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Product Reviews: What do you want to see next?

TweetHello Everyone, I have a bunch of product reviews in the pipeline, but I wanted to give my readers a chance to weigh in on what they would like to see first.  Below is a list of what I have to review, so feel free to email, tweet, Facebook, or comment your favorites, and I’ll start creating a schedule.  Also, don’t forget I am going to Curves this weekend, so I’ll have a bunch of posts on all the gorgeous lingerie I am going to see there, including beautiful new styles from your favorite companies! Curvy Kate Daisy Chain Freya Marvel Freya Deco Fantasie Jana Cleo Millie Parfait Sophia Urkye Kopertowka and Wodnik Tops Banana Republic Gemma Wrap Dress BiuBiu Siena and Oviedo Tops Have a great day everyone! Erica

Product Review: BiuBiu Haarlem and Portofino Tops

TweetHello Ladies, Earlier in the week, I reviewed the fabulous BiuBiu Paris Noir dress, but I also ordered quite a sampling of their tops and blouses too.  Today, I want to evaluate both the Haarlem and Portofino tops because the design concepts feel similar enough to warrant a discussion of the similarities and differences.  Given my 42″-28.5″ measurements place me in the 38BB/BBB range, I ordered the same size in each top, and I found them both to run true-to-size.  Previously, my only experience with BiuBiu’s knit tops was the Venice tee shirts, but I loved the faux-wrap design with midsection ruching found on the Portofino and Haarlem styles.  Resident blogger Dezi can attest to my support of what I call “strategic ruching” to camouflage lumps and bumps—a design feature both tops have in spades. Debuting in summer, the Portofino sports lighter weight fabric and shorter sleeves than Haarlem.  The cotton/elastane blend breathes well and feels incredibly soft and comfy against the skin.  As someone who rarely wears traditional tee shirts, tops like Portofino simulate the comfort and ease of a tee with the added aesthetic interest of a blouse or top. 

Product Review: BiuBiu Paris Noir

TweetHello Ladies, Lately my shopping expeditions have consisted of the following:  A gorgeous dress or top catches my eye, and I race to the fitting room where I test how malleable my breasts are by smooshing, squishing, and mashing them into the garment.  If I size up, the waist is too large, and ultimately, I leave disheartened with nothing to show for my troubles.  However, last week, I decided to skip this process altogether and order BiuBiu instead.  In the past, their designs have fit like they were tailor-made for me, and a quick perusal of the website resulted in a decrease in my Paypal account balance.  I purchased the Paris Noir dress, the Haarlem long-sleeve top, the Siena button-front, the Portofino short-sleeve top, and the new Oviedo for just over $200 with shipping.  You just can’t beat the value! Since my order was larger, I will be breaking the reviews into three blogs, and today I am wearing and reviewing the Paris Noir: Total lack of dairy contributed to a five pound weight loss mostly in the midsection, making my measurements 42″-28.5″-41.5″.  My bust measurement has always placed me right on the edge of the 38BBB, but I always take the chance to ensure the waist fits properly.  Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the size.  While the bust and shoulders are a touch snug, the waist nips in sharply and highlights my torso before the dress flares for the hips.  A 40BBB would have been better for my bust/shoulders, but since I can move freely without anything pulling, I am happy with the fit in this size.  Follow their size chart but be open to sizing up too. 

Product Review: BiuBiu Venice Tops

TweetHello Ladies, Earlier this week I posted a review of the stunning Marsala dress from BiuBiu, but while placing my order, I also snagged two of the Venice shirts.  Having never tried the knitwear, I was unsure what to expect, but my need for summer tops which actually fit trumped my reticence about potential returns.  With all the beautiful colors available, my decisions was a difficult one, but I was ultimately wooed by the violet as well as the black and white printed version. As I mentioned in my previous review, my measurements (41.5″-29″) suggest I need a 38BB/BBB, and while I would have preferred sizing down in the Marsala, I am glad I bought the 38s in the Venice because the torso is very fitted. Because of the added room in the bust, I never experience pull lines from stressing the material of the shirt, but there is also enough space in the back for my broad shoulders.  Directly beneath the bust line, the shirt nips back in at the waist and stays closely fitted down the sides and stomach.  Ladies hoping for a more relaxed fit may want to size up in the Venice. Moreover, the fabric features a lightweight cotton which, while soft, is a little stiffer than the dreamy material of the Marsala.  On the whole, the tees are breezy, comfortable, and easy to wear when temperatures rise, and if you happen to break a sweat, the fabric is still forgiving, meaning you look polished and cool.  Since I live in the south where high temperatures are only matched by the high humidity, I find this quality a bonus to the design.  Thus far, I have also never had an issue with BiuBiu items bleeding color onto other fabrics either.  Some of my knitwear from rather

