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Product Review: Comexim Sapphire & Sweet Dottie Plus Alterations

Product Review:  Comexim Sapphire & Sweet Dottie Plus Alterations

After falling in love with Comexim and partner-in-crime Anna Pardal for their superbly narrow underwires and deep cups, I embarked on an alterations process to tweak the original shape and figure out which combination worked best for me. In the past, I have reviewed Beatrix and Felicity from Anna Pardal as well as the Hibiscus Longline—all of which sported some alterations combination, but today I am focusing on a double review of two gorgeous Comexim styles: Sweet Dottie and Sapphire! Both bras feature the original, lightly padded classic plunge shape with reduced cup, raised gore, and straps moved in 2cm.

Product Review: Anna Pardal Rosa Half-Cup Longline Plus a Bonus!

Product Review: Anna Pardal Rosa Half-Cup Longline Plus a Bonus!

Last week, I posted a glowing review to the new Anna Pardal Hibiscus Longline in the classic plunge shape, and today I want to compare and review a longline with the three-section half-cup design, similar to the Doyenne on the website. The sample I received is for the as yet unreleased Anna Pardal Rosa, which I am told should be on the website soon.

Product Review: Anna Pardal Hibiscus Longline

Product Review:  Anna Pardal Hibiscus Longline

Industry innovator, Anna Pardal recently revamped her website to debut her latest collection complete with stunning prints and new styles engineered from the extensive feedback provided by customers and retailers. Most traditional manufacturers will use a particular fabric to create one or two styles, but Anna Pardal instead chose to offer four different bra frames in addition to a host of other custom features ranging from adding nursing clasps or asymmetry pockets for free, extending the band of any bra into a longline style, or allowing specific alteration requests at the modest fee of $10. Because of the higher quality materials and the improved designs, prices have increased, which will impact our shop in the coming weeks, but I have a much longer post about this and other store changes planned for September.

Product Review: Tutti Rouge Nichole

Product Review:  Tutti Rouge Nichole

When I reviewed the Tutti Rouge Liliana last week, I mentioned the obscene amount of lapsed time between trying the brands offerings, and when I saw Nichole, I felt the tinglings of longing in the lingerie chamber of my heart. Liliana was a necessity to test because I wanted to see how the design changed from the Tutti Rouge launch in 2013, but Nichole was a newer style with a gorgeous aesthetic which spoke to my personal craving. Not to mention, early feedback emphasized the use of a narrow center gore, deep cups, and a rounded, forward profile—basically three components all of my favorite bras possess.

Product Review Redux: Tutti Rouge Liliana

Product Review Redux:  Tutti Rouge Liliana

When the charming Tutti Rouge brand first debuted two years ago, I was excited to see another new entry into the fuller-market, particularly one which effortlessly blended flirty bubblegum fun with grown-up sophistication for a collection with broad appeal. Tutti Rouge generously provided me bras to review, including the core style Liliana, but we experienced initial sizing problems. Ordinarily, I wore a UK 30H/HH, but the 30HH Liliana was too tight to fasten and an entire cup size small, making it difficult to wear often, but I always wanted to revisit the style in a better-fitting size. Flash forward to 2015, and I finally had my chance!

Musings on Blogging and “Professionalism”

Musings on Blogging and “Professionalism”

Despite writing enough blog posts to fill several books in the last four years, I struggled intensely the first year to find both my voice as a writer and the direction the blog should pursue. My prior experience in writing centered on academic papers, copy writing for businesses, or my own fictional stories, novels, and poems. A blog was foreign territory for my skills and made all the more challenging because I wrestled with two conflicting motivations. My years of working in technology coupled with the preaching from my business classes about the acceptability of interactions with customers left me purposefully stunting the passion and emotion within my posts. This hesitation was not made better by reflecting on what my mom, a consummate professional, recommended for inspiring confidence, leadership, and authority. However, my personality was begging to be included. I have always been a mix of contradictions in a sense. When I had my labret pierced (the one on my chin), my mom’s first words upon seeing me were “You’ve committed professional suicide.” She used that phrase “professional suicide” frequently to summarize unorthodox personal preferences, like visible tattoos, less conservative attire, and of course, facial piercings. I have always found it interesting how professionalism in certain industries requires a divestment from the self, how we must repress who we are to represent a company image or to project an air of trustworthiness and intelligence to clients.

