Saturday Spotlight

Saturday Spotlight: Two Cakes on a Plate

TweetHello Ladies, Cakes on a plate cleavage refers to the high, rounded, and open neckline cleavage of Marie Antoinette, but our Saturday Spotlight cleverly repurposed the term as the title of her fabulous blog:  Two Cakes on a Plate!  With a mix of thoughtful articles, helpful lingerie advice, and product reviews, this blog has a lot to offer lingerie lovers, and I want to share a few of my favorite posts: The Cleo Marcie Review:  Honestly, I still lust after this bra even though the fit is not perfect for me, so I love reading how it works for others. The Summer Dress Series:  Sporting a sexy LBD in this entry, the stylish blogger provides suggestions on how you can maximize the look of a dress by choosing the right support garments.  Be sure to check out the other dresses she showcases! The Right Pair of Knickers:  The lingerie blogosphere often focuses on bras more than anything else, and it’s refreshing to see a post on the different types of underwear we need. Does Size Matter?:  This one resonates with me because she criticizes the somewhat flippant and callous way people and magazines recommend breast reductions. Trying to Fit In-Confessions of a Busty Gal:  Like many of us, the talented voice behind Two Cakes on a Plate would often use sister sizing when buying bras that fit, and she discusses her journey toward finding and wearing the proper size. Have a great weekend everyone! Erica

Saturday Spotlight: Wide Curves

TweetHello Ladies, Even though I try to provide as much information as possible on the bra reviews, it’s not always easy to decide if something will work for you if you have a different shape than me. It’s with this in mind that I want to shine our spotlight over to Wide Curves: Put an hourglass figure into a penny press and this is what you get. Providing detailed measurements of herself and the bras she reviews, this blogger is on a quest to find styles which fit and flatter her. Her breasts are wider set than mine, so we often cannot wear the same bras which makes her reviews complementary to the ones we write here.  Furthermore, she’s in a more mainstream size (UK 36FF/38F), so like our resident blogger Dezi, she can try a heck of a lot more styles than I can. Her recent reviews of the Panache Sophie (it’s tough to find wireless bra reviews), Fantasie Rebecca, and Claudette En Dentelle have been favorites of mine, and I’m looking forward to reading more. As I mentioned, she always includes a lot of measurements with her reviews which can further help you identify which styles will or won’t be right for you. Check out her blog and be sure to like her on Facebook! Erica

Saturday Spotlight: Weirdly Shaped and Well Photographed

TweetHello Ladies, The reason I began the “Saturday Spotlight” series was to expose our readers to some of the other wonderful writers out there in cyberspace, and today, I want to direct you to recently launched Weirdly Shaped and Well Photographed.  With gorgeously shot pictures and a cheerful tone, this full-bust blog aims to educate women about finding bras that fit and dressing your curves. Admittedly, her shape is less common than most which she explains in her post on why she hasn’t added any bra reviews yet, but her insights and descriptions are applicable even to those with a different body type.  The discussion of how built-in ruching can improve the look and fit of a garment is especially interesting, and Dezi can attest to how often I use the term “strategic ruching” when talking about clothes and fashion!  Not to mention, I dare you ladies to check out her review of the Pin-Up Girl Anna dress (shown above) and not want one for yourself. Be sure to add her to your list of blogs worth reading, and don’t forget to follow her on Twitter as @WeirdlyShaped! Erica