Product Review: BiuBiu Marsala Dress

Product Review:  BiuBiu Marsala Dress

TweetHello Ladies, As an avid fan of all things BiuBiu, I was ecstatic to see they were releasing new styles for spring and summer.  While I love dresses like the Viena and Noli, I find long-sleeve dresses to be impractical for summer, which left me unable to purchase anything new for my closet.  Then the gorgeous Marsala dress and Venice tops debuted with their lighter fabrics and short-sleeves!  For today’s blog, I’ll be covering the Marsala dress, but tune in later this week for a review of the Venice. Sizing:  My measurements of 41.5″-29″-41.5″ put me firmly in the 38BB/BBB category, but in the past I’ve often bought both the 36BB/BBB and the 38BB/BBB.  Given the thinner fabric, I opted for the 38 which fits pretty well, but I would have preferred a tighter fit at the waist, especially without a belt.  If you’re between sizes, I recommend selecting the smaller one. Fit:  As expected, the Marsala hugs the curvy figure beautifully.  There is ample room in the bust without creating any pull lines across the center, and my broad shoulders have plenty of space to move without tugging the seams.  With a fitted torso design, the Marsala nips in at the waist before softly draping over the tummy and hip region to offer a flattering silhouette.  An open v-neckline shows some skin without requiring a camisole or becoming inappropriate for work, and in the back, the dress contours to my shape for a sexy rear profile.  However, the fitted top portion of the dress ends rather low on the waist.  I am over 5’6″ with a long torso, and the waist seam hits me rather well, allowing the pleating to fall straight down and softly accentuate my figure.  Petite or short-waisted women may find the pleating sits too low

Saturday Spotlight: Bras and Body Image

TweetHello Ladies, Our Saturday Spotlight this weekend is a new bra blogger who recently emerged on the scene:  Bras and Body Image!  As the title of the blog implies, there are several excellent lingerie and swimwear set reviews as well as discussions of how bras and body image interrelate.  The post on her bra size revelation mirrored how I felt when I was properly fitted, and I’m sure many of you can identify with the emotions she experienced.  As a 30JJ/28K, she is on the higher end of the cup size range and can provide some insight into how bras will look as they scale up in size. Recently, she’s reviewed the BiuBiu Vanity Fair (pictured above) which I have also reviewed in the past.  As many of you know, we’re hoping to carry BiuBiu in the store in 2013, and hers is yet another flattering review of the fit and quality of this amazing brand. Finally, any last minute holiday shoppers will appreciate her Christmas wish list with its cute selection of girdles, bras, and high-waisted knickers! Erica

Bust-Friendly Clothing at A Sophisticated Pair

TweetHello Ladies, In my previous blog, I mentioned some exciting fashion news for the store.  Long-time readers will know that I fell in love with Polish clothing company BiuBiu after I was able to finally—after years of fruitless searching—find a button-front to fit my body .  Later, I fell in love with two of their dresses.  In fact,  a quick search of the web yields a cornucopia of positive reviews for BiuBiu designs with Georgina of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust reviewing some of their latest knit tops. Kinga of BiuBiu and I have been discussing the potential to bring her beloved brand to Sophisticated Pair, and she’s given me some details on which styles would be available for us to import.  What I would like to do is gauge interest about the brand itself as well as what styles you love.  Our initial order will most likely focus on button-fronts because I feel those style staples are the areas where busty ladies struggle the most; however, I am happy to order from the styles listed below too.  Considering this will be a relationship with an International vendor, I’m expecting a few hiccups along the way, but overall, I’m excited about the prospect of bringing this curve-friendly brand into the store. For reference, here are the BiuBiu Size Charts which are pretty true-to-size.  The first size chart is for their fitted clothing while the second is for the knit or stretchier clothing. And here are the styles available. 