Short Review: Curvy Couture Sensation Strapless

Short Review: Curvy Couture Sensation Strapless

Today I am concluding unofficial “Curvy Couture Week” on the blog with a review of the Sensation Strapless. For more information on the brand, be sure to read through my reviews of the Lace Shine T-Shirt Bra and the Luxe Wireless Bra too. Confession time: I do not own nor have I ever owned a strapless bra. When I had the inclination to wear something strapless, my boobage was smaller, firmer, and naturally perkier, so I just skipped wearing a bra at all. Now that I am approaching 30 this year, I am not a fan of anything strapless, and so the desire to own a convertible bra never surfaced. However, my customers requested more strapless bra options, especially for the 38+ band size range.

Short Review: Curvy Couture Luxe Wireless Bra

Short Review:  Curvy Couture Luxe Wireless Bra

After reviewing the Lace Shine T-Shirt bra from Curvy Couture, I want to switch topics and discuss t-shirt bras for wireless customers. Finding a well-fitting, supportive bra for a customer without an underwire can be challenging, particularly because underwire provides better lift and shaping; however, the marketplace itself is also shamefully under-served, especially in the fuller-bust segment. Often the bras with the best lift, shape, and support utilize seaming and lace to compensate for the lack of a wire—a technique with a good success rate, but in the land of the almighty t-shirt, the indiscreet seaming or patterned cup sinks the entire design. Lately, we have been exploring t-shirt friendly wireless bras for customers, including the fantastic Wacoal How Perfect, but the size ranges are more limited. When I saw the Luxe Wireless was available in 34-44 bands and UK C-G cups, I crossed fingers and toes it would be a viable alternative to traditional cut-and-sew wireless pieces if nothing else for days when customers wear something thinner.

Short Review: Curvy Couture Lace Shine T-Shirt Bra

TweetHello Everyone, When I review a product, “short” is not a word I would use to describe the post.  My goal with reviews is to provide the kind of detailed information I prefer to read when doing my own research, and as a result, I comment (excessively) on fit, sizing, materials, and the design to give an accurate representation of the product.  Furthermore, I also review bras in my starting point size or sometimes the size I found which works best to prove the problems/benefits will not change with a new size.  This week, we are tweaking the formula for a special brand:  Curvy Couture.  The expression “In with the new, out with the old” has become the mantra for some of our brand recently, and several bras favored by my 34+ band size customers are being discontinued ranging from the incredible N by Natori Conceal Contour to the Elomi Rita and Caitlyn bras, leaving me scrambling to find ways of satisfying customers with a new style.  Cut-and-sew cups are easier, but t-shirt bras? Ouch!  At the moment, quality t-shirt bras in 38+ band and DDD+ cup sizes are lacking, and we rely on the Elomi Bijou and Amelia (both of which are fabulous) as well as the occasional Wacoal or Natori.  We’re in the south though.  It’s hot.  People live in t-shirt, so we needed to find some more options! As a result, I have spent considerable time researching alternatives to expand the inventory in the shop, and a friend who owns a boutique in Hawaii kindly forwarded me the information for Curvy Couture, an American brand offering 34-44 band sizes UK C-G cups (Note: They use a variation of American sizing ending in H cups, but it’s really closer to a US I/UK G).  Based on the needs

Product Review: Anna Pardal Beatrix + Alterations

TweetHello Everyone, It’s no secret here.  Anna Pardal and Comexim design and manufacturer my favorite bras, but more than that, they are a vendor I can proudly support and recommend because of their commitment to quality and service.  Both brands cater to people needing narrow, lower underwires with deep, projected cups, and as a woman with close set breasts and little side tissue, their designs offer me comfort, support, and an array of beautiful patterns and prints to accommodate my ever-changing lingerie cravings.  Furthermore, to better cater to the unique fit problems experienced by their customers, both brands also offer copious alterations at the nominal fee of $5—an unheard of service in the fuller-bust market.  At the time of writing, both companies offer two lightly padded cup shapes: a classic three-section plunge and a vertically seamed half-cup.  All of my reviews so far have focused on the original classic plunge, which works well for my shape even with the occasional fit quibble.  In a couple weeks, I will review the new half-cup longline shape too.  Given how well the classic shape worked, I was excited and skeptical when Anna Pardal offered to send me two bras each with a requested combination of alterations.  I already reviewed the Felicity which sported a reduced cup, reduced gore, and the straps moved inward by 2cm, and today I am discussing the new Beatrix with a raised gore and arm alteration performed. If you have not read any of my original reviews or seen the lengthy post I wrote on the alterations process for Anna Pardal and Comexim, I highly encourage you to revisit those as they will provide better context for my analysis here. Sizing & Fit:  All of my Anna Pardal and Comexim bras are size 32HH (70L in their original sizing),