Reader Question: Bras and Narrow Shoulders

TweetI have a bigger bust but my shoulders are so narrow that even being in the right size bra doesn’t always stop the straps from slipping off my shoulders.  What should I do to fix this? – Denise Hi Denise!  Unfortunately, many manufacturers assume that women with bigger busts also have the big shoulders to match, which means finding a style that suits a narrower build can be a struggle.  One way to solve this problem is to look for bras that place the straps closer to the hook-and-eye closures in the back, such as the new Fantasie Esme or the Wacoal Basic Beauty: These bras are designed to pull the straps closer to the neck, which can be a lifesaver for women with narrow shoulders.  To expand your options beyond these two styles, you can also use a clip (like this one) to convert a regular bra into a racer back, which pulls the straps away from the shoulders to prevent slippage. Finally, most true balcony bras have straps set further apart; as a result, you may want to either avoid these styles altogether or use the racer back converter.  However, many plunge bras often have straps pulled in closer to the neck, which could work beautifully for your frame.  Look for designs that have a V-shape in the front since this will typically indicate that the straps are inset and have less risk of falling off your shoulder.  But remember:  Plunge bras come in varying levels of coverage, so don’t be dissuaded from trying the style for fear that it won’t be supportive enough or will give you too much cleavage.  In fact, the Fantasie Esme is considered a plunge style, and it offers a moderate amount of coverage. Hope that helps! Erica