Saturday Spotlight

Saturday Spotlight: The Bra Guy

TweetHello Everyone, I first “met” Nate when he wrote to me about advice on buying bras for gynecomastia, and he has been wonderful at reporting feedback on bras and products he has tested, which in turn helps me give quality advice to other men.  When I heard he wanted to start a blog addressing bra buying from the male perspective, specifically for men suffering from this increasingly common medical condition, I was excited.  The female bra blogging world has become increasingly diverse with bloggers of all shapes and sizes weighing on what bras work for them and why, but the male blogosphere is pretty barren.  Outside of the fabulous Braberliner who has also written extensively, I am hard-pressed to think of others, and I think it’s wonderful to see more perspectives available to men and women alike who are interested in learning more about bras.  A few weeks ago, he interviewed me for his blog, and I thought turnabout was fair play.  So, let’s learn a little more about The Bra Guy, aka Nate! Name of your Blog:  The Bra Guy Website: A brief introduction from Nate: Hello There, I’m Nate and the creator of the blog, “The Bra Guy”. I write about Bra’s from a Male Perspective. I started this blog after developing Gynecomastia. For anyone who does not know, Gynecomastia, is a medical condition that causes the male breasts to enlarge. What made you decide to write The Bra Guy? What did you hope to accomplish?  Do you feel like you are making progress? I started “The Bra Guy” because I wanted to give a voice to the men who chooses to wear a Bra, in the lingerie industry, and also as a way to cope with my Gynecomastia. I hoping to share my experiences and allow

Saturday Spotlight: Scarlet’s Letter

TweetHello Everyone, As I mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to reinvigorate the Saturday Spotlight by focusing more on the businesses and bloggers and allow them to tell you firsthand what makes them worth reading.  Today, I am proud to present the first entry in the rebooted series:  Scarlet’s Letter.  Named one of the five blogs to watch for 2014 by the Lingerie Addict, Scarlet’s Letter is a lingerie and fashion centric blog which showcases everything from full-bust favorites to hand-made Etsy brands.  Before I severely lapsed on the Saturday Spotlight front, Amber’s blog is one I had really wanted to share with you, and I am so glad I now have that opportunity. Website: Email: Instagram: @amberscarletsletter Twitter:  @scarletsletter The blogger behind the curtain:  Hi! My name is Amber, and I run the lingerie blog Scarlet’s Letter. I’m in my early 30s, and have been blogging since I was a teenager…when “blogs” were called “online journals”! 😉 I’ve also been an active actress in stage theater since I was 10 years old, and I love to sing and dance. I’m also a total beauty addict, and a collector of antiquarian books. I speak French, and I’m currently writing my first novel which I hope to have published sometime in 2015. Oh, and I also love love love lingerie. Obviously 😉 Scarlet’s Letter according to Amber:  Scarlet’s Letter aims to showcase intimates for both lingerie novices and addicts alike, with a focus on full bust, handmade, and luxury brands. What made you decide to start Scarlet’s Letter?  What did you hope to accomplish?  Do you feel like you are making progress? I’ve been blogging for around 15 years off and on, before blogging was really as popular as it is now. Though I’d had blogs over the

Reinvigorating “Saturday Spotlight”

TweetHello Everyone, I hope you had a wonderful holiday and are ready to start the new year with renewed optimism!  One of the copious things I hope to accomplish/change in 2015 is the revitalization of an old blog post series I started shortly after we opened called “Saturday Spotlight.”  In the past, I would showcase websites I thought our readers may enjoy and provide a brief synopsis with a few pictures.  With increased activity at the store, the series became hard to maintain consistently, and I never felt I gave the small business, blog, or website adequate attention and detail.  As a result, I created an alternative idea for the new year.  Instead of a generic description which fails to capture the essence of what makes you, your business, and/or your blog special, I wrote a series of interview questions Saturday Spotlight recipients answer instead.  My hope is that Saturday Spotlights will have the opportunity to connect more with our readers and to help them understand what your business/blog/website offers. If you’re interested in being featured in a Saturday Spotlight, please email me at sophisticatedpair[at]gmail[dot]com; however, I do have a few requirements: You must fall into one of the following three categories:  (1) own a small business in the vicinity of Burlington, NC, (2) be involved in the lingerie industry whether through blogging, designing, or manufacturing, or (3)  write blogs/manage a website in topics complementary to our blog, such as body image, fitness/health, or fashion. You must be currently active in your category, meaning you are not retired from owning a business, an inactive blogger, or someone no longer working in lingerie. Your website is something I genuinely think my readers will enjoy.  Obviously, this requirement is the most vague, but I want the feature to expose our readers to

