Short Review: Curvy Couture Luxe Wireless Bra

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After reviewing the Lace Shine T-Shirt bra from Curvy Couture, I want to switch topics and discuss t-shirt bras for wireless customers.  Finding a well-fitting, supportive bra for a customer without an underwire can be challenging, particularly because underwire provides better lift and shaping; however, the marketplace itself is also shamefully under-served, especially in the fuller-bust segment.  Often the bras with the best lift, shape, and support utilize seaming and lace to compensate for the lack of a wire—a technique with a good success rate, but in the land of the almighty t-shirt, the indiscreet seaming or patterned cup sinks the entire design.  Lately, we have been exploring t-shirt friendly wireless bras for customers, including the fantastic Wacoal How Perfect, but the size ranges are more limited.  When I saw the Luxe Wireless was available in 34-44 bands and UK C-G cups, I crossed fingers and toes it would be a viable alternative to traditional cut-and-sew wireless pieces if nothing else for days when customers wear something thinner.


Sizing & Fit:  As with the Lace Shine, I ordered the UK 34G (Curvy Couture 34H) size. The band is slightly loose on the tightest set of hooks but still firmer than the Lace shine.  Since the bra is not an exact sister size, the cup is about a size small.  Wireless bras do give you more leeway with sizing, but if I were to order the Luxe in my correct size, I would need a 30HH with an extender or a 32H.  For lounging, the UK 34G works fine. 


Analyzing the fit of a wireless bra can be tricky, especially in higher cup sizes, because there often isn’t any tacking.  From a fit perspective, I think the bra gives good forward projection and nice lift, but the shape is definitely more minimized.  Because this is a fabric, wireless bra, I wasn’t expecting the same rounded shape of my Comexim pieces, and I think for customers more interested in comfort and hold, the Luxe will work well.  I should have taken a picture under a t-shirt before I sent them back because the shape was more flattering under clothing (not as much as my underwire ones of course).  The wide back and sides disperse the weight of the bust as well as provide all around smoothing, and slightly inset straps prevent slippage for narrow or sloped shoulders.  What I really love about this bra though is the exceptional comfort.  I already plan on purchasing a Luxe Wireless as a lounge/weekend bra because the fabrics and fit are more comfortable than anything else I own right now.  Luxe would be ideal for sleeping too. 


Materials & Design:  Did I mention the Luxe Wireless is made from cotton and retails for $44?  My call list for this bra is lengthy already because finding a breathable, wireless cotton bra in higher cup sizes is nearly impossible.  With Luxe, the cotton manages to be heavy enough for support and control but as soft as that favorite worn t-shirt you refuse to throw away.  I’d love to see them use this fabric and add discreet seams to improve the shape on an alternative future model.  Outside of the fabulous cotton fabric, the Luxe is extra comfy because the band of the bra is covered in this silky material.  Like most wireless designs, the elastic strip at the base is thicker, but covering it with a non-abrasive fabric was genius!


Materials aside, the bra is also pretty with lace detailing on the straps trickling down the center to keep the bra from feeling too plain.  The pendant at the center did show under my top though and may need to be cut off in the future.  While there wasn’t a fully-adjustable strap, they were pretty standard in length and stretch.

Luxe_Wireless_2 Luxe_Wireless_1

Final Thoughts:  I’m not kidding.  I will own at least one of these (probably like three) and start tossing my other lounge bras.  It is crazy comfy!

Short Review: Curvy Couture Luxe Wireless Bra
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4 thoughts on “Short Review: Curvy Couture Luxe Wireless Bra

  • June 18, 2015 at 8:51 am

    I know that we talked about the Lace Shine T shirt bra which I am excited about trying which by the way looked fantastic on you. I’m sorry to say that I haven’t purchased it yet but I will.

    This also looks great on you! I had never thought about this as a leisure bra when you first told me about it but it looks really pretty and comfortable too!

    I know that there are other guys who shy away from a bra with any lace whatsoever. I think that it really adds to the bra. I remember at one fitting, I must have tried on at least 30 bras. The fitter was so nice and understanding, but some of the bras she was bringing in to try, she would say ” I want you to try this one, I know. It’s a little girly but…” I just told her, “It’s ok, it’s a bra, it’s supposed to be girly”.

    • Erica
      June 18, 2015 at 3:30 pm

      Hi Corey! I told you I think Lace Shine would be a great alternative to the Porcelain bras for sure. Plus, it is so comfortable!! The Matte Shine one is a nice one too that I really like the look of, but there is a small seam across the cup which will be a turn-off for some customers. I’ll be sending you an email soon about my opening order with CC too. Luxe is great as well and will probably provide a little more shape for women in the size range. As it is, I think it’s a great lounge bra option for women who can wear underwire for everyday too.

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