Saturday Spotlight: Boosaurus

TweetHello Ladies, One of the things I love about Facebook is how easily you can find people with similar interests to you and form a connection.  This week, I discovered a new blog when they linked to one of our videos, and I was greatly impressed with what it had to offer  So, our Saturday Spotlight is Boosaurus: skinny, curvy, geeky! As a fitter, I particularly loved her blog “Bra Fitting:  Five Signs of a Poor Fit” because she perfectly described common fit problems we see in the shop all the time.  Not to mention, the images she choose really help illustrate how to identify these problems with your current bra. Additionally, I also enjoyed her recent post for thin women with smaller busts and where women can find smaller band and cup sizes.  We are currently working with Miss Fit UK to bring in 26 bands to the store, so this is an issue close to my heart. I think you ladies will love the blog, and be sure to like her facebook page too! Erica