Short Review: Curvy Couture Lace Shine T-Shirt Bra

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When I review a product, “short” is not a word I would use to describe the post.  My goal with reviews is to provide the kind of detailed information I prefer to read when doing my own research, and as a result, I comment (excessively) on fit, sizing, materials, and the design to give an accurate representation of the product.  Furthermore, I also review bras in my starting point size or sometimes the size I found which works best to prove the problems/benefits will not change with a new size.  This week, we are tweaking the formula for a special brand:  Curvy Couture.  The expression “In with the new, out with the old” has become the mantra for some of our brand recently, and several bras favored by my 34+ band size customers are being discontinued ranging from the incredible N by Natori Conceal Contour to the Elomi Rita and Caitlyn bras, leaving me scrambling to find ways of satisfying customers with a new style.  Cut-and-sew cups are easier, but t-shirt bras? Ouch!  At the moment, quality t-shirt bras in 38+ band and DDD+ cup sizes are lacking, and we rely on the Elomi Bijou and Amelia (both of which are fabulous) as well as the occasional Wacoal or Natori.  We’re in the south though.  It’s hot.  People live in t-shirt, so we needed to find some more options!

Curvy Couture Lace Shine T-Shirt Bra, UK 34G/Curvy Couture Size 34H

As a result, I have spent considerable time researching alternatives to expand the inventory in the shop, and a friend who owns a boutique in Hawaii kindly forwarded me the information for Curvy Couture, an American brand offering 34-44 band sizes UK C-G cups (Note: They use a variation of American sizing ending in H cups, but it’s really closer to a US I/UK G).  Based on the needs of customers, three styles intrigued me:  the Lace Shine T-Shirt bra, the Luxe Wireless, and the Sensation Strapless.  Since these bras are not available in my size, I ordered a semi-sister size of UK 34G to test the quality and determine whether they were worth recommending.  Today, I will be analyzing the Lace Shine with short reviews of the Luxe Wireless and Sensation Strapless coming this week.


Sizing & Fit:  I do not like molded cup bras.  After years of wearing some variation of them out of necessity, I began exclusively working with cut-and-sew cups, padded and non-padded alike, when we opened the shop, and I never regretted it.  I also wear a UK 30HH/Comexim 32HH at the moment, so a UK 34G is not an exact sister size either.  Bearing this in mind, I was exceptionally impressed by the fit and shape of Lace Shine.  The band is on the tightest hooks and is still loose, and the cups have overflow if I fully scoop, both of which lead me to believe the bra runs true-to-size.  I estimate I would need the bra in a UK 30HH.  Lace_Shine_4

The shape and appearance is reminiscent of the Panache Porcelain Lace, but Lace Shine boasts a superior fit:

Panache Porcelain Lace UK 34G (Size at time 30H)
Panache Porcelain Lace UK 34G (Size at time 30H).  Note the issues with shallowness at the center and bottom.

The underwire shape and gore are what I call “crowd pleaser” width, meaning it is average enough to encompass a spectrum of breast widths and shapes without causing excessive problems.  This width usually falls apart in higher cup sizes, especially with smaller bands, but given that the line focuses on 34+ band sizes and C-G cups, I think the shape will work nicely for many customers in the range.  The underwires at the center and side also aren’t overly tall so as to clip the arm or poke into tissue, and the sweetheart neckline provides moderate coverage. I get a smidgen of extra space on the bottom toward the side as well as between the underwire and breast tissue—an expected fit issue given the size.  For the average UK 34G person, I think the style has potential, and I was shocked by how much lift the bra provided as well as the rounded shape.  In the Porcelain Lace, the bottom was way too shallow which pushed the underwire down, but the Lace Shine has enough space to sit properly.


Materials & Design:  The materials are excellent quality, and in my opinion, exceed the $56 retail price.  The foam cup is soft and flexible but still thick enough to provide nipple protection for those who want/need it, and the fabric covering the cup has this dreamily smooth, practically frictionless feel.  Moreover, lace covered powernet wings feel comparable in stretch to Elomi and Natori and provide superb smoothing and support.  While I would prefer a fully-adjustable strap, they were not super stretchy or long either.  Appearance-wise, Lace Shine falls into the “Basic with a Twist” category, and to be fair, doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel.  We see smooth t-shirt bras with lace wings all the time, but given how little you can do with a true t-shirt bra, I don’t consider it a negative.  The adorable keyhole cutout at the center gore was a nice touch, and I like the turquoise.  The bra is also available in basic beige and black plus a cinnamon color for darker skin tones.

Lace_Shine_2 Lace_Shine_3 Lace_Shine_1

Final Thoughts:  I told you I don’t like molded cup bras, but Lace Shine was surprisingly comfortable between the moderate side height and soft fabrics.  If they made this in my size I would certainly consider it!


P.S.  This review counts as “short” because it’s under a 1000 words.  🙂

Short Review: Curvy Couture Lace Shine T-Shirt Bra
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  • November 17, 2016 at 3:37 pm

    I ordered two bras on sale from CC with shipping it cost me over 200$ when I received them I had to pay an additional 50$ in charges and they didn’t fit me. I had to pay to ship them back and when I requested a refund they gave me back 118$ I couldn’t be more disappointed with my overall experience with curvy couture. I have lost money by choosing to go with CC, and the bras weren’t even that nice.
    I tried to do a review on the site but it never got posted seemed they only post positive feedback.
    Don’t order from them.

    • Erica
      November 17, 2016 at 5:00 pm

      Hi Samantha! I am sorry to hear you had such a poor experience. 🙁 Have you contacted the company directly? I ordered through them as a private individual to write these reviews, and three bras totaled around $168 which I think qualified me for free shipping. All three were returned, and they completely credited the full amount. Are you outside the US? The may have different shipping policies for international customers which tacked on added fees. From my experience working with them, they have always been helpful and quick to resolve issues, and our customers have become dedicate fans of both this style as well as their strapless bra, the 1125 t-shirt bra, and the tulip/foxy lace style. Perhaps you could contact them through Facebook? They have a page and maybe could revisit your transaction.


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