Saturday Spotlight: Perfect Cami

TweetHello Ladies, In the past, I have reviewed products from this company, but I realized I have never shone our Saturday Spotlight in its direction—a grievous error indeed!  Today, I am rectifying my mistake by showcasing the amazing Perfect Cami! For those of you who missed my original review, Perfect Camis offer an extra layer of protection underneath low cut tops and dresses without adding the bulk of a regular camisole.  When temperatures rise (and I hope they do soon), Perfect Camis prevent you from overheating while still protecting modesty.  By attaching to your bra straps and wrapping around the body, these amazing products stay put throughout the day and hug the body comfortably. Available in sizes ranging from “small” to “P3,” the Perfect Camis feature a range of colors, textures, and prints which allow you to pick the designs which complement your wardrobe the best. S – 32-36″ M – 35-40″ L –  39-43″ XL – 42-46″ XXL – 45-49″ P1 — 48-52″ P2 — 51-54″ P3 — 53-56″ For more information about the camis as well as a product demonstration, check out the video below: Don’t take my word for it though!  Here are what some of the other bloggers out there have said about Perfect Camis: Braless in Brasil Boosaurus What are you waiting for?  It’s time to snag yours today! Erica P.S.  Did I mention we carry them in the store too?  🙂

Saturday Spotlight: Mimi’s Pizza

TweetHello Ladies, Recently, my Saturday Spotlight has shined on some of the wonderful bloggers in the lingerie community, but today, I want to focus locally.  Pizza is one of my favorite foods because the possibilities for customizing it to individual tastes are endless; not to mention, anything relying heavily on carbs and cheese works for me.  But, when it comes to who makes the best pizza, I have only one answer:  the locally owned and operated Mimi’s Pizza!  So named for the childhood moniker of proprietor Jimmy Xionis, Mimi’s Pizza specializes in crafting delicious pizzas, pastas, calzones, subs, and salads all of which feature a hearty dose of traditionalism mixed with Jimmy’s own flair for cooking.  All of the ingredients are fresh, including the made-from-scratch sauces (try the white one!) and dough, and I love how the menu showcases some perennial favorites like Meat Lovers alongside specialty concoctions like my personal favorite, the Greek Pizza. After tantalizing my palette with the pizza, I branched out to the calzones, and I am only mildly ashamed to admit that I can (and have) eat one of them in a single sitting.  Where’s that emoticon with the big eyes when you need him?  Eventually, I decided to taste something healthier and ordered one of the subs: the Buffalo Chicken!  Out of all the Buffalo Chicken sandwiches and subs I have eaten in all the pizza/sub places in all the worlds (too much?), Mimi’s was the best.  Of course, I still had to add some hot sauce, but not everyone appreciates my level of spicy. But, the final test comes down to . . . *drumroll* . . .  the salad!  Everyone knows that pizza places always mess up the salad, but not Mimi’s!  The salad was packed with crisp lettuce and topped with

Saturday Spotlight: Faustine’s Foundations

TweetHello Ladies, We’re back with our Saturday Spotlights, and this week the light is shining on Faustine’s Foundations!  Containing excellent bra reviews, like her recent discussion of the Panache Porcelain Plunge and thoughtful commentary on a variety of topics, this blog is another great addition to our links section. In particular, her recent analysis “Where do bras come from?” was fascinating to me because as a retailer, I think more about my responsibilities to pay suppliers on time and order the right merchandise instead of asking how those payments are dispersed.  Furthermore, I loved her Curvy Kate preview for spring, particularly because she notes some of the fit and style changes of the bras.  Check out her blog when you get a chance, and you won’t be disappointed! Erica

Saturday Spotlight: Bras and Body Image

TweetHello Ladies, Our Saturday Spotlight this weekend is a new bra blogger who recently emerged on the scene:  Bras and Body Image!  As the title of the blog implies, there are several excellent lingerie and swimwear set reviews as well as discussions of how bras and body image interrelate.  The post on her bra size revelation mirrored how I felt when I was properly fitted, and I’m sure many of you can identify with the emotions she experienced.  As a 30JJ/28K, she is on the higher end of the cup size range and can provide some insight into how bras will look as they scale up in size. Recently, she’s reviewed the BiuBiu Vanity Fair (pictured above) which I have also reviewed in the past.  As many of you know, we’re hoping to carry BiuBiu in the store in 2013, and hers is yet another flattering review of the fit and quality of this amazing brand. Finally, any last minute holiday shoppers will appreciate her Christmas wish list with its cute selection of girdles, bras, and high-waisted knickers! Erica

