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Product Review: Avocado Ce Soir

Product Review: Avocado Ce Soir

We interrupt your normal broadcast for a review of one of my favorite bras of all time. Yes, of all time. Enter the Avocado Ce Soir bra. A dear, sweet friend of mine gave me this a couple months ago as a surprise. I had no idea what to expect, so when I opened the package, I squealed with glee and danced around my bedroom whilst exclaiming “I have a strappy bra now!” Avocado has been another Polish import on my radar for some time, but as their pricing and quality tends toward luxury bridge (think $78+), I never took the plunge. As a result, not only was the gift exceptionally thoughtful and kind but also a risk-free way to survey the brand for the shop.

Comexim Decision & Update

Comexim Decision & Update

My love affair for Comexim bras has been well documented and quite prolific. The narrow gores, the projected cups, the low underwires—all of it combined to create some of the best-fitting, most comfortable bras I have ever owned. Factor in the copious colors and prints available, and it’s easy to see why people all over the world are smitten with this Polish powerhouse. Many of our customers found the same success with them as I did, and our partnership continued to blossom, first with Anna Pardal and then with Comexim directly. I love and support Comexim, and I consider myself a brand advocate for how important both the bras and the alterations process can be for some clients. People who hated wearing bras or suffered constantly from comfort issues finally found a brand that worked for them, and I could not be happier to have played a small role in that success. However, Comexim and I have also had frequent problems too, and last year, I took a hiatus from accepting special orders while contemplating a plan for the future.

$100 or Less Holiday Gift Guides: For the Traditionalist

$100 or Less Holiday Gift Guides:  For the Traditionalist

No matter if it is a dreamy cashmere sweater, sassy sequin dress, or killer suede heels, the holiday season is awash in rich reds, dark greens, ethereal whites, glittery metals, and sparkly accents. Why not play along with your lingerie wardrobe? For today’s $100 or less gift guide, we’re taking our cue from holiday traditionalists with a mix of seasonal colors, luxurious textures, and ornate details!

Product Review: Samanta Hana A111 Review

Product Review: Samanta Hana A111 Review

Earlier this week, I reviewed the fabulous Samanta Mintaka A925 bra, and today, I am following through with my promise to review the other bra gifted to me by Sweet Nothings: The Hana A111. If you have not already done so, I recommend reading the Prelude to a Product Review post I wrote before continuing forward as I discuss Samanta’s sizing, pricing, and brand strategy in depth—all of which I will not rehash here. Also, please check out the original review written by Sweet Nothings on both the Mintaka and Hana as she has additional insights and photos you may enjoy.

Product Review: Samanta Mintaka A925

Product Review:  Samanta Mintaka A925

When launching a new product or brand in the store, I prefer if I can see samples to determine quality, fit, and materials, especially if those samples are in a size I can try myself. However, given my current size of UK 32H, my ability to try before buying is somewhat limited, but Polish manufacturer Samanta—in addition to molded cups, push-ups, and delightful vertical seam half-cups—makes a few bras designed to fit larger sizes. Since shipping from Poland can be pricey, I was thrilled when Sweet Nothings sent me two of the Samanta bras she reviewed on her blog as gifts. Since we’re size twinsies, it was a fabulous, risk-free way to determine if the designs and products met my exacting standards. As a result, today I will be reviewing the A925 model from the Mintaka collection with a second review of the A111 coming later this week. (Note: If you have not already done so, I highly recommend you read the Prelude to a Product Review post I wrote last week as it covers information on Samanta’s brand strategy, sizing, and pricing that I will not be covering in today’s review.)

Prelude to a Product Review: Samanta

Prelude to a Product Review:  Samanta

Slowly and steadily, I am chipping away at a (still growing) backlog of bra reviews, but I am extremely excited to finally reach the two Samanta lingerie reviews I planned. As long time readers know by now, I am a fan of Polish lingerie design and appreciate their unique approach to both bra fit and aesthetic. As a result, when Marzena of Samanta contacted me back in December about potentially carrying the brand in the store, I was excited but reserved. I had never tried Samanta before and was going to order a style or two direct from her as samples to test the fit and quality. Enter the amazing Sweet Nothings! A while back, she reviewed three of Samanta’s popular designs on her blog and was gracious enough to give me her A925 Mintaka and her A111 Hana Claret because she’s totally awesome like that. Since we’re in the same size range, I was excited to see how this brand compared to the other UK and Polish companies I tried in the past. Initially, this post began as a review of the A925, complete with video review and pictures, but my penchant for detailed explanations turned a “brief” discussion of the Samanta brand, their model numbers, and sizing system into a 1500+ word epic better suited for a post of its own. As a result, before delving into the product reviews, I am taking today to provide some background on Samanta for anyone not familiar with the brand.

Product Review: Anna Pardal Hibiscus Longline

Product Review:  Anna Pardal Hibiscus Longline

Industry innovator, Anna Pardal recently revamped her website to debut her latest collection complete with stunning prints and new styles engineered from the extensive feedback provided by customers and retailers. Most traditional manufacturers will use a particular fabric to create one or two styles, but Anna Pardal instead chose to offer four different bra frames in addition to a host of other custom features ranging from adding nursing clasps or asymmetry pockets for free, extending the band of any bra into a longline style, or allowing specific alteration requests at the modest fee of $10. Because of the higher quality materials and the improved designs, prices have increased, which will impact our shop in the coming weeks, but I have a much longer post about this and other store changes planned for September.