Product Reviews: Playful Promises Tallulah & Smoking Set with Bonus Reviews!

Product Reviews: Playful Promises Tallulah & Smoking Set with Bonus Reviews!

Excuse me while I geek out on this lingerie review. Indie brand Playful Promises boasts a range of products including lingerie, lounge wear, bras, and accessories and has made a splash season after season because of its unique design aesthetic and ongoing commitment to promoting diversity in advertising. For over a year, I have been purchasing miscellaneous pieces for myself and loving all of them. My love affair began when I first discovered Playful Promises sells wholesale, and I realized they would be an eye-catching and exciting addition to our assortment. Between their fun collaborations, expansive size range, fresh designs, and I-don’t-give-an-eff attitude, Playful Promises could offer our customers something not found in safer or more traditional collections. This was a brand for people wanting something daring and wholly different from what they already had. Naturally, the line had to be tested, and who better to judge the quality and fit than me? I queued up my justification protocol and clicked purchase. As a result, today’s blog comprises several mini-reviews of all the items I have been loving and wearing from the brand.

Product Review: Silk & Soul Lunares Collection

Product Review:  Silk & Soul Lunares Collection

When I reviewed the fabulous Fleur’t with Me Wild Child lounge collection several months ago, I alluded to how challenging it can be for boutique owners to find inexpensive sleepwear for their inventory mix. Most small businesses stake their reputations on providing customers with more unique and better quality items than can be found at big box or chain stores, and many boutique-oriented manufacturers focus on smaller, ethically-sourced collections which utilize indulgent fabrics, eye-catching details, and a superb fit. In short, quality shows through in all things, even pajamas, and quality costs more. However, not everyone can afford to splurge on higher priced lounge wear, and I am always watching the market for something fashionable and wallet-friendly. Enter newcomer Silk & Soul. The brand contacted me last year, and while the bra styles were not a good fit for the shop, the lounging collections were absolutely adorable.