Saturday Spotlight: Filling a Niche

TweetHello Ladies, Given my busy schedule, Saturday Spotlights have fallen by the wayside recently, but I am hoping to post them more regularly because there are so many amazing businesses, bloggers, and companies I want to showcase!  Today, I want to promote newcomer to the bra blogosphere Filling a Niche:  Yes, You Might See Boobs Here.  Drawing inspiration from other bloggers, writer Missy has created a nice mix of bra reviews, lingerie wishlists, and generally interesting reads on complementary topics.  As someone in the process of going green in more aspects of my life, I found her discussion of the reusable menstrual cups to be informative and thought-provoking. Furthermore, her size is a little more mainstream, and she often wears a 30F or 32E.  Many bra bloggers tend to fall into certain categories, and Missy is right that she definitely fills an underrepresented niche!  As our readers know, Dezi also fits into this size range (although lately she teetering into the 28FF/30F range), but I think what makes Filling a Niche fantastic is that Missy is a mother of two, meaning she has experienced the myriad of breast changes incurred by pregnancy and breastfeeding. I’ve enjoyed her blog so much that I have offered to help sponsor a giveaway for her readers.  You can win a $50 Sophisticated Pair gift card by participating, so definitely visit her blog and check it out.  Have a great weekend everyone! Erica

Saturday Spotlight: Absurd Curvy Nerd

TweetHello Ladies, I hope you have all revived yourselves with smelling salts after you passed out from the shock of seeing a Saturday Spotlight again!  Given the increasing responsibilities of running the shop, my blogging in general has declined, but Saturday Spotlights have been hit the hardest.  Sadly, my busy schedule coincided with an explosion of talent in the blogosphere, and I have been adding new blogs to a green post-it note on my desktop for when I’d get a spare second to send some love their way. Today, we’re spotlighting a blog close to my heart:  The Absurd Curvy Nerd.  As a curvy, nerdy gal myself, I’m in love with how the author effortlessly blends traditional bra blogging and body image topics with a range of other posts like her Thesaurus Thursdays, discussions of how cultural definitions for words matter, and my personal favorite, an article on book hoarding. Her writing tone is fun, fresh, and leaves you wanting to read more.  On Facebook, we have shared many a lamentation about the constant pressure for force minimizers on bigger busts, and she was a big supporter of our #DiversityInLingerie campaign too.  If you haven’t already found her curvy, nerdy section of the Internet, it’s time to head that way.  Seriously?  Why are you still here?  The Charlotte review isn’t coming up until Tuesday, so go check out her fabulous blog and have a great weekend! Erica

Saturday Spotlight: Canine Coaching Services, LLC

TweetHello Ladies, As many of my local customers know, I love dogs and often have my two Jack Russell Terrorists guarding the back of the store: During a fitting, I learned my customer, Valerie Broadway, shared my passion for four-legged creatures and started a dog training business called “Canine Coaching Services, LLC.”  Located in Chatham County but serving adjacent counties and cities, Valerie’s business provides in-home training sessions, vacation coaching, and even group seminars. Promoting a relaxed, quiet environment filled with clear communication and positive reinforcement, Valerie aids dog owners in learning how to present themselves “in a position  of leadership to their pets.”  Some of her most common coaching requests involve aggression, puppy or obedience basics, hyperactivity, leash problems, lack of socialization, and house training. In addition to her time as a veterinary technician, Valerie has years of experience working with animal rescues and shelters and has personally fostered hundreds of dogs in the last thirty years.  She is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and frequently attends workshops, lectures, and seminars to stay abreast of all the latest training and coaching techniques.  Together, her family, including their eight dogs, five cats, and the occasional parrot, strive to meet their goal of “helping people and their pets live together better!” If your pet pooch needs some behavioral help, you can reach Valerie by phone at (919) 542-4726 or by email at CanineCoachNC[at]yahoo[dot]com.  Be sure to like her Facebook page too! Erica

