresh On the Rocks Strappy Suspender Belt

Gabi Fresh On the Rocks Suspender Belt. Image from Playful Promises. Purchase here.

My previous suspender belt was super cheap and super old, and I didn’t have much need to replace it because I usually only buy hold-up thigh highs. However, I sometimes longed for the complete look of having the suspender belt, and then a friend gifted me a couple pairs of traditional stockings. After perusing, I decided I wanted an edgier belt this time, and On the Rocks, with its harness-inspired design, hit all the right notes. The snaps are a little tricky but no more so than any non-metal style. The back closes with multiple hook-and-eyes, and at the stomach and hips, you can tighten or loosen the belt for an improved fit. I ordered the X-Large and needed to loosen it up quite a bit from the default position. Since I’ve started losing weight (finally), I can now readjust, making it a piece which can shrink with me.

General Concluding Thoughts

Playful Promises maintains a consistent price point to quality level, and everything I purchased was well-made. The aesthetic definitely vergers more on edgy and well, playful, with less emphasis on basic I love all of my purchases from this brand, and the price point to quality level is excellent. These are well-made but affordable items. However, it’s definitely more for people looking at something edgier and less basic than our other manufacturers. Bra fit is also more relaxed, making them more of a fun piece rather than something for every day. This is the brand you go to when you’re looking for something outside the box. So what do you think? Would you like to see Playful Promises in the shop?


Product Reviews: Playful Promises Tallulah & Smoking Set with Bonus Reviews!
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2 thoughts on “Product Reviews: Playful Promises Tallulah & Smoking Set with Bonus Reviews!

  • November 17, 2018 at 1:49 pm

    French knickers!! I had several pairs of these in the ’80s when they were called ‘tap pants’ and they are ridiculously comfy, and such great fun for getting your 1920s flapper vibe on. If memory serves, these were popular right through the ’40s and went away when the ’50s constrictive girdle (ugh) phase came in. Thanks for reviewing this fun brand.

    • Erica
      November 17, 2018 at 6:01 pm

      Yes, I’ve also heard of these as tap pants before too. I was pleasantly surprised. If I wore more loose fitting bottoms, I’d totally get the new purple or teal colors, but two is plenty for m right. Try them if you haven’t already!


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