Reinvigorating “Saturday Spotlight”

Hello Everyone,

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and are ready to start the new year with renewed optimism!  One of the copious things I hope to accomplish/change in 2015 is the revitalization of an old blog post series I started shortly after we opened called “Saturday Spotlight.”  In the past, I would showcase websites I thought our readers may enjoy and provide a brief synopsis with a few pictures.  With increased activity at the store, the series became hard to maintain consistently, and I never felt I gave the small business, blog, or website adequate attention and detail.  As a result, I created an alternative idea for the new year.  Instead of a generic description which fails to capture the essence of what makes you, your business, and/or your blog special, I wrote a series of interview questions Saturday Spotlight recipients answer instead.  My hope is that Saturday Spotlights will have the opportunity to connect more with our readers and to help them understand what your business/blog/website offers.

If you’re interested in being featured in a Saturday Spotlight, please email me at sophisticatedpair[at]gmail[dot]com; however, I do have a few requirements:

  • You must fall into one of the following three categories:  (1) own a small business in the vicinity of Burlington, NC, (2) be involved in the lingerie industry whether through blogging, designing, or manufacturing, or (3)  write blogs/manage a website in topics complementary to our blog, such as body image, fitness/health, or fashion.
  • You must be currently active in your category, meaning you are not retired from owning a business, an inactive blogger, or someone no longer working in lingerie.
  • Your website is something I genuinely think my readers will enjoy.  Obviously, this requirement is the most vague, but I want the feature to expose our readers to the great businesses and websites they may be missing.  If you use the string “Saturday Spotlight” in our search box, you can view past blogs and businesses featured to see what I have enjoyed in the past.
  • Blogs that feature discriminatory language or posts, including but not limited to racism, xenophobia, ageism, or body snark, will not be considered.  No exceptions.
  • Anyone formerly featured as a Saturday Spotlight will be eligible to be featured again provided they meet the other requirements.

Finally, I am also going to reserve the right to not publish any interviews which I feel do not contribute to the spirit of the feature, and I will not consider solicitations from people purely interested in advertising a plastic surgeon/new product/competitor/etc.  Since opening, we have received boosts in traffic and sales because of the small business owners and the amazing bloggers who recommended our services or gave us a little free publicity, and I want to pay it forward by offering the same to others.  However, there’s a difference between an advertising plug and a thoughtful article readers genuinely enjoy.  If in doubt, remember one of the best rules for writing courtesy of Kurt Vonnegut:  “Use the time of a total stranger in such a way that he or she will not feel the time was wasted.”

Best wishes for the new year ahead!


Reinvigorating “Saturday Spotlight”
Erica is a lover all things lingerie and is passionate about helping people find the bra which fits and flatters. Side passions include reading, writing, hiking, dairy-free food, walking her Jack Russell terrorists, and dying her hair everything from black to red.
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