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Product Review: Ewa Michalak Dark Magenta & Paradise PL Shapes

Product Review: Ewa Michalak Dark Magenta & Paradise PL Shapes

Hello Everyone! First, I apologize for such an erratic blogging year. Between my dad’s cancer scare, catching e-coli from romaine lettuce (yes, I am that damn unlucky), getting a staph infection, being targeted by homophobic, racist boycotters, and then back to cancer scare mode with dad . . . well, 2018 has sucked. But, we’re in fall now, and I love fall. It’s a season for closure, and I hope this chapter finally ends and a brighter future begins. Even though I have not been writing, the ideas have steadily flowed, and I am allotting some time each week to catch up. In the meantime, I have today’s review as well as four guest posts I’ll be sharing while I sort through everything and plan my schedule.

Prelude to a Product Review: Samanta

Prelude to a Product Review:  Samanta

Slowly and steadily, I am chipping away at a (still growing) backlog of bra reviews, but I am extremely excited to finally reach the two Samanta lingerie reviews I planned. As long time readers know by now, I am a fan of Polish lingerie design and appreciate their unique approach to both bra fit and aesthetic. As a result, when Marzena of Samanta contacted me back in December about potentially carrying the brand in the store, I was excited but reserved. I had never tried Samanta before and was going to order a style or two direct from her as samples to test the fit and quality. Enter the amazing Sweet Nothings! A while back, she reviewed three of Samanta’s popular designs on her blog and was gracious enough to give me her A925 Mintaka and her A111 Hana Claret because she’s totally awesome like that. Since we’re in the same size range, I was excited to see how this brand compared to the other UK and Polish companies I tried in the past. Initially, this post began as a review of the A925, complete with video review and pictures, but my penchant for detailed explanations turned a “brief” discussion of the Samanta brand, their model numbers, and sizing system into a 1500+ word epic better suited for a post of its own. As a result, before delving into the product reviews, I am taking today to provide some background on Samanta for anyone not familiar with the brand.