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Around the Web Gifts: The Spreading the Love Edition

Around the Web Gifts:  The Spreading the Love Edition

It’s no secret. Holiday gift guides are not my favorite posts to write. I find myself counting down the minutes until I am finished mostly because the writing feels like a tedious not-so-subtle marketing ploy. This year I put aside my personal feelings to write a couple posts for our shop because we often struggle to attract holiday shoppers in the era of online meccas and big box discounts. Of course, our small business isn’t unique in feeling forgotten, so today, I want to close the series with a final buying guide spreading the love to other retailers, manufactures, and designers with totally cool gifts for everyone on your nice (or naughty) list.

Sophisticated Pair Holiday Buying Guide for Every Budget

Sophisticated Pair Holiday Buying Guide for Every Budget

Say what you will about over-commercialization, Christmas music before Thanksgiving, and a crazy feeding frenzy for the best deals, but the holidays are one of my favorite times of year. For our family, it is not without its pain as well, but I like to focus on a how many of us put aside our own needs and focus on giving to someone else, whether that’s a loved one or a local charity. Unfortunately, for some small businesses, this can also be a time of year when things are the hardest. For us, customers pinch pennies to increase their spending budgets for presents for their friends and family and forgo buying something new for themselves. As a result, I am putting aside my personal ambivalence regarding buying guides and have created one exclusively for the products we carry in the shop. Even if you are not in the market for yourself right now, we still have some great present ideas all of which are under $100! Click on the picture to purchase at our online store, or click the name in the description section to read past reviews to help with your buying decisions.