Saturday Spotlight: Tim Gettler & Glamory Hosiery

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In the past, I have reviewed Glamory hosiery and been smitten with their impressive collection of beautiful but functional hold-up stockings.  In fact, the Vitals collection became one of my favorite hosiery products because they are specifically designed to improve circulation.  Anyone who spends all day on their feet knows good circulation in the legs is imperative to staying active and healthy, and on the days I wore the vitals, I felt better at the end of the day than any other stocking I have tried.  Most traditional stockings which offer this technology also exploit a control top (bleh!), so to have a lovely pair of hold-ups which make me feel as comfortable as I do fashionable is a blessing!  Recently, Tim and I were chatting on the phone about Glamory and what else the brand has to offer customers and retailers alike, and I realized it would be wonderful to do a formal spotlight both on him as the US distributor and on the line itself.  Reviews are great, but I always love to hear more about what a brand hopes to achieve and how they see themselves growing with future collections.  So, let’s chat stockings with Tim today while you enjoy your morning coffee!


P.S.  On a personal note, Tim is such a nice person to work with professionally. He has contributed to our giveaway in the past, and on Halloween, he sent the most adorable “treats:”


Glamory Hosiery

Luxury Plus-Size Hosiery
Made in My Size

Contact: Tim Gettler
Phone: 602-315-0789 or 800-452-0145

Usually, I interview bloggers or manufacturers, but you’re my first distributor!  What made you decide to start this business?  Are you making progress?

There are many layers to starting our distribution company but it just fell in our lap. My wife and one of my daughters are both 6’2” and our other daughter is 5’9”. All are on the plus size spectrum. I believe in quality and proper fit and my wife was ordering Glamory hosiery from a site in Europe. We very quickly got tired of waiting two weeks when we ordered them and contacted them directly to see if we could distribute them in North America.


I also wanted to create a legacy to pass on to my two daughters who have had body acceptance issues. Lingerie that is beautiful and fits properly is proven to increase confidence when women are wearing it and we feel Glamory hosiery does just that.   

We are making progress. We have noticed that people want to make sure you will be around for a while. We will be celebrating five years in March.

Congratulations!!!  Five years is in an incredible milestone in business!  Of course, if you’re anything like me, I’m sure hindsight is 20/20 on past decisions.  Have you made any mistakes?

We have made plenty of mistakes. We knew of the hosiery and knew it is the best and no other brand meets the needs of the plus size community like Glamory does. We just thought if we told people about it and showed them that they would of course buy them. But again retailers want to make sure you will be around. So in the beginning we ordered a lot of product and it maybe took a little longer than normal to figure out the stock levels to have on hand.   


Determining the best on-hand stock amount is a perfect blend of art and science, especially in lingerie. I know for us, hosiery is highly dependent on the weather.  Yesterday, it was sunny and 78 here, which I’ll admit was quite lovely, but it also makes it hard to sell hosiery when people are still comfortable going bare-legged and wearing flip flops!  It’s hard to find that right balance between having what the consumer needs on hand and having excess inventory. Now that you have five years under your belt, what plans do you have for the future?  

We are still working on building the brand. We will be at CurveNY in February. This will be our first time there.  For the past 3 year, we were at the International Lingerie Show (ILS) but we have decided to go in a different direction. Coming in summer of 2017 we will have some new selections that include hosiery that will have bio-engineered technology in them.

My beloved Vitals
My beloved Vitals

I love that you included this little tease about “bio-engineered technology.”  I’m already excited!  Now, I have extolled ad nauseum what makes Glamory products worth purchasing, but let’s hear it straight from you.  What makes your business stand out from competitors? 

Our business stands out because no one has the sizing or selection that Glamory does. Stockings, holdups, tights, knee highs and men’s hosiery. Sizing as low as a dress size 4 up to a dress size 32. Glamory hosiery is made in Germany with yarn from Italy and the lace we use on our stockings and holdups are from Italy and Portugal.

