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Product Review: Freya Sweet Dreams & Tia Lyn Bliss

Product Review: Freya Sweet Dreams & Tia Lyn Bliss

Welcome to the Sophisticated Pair Pajammy Jam! As with the Comexim Moulin Rouge review, the images for today’s post were taken back in December because, in a perfect world, my intention was to get everyone psyched up about some cool pajamas in time for the holiday season. It was part personal odyssey, part shameless marketing, but now it’s all about catching up from a long hiatus and clearing a backlog. Despite being in my early thirties, my pajama drawer mostly consisted (okay, consists) of my brother’s old tee shirts, my dad’s old sweats, and my mom’s old nightgowns. I did have some lounge options I personally bought which were horribly stained, filled with holes, and oh, about 15 years old. A couple years ago, a wonderful blog reader sent me two pairs of spring pajama sets which I love and cherish, but stupid thyroid weight gain has rendered them too small. When you gain weight, it’s easy to rationalize not buying anything new for yourself, especially if you are on a tight budget, and pajamas were never a priority. Then I saw the new pajama collections from our vendors and wanted wanted to feel like that cool adult on Instagram who sits around in real lounge clothes with her well behaved, photogenic dog and a boss babe book in her lap. Bring on adulthood!

Product Review: Silk & Soul Lunares Collection

Product Review:  Silk & Soul Lunares Collection

When I reviewed the fabulous Fleur’t with Me Wild Child lounge collection several months ago, I alluded to how challenging it can be for boutique owners to find inexpensive sleepwear for their inventory mix. Most small businesses stake their reputations on providing customers with more unique and better quality items than can be found at big box or chain stores, and many boutique-oriented manufacturers focus on smaller, ethically-sourced collections which utilize indulgent fabrics, eye-catching details, and a superb fit. In short, quality shows through in all things, even pajamas, and quality costs more. However, not everyone can afford to splurge on higher priced lounge wear, and I am always watching the market for something fashionable and wallet-friendly. Enter newcomer Silk & Soul. The brand contacted me last year, and while the bra styles were not a good fit for the shop, the lounging collections were absolutely adorable.

Product Review: Fleur’t Wild Child Collection

Product Review:  Fleur’t Wild Child Collection

For several months now, I have been mentioning on our Facebook page as well as in our email newsletter that the store was finally branching out into sleepwear. One of my primary goals over the last two years has been to transition from being known strictly as a “bra shop” into a boutique customers visit again for their lingerie, sleep, shapewear, and swimsuit needs. When I went to Curves NYC—an uber exciting industry trade show—last February, I visited with several brands to see product samples, discuss prices, and view upcoming collections. Unfortunately, much of the sleepwear I saw had two-piece sets retailing upwards of $100, and while the fabrics and quality were truly decadent in the best possible way, I knew the price point was too high for our current location and inventory mix. However, when I visited the table for Fleur’t which, like the other options, tends to have higher end pieces, I also noticed a lower cost line called “Fleur’t with Me” similar to the original in price, quality, and design aesthetic. So stricken was I by their products, I ordered the entire Wild Child Collection in Heather Grey/Black for this summer. Naturally, I had to test drive them myself first.