Biu Biu: The Next Chapter

Biu Biu:  The Next Chapter

TweetHello Ladies, After my previous success with BiuBiu, imagine my delight when I checked my Facebook status stream on July 4th to find they had a free US shipping promotion underway.  Since I first started perusing the collection, there were two dresses I kept eying, but I wanted to test the quality and fit before overbuying.  Needless to say, they made their way to my shopping cart, and in less than a week and half (!) arrived at my doorstep.  Well, my store’s doorstep, but I digress.  What captured my attention?  The Ponti in Green: Originally, I was going to purchase this dress in navy, but I realized that I have two navy dresses (plus a cobalt blue one) and don’t have any green clothes.  I’m not sure why as I love the color, but I guess I never find much in clothing that works for me.  With the Ponti, the deep emerald-meets-evergreen quality of the color seemed perfect for my pale skin and dark hair;  however, the unique neckline and sharp tailoring harkened to some of the Victoria Beckham dresses I have drooled over from afar and ultimately sold me on the design. In my last round of orders, I wisely purchased what  the size chart recommended based on my measurements (40.5″-28″-40.5″), which was a 38BB/BBB.  However, they were sold out in this style, so I gambled with the 36BB/BBB since the draped front seemed like it would allow extra room for the hips and tummy.  Fortunately, the size fits perfectly: Not only does this dress allow extra room for my boobage in the front, but there is also space in the rear.  Usually, dresses bunch up in the back because of my butt, but this one hugs the curves beautifully.  Furthermore, the fabric weight is light enough for

Biu Biu Arrived

TweetHello Ladies, After spotlighting Biu Biu two weeks ago, I knew I wanted to place an order and try some of their bust (and wallet!) friendly designs.  While perusing their website, I felt like the proverbial kid in the candy shop as there were so many items I wanted to order; however, I exercised restraint since I had never previously tested their sizing or quality.  To overcome temptation, I consoled myself with the promise that if the clothes worked for me, I could always order more.  Ultimately, I bought the Liverpool Dress in Honey: and the Vanity Fair Button-Front in Pink. This combination would allow me test the structured and knit offerings of the brand for size consistency.  Let’s start with the dress! My initial attraction to the Liverpool dress was its quirky, 60s mod vibe which is right up my fashion alley.  Furthermore, the dress seemed like it would not only lend itself well to layering but also be one of those perfect season-less designs equally at home in summer or winter.  After doing some research (including scoping out June of Braless in Brasil’s review), I decided to order the 38BBB (For reference, I am 5’6.5″ tall, and my current measurements are 40.5″/28″/41″): More of a mustard than a honey, the color of the dress is slightly different in person, but I still love it and find the shade flattering on my pale skin.  Never treading in “bumblebee” territory, the black accents complement the yellow and add the right amount of edge to the basic cut of the dress.  Interestingly, the exposed zipper in the back is not functional.  Aesthetically, I love a bold exposed zipper, but then I do actually like to be able to use it.  To put the dress on, you need to slide it over

Saturday Spotlight: Biu Biu

TweetHello Ladies, June of the fabulous blog Braless in Brasil has recommended Biu Biu in the comments section of our blog before because they specialize in designing clothes for curves.  Until now, I’ve never had a chance (or in some cases, I just forgot) to check out what they had to offer.  Today, after reading her “Bust Friendly News” blog, I fell in lust with this gorgeous maxi dress: When I saw that it was from Biu Biu, I immediately headed to their website to start browsing, and I was impressed with the selection this small Polish company has to offer.  Ordinarily, I’m a bit hesitant to order internationally, but this dress has me wavering: The feedback I’ve read about the company is overwhelmingly positive, and the prices are fantastic.  Not to mention, the shipping costs seem pretty fair too.  Those of you who have ordered from Biu Biu (specifically stateside ladies), how fast was their shipping?  Orders I’ve placed from UK stores typically take about two weeks, and I was hoping shipping from Poland would be comparable. Happy Shopping! Erica