We also have a blog at and we are very active on Instagram (@glamoryhosiery) and Facebook (glamoryhosiery).


What do you think is the hardest part of running your business?

In the beginning we wanted to please everyone and be everything to everyone and we have realized that you cannot. You cannot please everyone and be everything to everyone.

Preach!  This is a lesson I have been reflecting on a lot lately with the shop. I imagine as a distributor you run into some of the same customer service issues as your stockists!  Have you ever had any moments when you wanted to close up? 

I have never had those thoughts. We know that we have a special product that is not available here in the United States. It does drive me crazy when I see advertisements of plus size women in a company’s stockings or holdups and they are just above the knees. Plus size women have been fed the image of this and believe that is the way they should fit. Women are so amazed when they wear Glamory hosiery and they see they do go up all the way and they don’t roll down or cause muffin tops on the thigh.

Yes, the dreaded “muffin top.”  It’s one of the reasons I never considered hold-ups as a practical option for me because everything dug into my thighs and refused to stay put if I did anything other than sit perfectly still.  What is something you love about the products you sell?

One of the things that I love about our product is that it is gender neutral. We have an entire line for Men’s hosiery, and our sizing, in both the hold-ups and the men’s department, make us perfect for the trans and cross dress community. As a guy or a woman, you can be 6’7” or 360lbs and fit in our holdups, stockings or tights. But we are unique that we do sell men’s hosiery. It is not something you see a lot of men wearing but you would be surprised. Many famous people wear hosiery from the sports world, musicians and Hollywood stars. Many images are out there.  


That’s very interesting!  I know our cross dressing and trans customers love the vintage-inspired lace on Glamory’s hold-ups, but they also appreciate the flexible sizing.  Of course, sizing for most people is also a tricky part of buying anything clothing-related.  Is that something you would change to make shopping easier?

We have started to do this with our hosiery already. We have spent a lot of time with fit models of all sizes and body types. Just like bras are specific to the cup size and band size, we have sizing that is specific to your thigh and inseam measurements. Height and weight does not speak to the specifics of some one’s legs.

Yes! I always find height/weight charts to be quite baffling with hosiery because body type is never taken into account.  A thigh circumference seems to yield better results!  Your products are wonderfully true to size too, which is always a plus for me as a retailer.  Since you’ve been distributing Glamory, what has had the biggest impact on your business?

Social media has had the biggest impact to our brand and business. We love our fans and reply to them when they leave comments or message us.


I love when brands do this!  With social media allowing us all to interact on more familiar terms, I think it’s smart for brands to talk directly with fans, hear their feedback, and incorporate it into future collections.  Now that I have grilled you on all the meaty questions, let’s have some fun!  What’s one of your secret talents?

As a guy, I know more about lingerie than most women that are not in the lingerie business. When I see something wrong, I have to bite my tongue because it would be so inappropriate for me to say something.

My dad and brother are the same way!!  What have you bought recently that you absolutely loved? 

Any of my camera gear. I love photography, I just wish I was better at it. I am at a “beginner status” for the past two years. I just don’t seem to have the time to just go take photos though and that is the only way to get better.

Guilty entertainment pleasure?

Going to the movies or comedy shows

If you had to pick a time other than now to live, what would you choose? 

I think it would be during the twenties and thirties. I love the fashion and architecture of that time period.    

Who is your favorite historical person?

Steve Jobs

Would you consider yourself more of an extrovert or an introvert?

I can be both, depending on the company and situation. I tend to sit back and figure a person or situation out and adapt to that.

Do you prefer movies or TV series (and books do not count as an answer!)?

I love both but TV is my escape daily

The secret to happiness is . . . 

Do what you love and never have regrets

Thank you, Tim, for being so patient with our questions, and I hope all of our readers have enjoyed learning more about your business!


Saturday Spotlight: Tim Gettler & Glamory Hosiery
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