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Product Review: Curvy Kate Daily Dream

Product Review: Curvy Kate Daily Dream

Since we opened in 2011, my relationship with Curvy Kate has always been a mix of admiration and frustration. My love of their colorful aesthetic and willingness to include more options for higher cup sizes was dampened by professional problems with distribution, pricing, and marketing. Ultimately, despite being one of the first stateside retailers to stock the brand, I dropped the line a few years ago with no intentions of revisiting them. Within the last year, however, I heard Curvy Kate addressed both retailer and consumer concerns by improving fit and streamlining wholesale relationships. A few fellow store owners enjoyed great success with the line and encouraged me to reconsider my stance. Since Curvy Kate recently had a massive online sale to purge older fashion stock, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to reevaluate. To kick off my Curvy Kate reviews, I give you the Daily Dream—a soft, comfortable t-shirt alternative for fuller cups.

Year 4 Stats: The Best-sellers aka “The A List Superstars”

Year 4 Stats:  The Best-sellers aka “The A List Superstars”

We have finally arrived at my favorite post to compile in the series: our best-sellers. While knowing which cup sizes, band sizes, and bra sizes sell the best is an extremely important element to maintaining inventory, it’s also smart to keep track of what products perform well and in what sizes. My strategy with purchasing new inventory is to create a well-rounded set of options per size cluster, which includes carrying multiple styles, colors, and brands designed to suit a variety of customer breast shapes and preferences. Analyzing our best-sellers can be a key way to select future core styles, determine the best colors to choose, and even analyze the optimum size configuration per style.