Saturday Spotlight: Two Cakes on a Plate

TweetHello Ladies, Cakes on a plate cleavage refers to the high, rounded, and open neckline cleavage of Marie Antoinette, but our Saturday Spotlight cleverly repurposed the term as the title of her fabulous blog:  Two Cakes on a Plate!  With a mix of thoughtful articles, helpful lingerie advice, and product reviews, this blog has a lot to offer lingerie lovers, and I want to share a few of my favorite posts: The Cleo Marcie Review:  Honestly, I still lust after this bra even though the fit is not perfect for me, so I love reading how it works for others. The Summer Dress Series:  Sporting a sexy LBD in this entry, the stylish blogger provides suggestions on how you can maximize the look of a dress by choosing the right support garments.  Be sure to check out the other dresses she showcases! The Right Pair of Knickers:  The lingerie blogosphere often focuses on bras more than anything else, and it’s refreshing to see a post on the different types of underwear we need. Does Size Matter?:  This one resonates with me because she criticizes the somewhat flippant and callous way people and magazines recommend breast reductions. Trying to Fit In-Confessions of a Busty Gal:  Like many of us, the talented voice behind Two Cakes on a Plate would often use sister sizing when buying bras that fit, and she discusses her journey toward finding and wearing the proper size. Have a great weekend everyone! Erica

Saturday Spotlight: Wide Curves

TweetHello Ladies, Even though I try to provide as much information as possible on the bra reviews, it’s not always easy to decide if something will work for you if you have a different shape than me. It’s with this in mind that I want to shine our spotlight over to Wide Curves: Put an hourglass figure into a penny press and this is what you get. Providing detailed measurements of herself and the bras she reviews, this blogger is on a quest to find styles which fit and flatter her. Her breasts are wider set than mine, so we often cannot wear the same bras which makes her reviews complementary to the ones we write here.  Furthermore, she’s in a more mainstream size (UK 36FF/38F), so like our resident blogger Dezi, she can try a heck of a lot more styles than I can. Her recent reviews of the Panache Sophie (it’s tough to find wireless bra reviews), Fantasie Rebecca, and Claudette En Dentelle have been favorites of mine, and I’m looking forward to reading more. As I mentioned, she always includes a lot of measurements with her reviews which can further help you identify which styles will or won’t be right for you. Check out her blog and be sure to like her on Facebook! Erica

Saturday Spotlight: Weirdly Shaped and Well Photographed

TweetHello Ladies, The reason I began the “Saturday Spotlight” series was to expose our readers to some of the other wonderful writers out there in cyberspace, and today, I want to direct you to recently launched Weirdly Shaped and Well Photographed.  With gorgeously shot pictures and a cheerful tone, this full-bust blog aims to educate women about finding bras that fit and dressing your curves. Admittedly, her shape is less common than most which she explains in her post on why she hasn’t added any bra reviews yet, but her insights and descriptions are applicable even to those with a different body type.  The discussion of how built-in ruching can improve the look and fit of a garment is especially interesting, and Dezi can attest to how often I use the term “strategic ruching” when talking about clothes and fashion!  Not to mention, I dare you ladies to check out her review of the Pin-Up Girl Anna dress (shown above) and not want one for yourself. Be sure to add her to your list of blogs worth reading, and don’t forget to follow her on Twitter as @WeirdlyShaped! Erica

Saturday Spotlight: Perfect Cami

TweetHello Ladies, In the past, I have reviewed products from this company, but I realized I have never shone our Saturday Spotlight in its direction—a grievous error indeed!  Today, I am rectifying my mistake by showcasing the amazing Perfect Cami! For those of you who missed my original review, Perfect Camis offer an extra layer of protection underneath low cut tops and dresses without adding the bulk of a regular camisole.  When temperatures rise (and I hope they do soon), Perfect Camis prevent you from overheating while still protecting modesty.  By attaching to your bra straps and wrapping around the body, these amazing products stay put throughout the day and hug the body comfortably. Available in sizes ranging from “small” to “P3,” the Perfect Camis feature a range of colors, textures, and prints which allow you to pick the designs which complement your wardrobe the best. S – 32-36″ M – 35-40″ L –  39-43″ XL – 42-46″ XXL – 45-49″ P1 — 48-52″ P2 — 51-54″ P3 — 53-56″ For more information about the camis as well as a product demonstration, check out the video below: Don’t take my word for it though!  Here are what some of the other bloggers out there have said about Perfect Camis: Braless in Brasil Boosaurus What are you waiting for?  It’s time to snag yours today! Erica P.S.  Did I mention we carry them in the store too?