$100 or Less Holiday Gift Guides: For the Traditionalist

$100 or Less Holiday Gift Guides:  For the Traditionalist

No matter if it is a dreamy cashmere sweater, sassy sequin dress, or killer suede heels, the holiday season is awash in rich reds, dark greens, ethereal whites, glittery metals, and sparkly accents. Why not play along with your lingerie wardrobe? For today’s $100 or less gift guide, we’re taking our cue from holiday traditionalists with a mix of seasonal colors, luxurious textures, and ornate details!

Annual Stats Year 5: Best-Sellers, Growth Areas, & the Kitchen Sink

Annual Stats Year 5:  Best-Sellers, Growth Areas, & the Kitchen Sink

Remember my annual stats series? No? I don’t blame you seeing as how I started it back in August during a streak of productivity and over-ambitiousness which was ultimately sidelined by the damn move I keep mentioning. Anyway, the store has been unusually quiet, even for a traditionally slow month, and while that bodes poorly for sales, I seized the opportunity to slog through my expansive “To Do” list and revisit my statistical posts. Originally, I planned to divide the content into two smaller, more manageable blogs, but sheesh, how many do we really need? I have so much more content to work on and post that I think we’ll close here with an abundance of cool information on our best-sellers, our up-and-comers, and even our down-and-outers. (Previous entries were: A Guide to Interpretation, Band & Cup sizes, and Best-Selling Bra Sizes.)

Holiday Parties: Easy Undergarment Fixes & Suggestions

Holiday Parties: Easy Undergarment Fixes & Suggestions

Red ribbon bows hang like harbingers from the lamp posts, holiday music blares through every speaker, and pine tree lots beckon early shoppers to select the perfect tree for their festivities. With these traditions also comes the glitzy, glamorous, and sometimes boozy soiree season filled with sequined party dresses, spiked eggnog, the annual company holiday party, and more than a few undergarment woes. Every year, lingerie professionals across the globe are tasked with finding the right solutions to holiday attire problems ranging from selecting the right shapewear to finding the perfect bra for a beautiful dress. All of us become the ultimate intimates fixers—whipping out accessories, miracle products, and double-sided tape to help you look your best and enjoy the party season without stress, and today I am sharing some of our secrets with our readers to give you a jump start in preparing for the season! (Click images to purchase.)