Saturday Spotlight: Staff Sgt. John Windle

TweetHello Ladies, Despite a longstanding avoidance of mornings and “getting up early,” I awoke at 4a.m. today in the cold, dark hours before the sun rises because I had a special ceremony to attend in Charlotte.  My younger brother earned his stripes to be promoted to Staff Sgt., and I wanted to be show my support for all that he accomplished. When we arrived on base, he introduced me to the wonderful people working in the fuel and avionics department to keep the planes of the Air Force flying high.  Soon we were headed for the building where the promotions and accommodations would be given, and his Lt. Col. asked me if I would like to “tack” my brother’s stripe today.  “Tacking” on stripes essentially consists of attaching the stripes to the side of the arm with tape and then punching them to keep them in place.  It’s a long-standing tradition of which I was honored to be a part.  The Lt. Col. assured me I should give him a solid hit on the arm to make sure they tack properly.  What older sister would pass up the opportunity to punch her baby brother in front of 70 or 80 of his coworkers and commanding officers?  None! With all of the maintenance element lined up at attention, the commanding officers called the names of the men receiving promotions today as well as the people who would help the Lt. Col. tack the stripes.  One by one, all of the men received their promotions until the Lt. Col. finally arrived at my brother and me.  Conspiratorially, he leaned around my brother and told me to be sure hit those stripes. Prior to tacking ceremony, my dad told me that if you barely tap the stripes, the crowd will boo, so my

Saturday Spotlight: Curvy Kitten

TweetHello Ladies, This week’s Saturday Spotlight is shining on another fuller-busted blog called The Curvy Kitten which offers some fabulous bra and curve-friendly clothing reviews.  Recently, she rocked a pair of retro-inspired high waist briefs that put to shame anyone who believe a higher waist treads into “Granny Panty” territory.  A former Curvy Kate “Star in a Bra” finalist, she also proves the higher-waist trend can flatter a curvy figure, even from the rear angle.  She sold me on giving them a shot! Beyond her lingerie reviews, Curvy Kitten offers some lovely posts on boob-friendly clothing, and her review of the Pin-Up Girl Clothing Heidi dress makes me wish I could run out and purchase it today: If you haven’t already visited her blog, I highly recommend it! Erica

Saturday Spotlight: Sole Society

TweetHello Ladies, A few weeks ago, I received a Nordstrom mailer (always a dangerous thing!) entitled “Chic Boots under $100,” and the defining image was of a flat, caramel-colored boot which hit around mid-calf: Despite living in North Carolina where temperatures are often a little warmer (our highs are in the 70s today), I adore boots.  In fact, I adore shoes in general—an interesting corollary because bras and shoes are similar in many ways.  For a few weeks, I had been admiring similar styles to the Aileen boot above, but the price point was always beyond what I could afford.  Imagine my shock and excitement that this perfect boot was only $59.95!  With my $20 Nordstrom Gift Card, I could score a versatile, trendy, and hopefully comfortable pair of boots for a little over $40. Apparently, other people had the same idea because my size was already sold out, but using his Google-Fu, my dad found the boot at the manufacturer’s website plus a $20 coupon.  Needless to say, it took me all of two seconds to order them (Note the Campbell & Kate Button-Front). I was so pleased with the entire experience that I am spotlighting retailer Sole Society today!  With a wide assortment of unique and trendy flats, heels, and boots at affordable prices, Sole Society is quickly becoming my go-to place for shoes.  They offer free shipping and returns, and after placing my order on a Thursday, I was happy to be unwrapping them on the following Tuesday afternoon.  Immediately, I knew they were keepers.  Considering the boots are synthetic, I was concerned they would look cheap or too shiny, but rest assured, they look gorgeous although a little darker than the manufacturer’s picture.  Furthermore, the thick rubber sole on the bottom cushions my feet during long