Product Review: Panache Black Tango Eclipse Bra

Product Review:  Panache Black Tango Eclipse Bra

First, I must apologize for the delay in blogging here. I have so many fantastic ideas for the new year, but my business partner and I are in the midst of finishing up all of the necessary information for last year’s financials plus getting a jump start on taxes (basically stuff we both abhor with a passion). Sadly, blogging is one of the lower priority items on my agenda for the time being even though it’s one of my favorite aspects of the business. Ironically, despite intermittent Internet access, winter storm Jonas has provided me the perfect opportunity to catch up work on blogging because I was stuck at home while a barrage of freezing rain and pellet-sized hail assaulted the already fragile tree limbs, tempting them to give way and fall to the earth. Rather than brave the packed ice constituting our roads which left my brother’s newer and nicer car sliding about and unable to climb a hill, I curled up inside with a beautiful afghan knitted by my aunt as a present, my terrorists, and a glass of wine to write product reviews and edit a very special guest post for later this week. Here’s hoping all of my east coast readers weathered the storm safely.

Product Review: Tango Plunge . . . Again

Product Review:  Tango Plunge . . . Again

TweetHello Ladies, Some of you may recall that my friend and fellow blogger Dezi offered up a fabulous review of the Panache Tango II Plunge bra back in February; however, since we both wear different sizes (30H vs. 32F), I wanted to see how the bra stacked up for women on the higher end of its cup size range. Sizing:  Even though many reviewers find they need to size up in the band for Panache, I opted for my usual 30H.  The band was on the tighter side of what you expect from a 30, but I didn’t feel the need to move up to a 32.  If you frequently are between two band sizes, you may feel it is uncomfortably tight.  Nevertheless, while the band was true-to-size, the cup seemed small to me.  I had some spillage with my normal H cup even with too-loose-for-wear straps, and I know that other times in the month *ahem*, the cups would really be a no-go.  With many plunges, however, women often find they need to size up because there’s less cup there to support and cover the breast tissue.  Keep this in mind if you are considering this style! Fit:  Sizing problems aside, I actually like the fit of this bra, and I’m not a huge Panache fan (great company, but the styles often don’t work for me).  The underwire is lower on the sides and front, and the bandless design means I have less bra resting on my torso—a nice change of pace given that all the bras I own are banded.  I also like how the wings are moderate coverage, so they strike the right balance between too high for comfort and too low to offer much support. Materials:  As Dezi so eloquently stated, the wings of the bra

Product Review: Panache Tango II

Product Review:  Panache Tango II

TweetHello Hello, Keeping up with my focus on “Basics with a Twist” this week, I’m going to review the Panache Tango II Plunge bra, particularly in the cornflower blue. Sizing and Fit:  With most UK manufacturers, I like to size down in the back and try the 32E, which fit perfectly.  The band was very supportive and snug with really good anchorage, and the cups didn’t have any overflow or spillage.  To be honest, I’ve really come around to seamed bras like the Tango lately because I feel like they give a better fit as well as more lift.  Oh, and I like how the bra doesn’t have a thick band at the bottom!  I hate feeling like my torso is being overtaken by my bra. Materials:  The material on the wings deserves first mention because it is so soft and smooth!  I don’t know what to compare it to other than awesomeness because that’s how it feels.  Fully adjustable straps are another nice touch to the bra, and I like how the embroidery on the cup doesn’t look like it will fray or snag.  Finally, the material on the cups is pretty nice too and doesn’t feel irritating. Design:  As I mentioned in my review of the Wacoal Alluring, I’m a big fan of lower coverage styles.  I just like to have an open neckline, and the Panache Tango Plunge really delivers on this without making me feel like it’s cleavage time!  It’s just a comfortable, v-neck bra that provides nice shaping and support.  Some reviewers have felt that the cups give a pointy appearance from the side, which they kind of do when you’re wearing the bra only.  However, once you put on a top, I think it smooths right over.  Last but not least, the cornflower blue